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What You Don't Know About Gender Disphoria


So many children these days seem to be confused about their gender. And their 'woke' parents, desiring to support them, exacerbate the situation.

Here's a current news-clip about the FIVE THINGS or 'facts' the mainstream doesn't tell you about transgenderism for children.

And yes, too many of you here ARE children - or are barely past childhood as young adults, and a LOT of you are confused about your gender. We see the questions asked here every day. Even worