The homophobe in its natural habitat


Whats up people of this site? You have some trash that needs to put on the blast furnace. So im here to deliver.😊

The first thing you'll notice about homophobes is they're hypocrites. They make this pathetic whining argument that they're being forced to accept things they don't want to accept, followed soon after by the argument that they can FORCE others.

Homophobes like moist, sticky environments like in between the cum stained pages of dueteronomy and corinthians.

The homophobe in its natural habitat

You won't find them anywhere near the sermon on the mount or anywhere the bible actually promotes love and kindness, you see homophobes require an abundant source of judgmental validation to survive.

Homophobes don't like to venture far from their living rooms, their immune systems and their identities are fragile and going outside would run them the risk of catching "the gay". If they absolutely must leave their recliners to go get more snacks, they will turn the volume up all the way on the TV so they can hear fox and friends from the kitchen. It's a necessary coping mechanism.

The homophobe in its natural habitat

If you ever come in contact with a homophobe, it's important not to panic. Most of them are too old and feeble to hurt you, though they might emit a noxious attitude designed to protect themselves from rational discussion. Just remain calm and simply back them into a corner with sound reasoning, and the homophobe will block you and leave once the cognitive dissonance becomes too much.

Thanks for reading😚 be brave, stay wild, and we'll see you on the next episode of "In Their Natural Habitat."

The homophobe in its natural habitat
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  • meesegoMoo
    Some of what you said isn't true. They aren't typically feeble. Many hard-working people are homophobic. They're usually gayer than actual gay people to.

    They like to play slap-ass WAYYY more than most. Also, WWE, Nascar, rap music and prison culture, all uber gay. All much loved by homophobic good ol boys.
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  • Marriedwith2

    YOU... I like...The homophobe in its natural habitatAnticipate the homophobes to reveal themselves by hating and trying projection really hard
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  • AbleLearner
    Rational discussion. lol.

    I don't need the Bible to tell me homosexuality is evil and a mental illness, just as I don't need a Bible to tell me abortion is murder. Objective Reason shows that the Creator created us male and female to pair bond and reproduce with opposite sex.

    Believers in God oppose you sinners because we are instructed to oppose you by God himself, which is also derivable through reason. If I believe you live an evil lifestyle, then it is my God-given moral duty to rebuke you for being evil. This is NOT a contradiction of love, you godless hypocrite.

    "Open rebuke is better than secret love."

    By the way, Jesus of Nazareth also said, "not one jot or tittle shall in any wise pass away from the Law until ALL THINGS are fulfilled."

    Jesus would put you to death for the unforgiveable sin of homosexualty, as there is no sacrifice in the Old Testament for the sin of homosexuality, just as there is no sacrifice for the sin of murder or blasphemy.
  • DevilsAdvocator
    It's NOT "homophobia". A phobia is an irrational FEAR of something, and the whole point of a phobia is that it ISN'T the fault of whoever has it- it's a legitimate mental illness. It's far more accurate to classify it as "misohomos", in the same manner as "misogyny" and "misandry".
    • I think the term you are looking for is "heterosexism". That's what discrimination against the LGBT is actually called, despite dictionaries refusing to acknowledge the word.

  • MackToday
    I think In Their Natural Habitat will get worse ratings than CNN and be canceled after 1 episode with research like that. I mean Christians? The Bible? Come on now comrade that's not "homophobia" or any other word George Orwell warned us about. You need to dig deeper to get the real deal.
    • englisc

      We must respect other cultures though. Don't be an Islamophobe. Most Muslims love gay people, it's the religion of peace after all.

  • genericname85
    homophonia is a bullshit term coined by PC radicals to shame the healthy natural predisposition that all "straight" people are born with to have an aversion against homosexuality. the feeling of disgust and trying to distance yourself from it is perfectly normal and being shamed for that is straight up perverted.
    • nobody is actually "scared" (as implied by "phobia") by gay people.

  • TonyBologna25
    Homosexuality isn't natural. If I saw two men having sex, I'd cringe. Men are completely desexualized to me. It would be the equivalent of watching two 85 year olds having sex. If you want to call me a homophobe for that, then you're welcome to it. I have no problem with anyone who's gay, but I don't want to be called a homophobe beacuse I don't want to see y'all make out in front of me.
  • The_man_whol_aughs
    Well I have no problem with homosexuals as long as they keep doing their shit in private and not in public
    • I didn't know you have rights in public and gay people dont. Interesting.

      here's how it is. In public, as long as your not breaking the law, people have the right to be themselves. If gay people want to kiss in public or straight people want to, you can have a problem with it till you're red in the face, but either get over it or stay home if you can't handle being around other people.

      Same thing for me and annoying street preachers. I dont like them or agree with what they're doing, but they have a right to be there and if i dont like it thats my problem and i can go somewhere else. Homophobes are such hypocrites because they demand other people stay home/stay in the closet because they're offended, yet tell anyone whos offended by their bullshit theyre the snowflakes.

      You are a hypocrite.

    • I'm not one of them I don't care what people really think of me , you have to deal with me and I have to deal with you

      I don't like homosexuals especially gay men , they won't acknowledge that they have a mental illness

      I won't acknowledge that they are normal

      Your just sugar coated with all this love is love bullshit

      No people should not be what they want be if they want to survive that is

    • I dont like people who think being gay is a mental illness. But i agree thay we all have to deal with eachother and get along.

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  • Dchrls78104
    I'm not a homophobe, I simply will not join homosexuals in, or promote, their acts of wickedness.
  • According to you, everyone who disapproves of homosexuality fits a very narrow pattern of self-absorbed obsession, myopia, and hypocrisy. You stereotyping and name calling those with whom you disagree is just as pathetic as those whom you criticize. Perhaps you should descend from your throne on the moral high ground and spend a few minutes studying your reflection in a mirror. PS, I expect you to block me because "you ad your kind" don't actually want to engage in a discussion on the merits of an issue.
  • NorthwestRider
    A lot of them are secretly gay
  • Sixgun77
    LGBT is mental illness and should not be promoted or normalized. They need mental help.
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    Why is homophobia bad though?
    That's what I don't undrstand.
    Why is it bad if someone wants no interaction with LGBT people?

    Also, I've been to 25 countries and 25 states, thank you very much.
  • bamesjond0069
    Gay people literally scare me. When i watch a horror movie i think "id fuck that monster up this isn't so scary" but if i went downstairs in the middle of the night to find a gay man baking a cake with rupaul on the tv id scream like a little girl and call 911.
  • esotericstory
    Very funny. Its exactly the ideas in the Bible known as 'hugging the opponent to death' that are now used by the LGBT community against their opponents. You are well on your way to become as bigoted as the Abrahamic faiths. Good job, much love from a polytheist. XXX 😘😘😘
  • holidaze

    "like in between the cum stained pages of dueteronomy and corinthians."

    Wow, just... wow
  • cgehr783
    Let's talk about real homophobia. I get hit on by gay men and its scary as fuck. That doesn't stop me from being friends with them and not every Christian is a hypocrite. If ur going to call out someones hypocrisy make sure ur not respricating the same hatred they are.
  • BradFlipK
    😂😂😂😂Well played remarkably plain. Well played. You're funny
  • razzamatazzp01
    What a giant piece of intolerant garbage you are. Calling people hypocrites while being a hypocrite. Interesting you mentioned immune systems, when gay men are way more likely to contract AIDS the virus that causes your immune system to crap out. But I'm sure just like all the other lefties that means nothing to you because of the anger you feel towards people who disagree with you, your anger is more important than facts. Don't you understand this is the same way the KKK acted towards blacks. You're operating from a Play place of hatred, and it is not admirable even to people who are on the left. Force others? Oh u mean the way that schools are teaching lgbtq curriculum in schools and Christian parents have no say? Is that what you mean? You need some help. The Bible does promote love, you can find it in two words free will. You can choose, nobody is forcing you to do anything. I sure am thankful that I have a god who gives me free will. Are u agnostic or what?
  • ShannonSaxon66
    And in your intolerance of a homophobe you demand they tow your line? You know it takes a hypocrite to know a hypocrite.
  • NearlyNapping
    One big mistake you are making is linking "homophobe" to religion. It has little to nothing to do with religion, so you can completely nix that entire part of what you wrote.

    Religious people often use religion as an excuse, but if you took away the religion, most would still feel the same way.

    "Homophobes don't like to venture far from their living rooms,..."

    This entire paragraph is totally making things up. Are you writing nonsense just to be writing?

    Bottom line is that you have absolutely no clue what the hell you are talking about. None whatsoever.
    • BradFlipK

      Uh, no! His point was... wait for it... FOX NEWS, does this hateful homophobic shit. He was just making mockery of... You know what. You're just dumb

    • @BradFlipK

      Um, no. To everything you said.

      Fox news was only a part of it. You can't blame Fox News for everything. Or maybe you think homophobes didn't exist for thousands of years before Fox News existed.

      Of course it's mocking, duh. But I'm going to attack the enemy anyway.

    • BradFlipK

      And the starter of this funny little anecdote is quote "the enemy" This coming from someone whos name literally says "Napping" in the title. Enjoy being asleep

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    I love how bigoted people who claim not to be bigoted are. They never see the irony. Yeah yeah, your going to accuse me of being homophobic because I dare criticize you or some one who is gay even if it is a criticism of their behavior not of being gay in and of itself. Yeah your going to be a zealot and attack me for daring talk back with a meaningless and empty insult completely oblivious to who I am as a person and whom I associate with. I get it but at least when you do be a bit more creative.
  • Keloreon
    I think that because someone doesn't support your cause. You call them homo? Please I've been a teen parent and also much of a casanova much of my life have never been gay. I have no idea why gays care that their weird and unnatural ways effect normal people. You all are WEIRD and different. Embrace it. We don't have to accept that. You will naturally end the world if we all followed in your footsteps. You bash people for not accepting but yet need us to continue to breed potential homos in the future. Stfu and live you life. I think I speak for MOST straight people when I say we DON'T care. You're just weird and inaccurate in your sexual preference. Find another word for homophobia. Because phobia means scared and we're not scared.
  • Woodsrdr
    I have a gay friend that almost always asks me the difference between a straight man and a gay man in front of as many people as he possibly can. It's always before he gives me 1.) A 12 pack of beer B.) A bottle of liquor or c.) A sack of weed... And you guessed it. The answer is ALWAYS whatever he is giving me! I laugh my ass off because he's a good friend and one of the funniest people I know. I don't really give a damn what he and his husband do together. He's a good guy, I like him and I treat him as such. I tell him "gay" jokes and he tells me "straight" jokes. Neither if us ever gets offended by the other because we understand humor as well as like and respect each other. The funny thing (at least to the two of us) is that HE's a Christian and I'm an atheist. Oh yeah, we both live in the Bible Belt of the US
  • EnglundUberAlles
    That's hate speech dude. Maybe tone down the heterophobia a notch, yeah?
    • BradFlipK

      I feel like his speech was a speech hating HATE. Negating your entire statement

    • PDizzy

      @BradFlipK lol agreed

    • I and I alone will decide when and if my statement has been negated.

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  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Preaching against homosexuality doesn't mean people hate them.
  • DanOh2018
    I think extreme homophobia is usually about self hatred and being closeted.
  • HazelEyedMusician
    I wouldn't listen to reptocarl

    he's a troll
    😂😂😂 i loved this. Thanks. 😄
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good mytake
  • navyP
    Fucking alphabet people
  • ChadGroyper
    I'm not homophobic. I'm just anti gay! 😂
  • Brighton02
    Tell me how meain minutes good sexy sold take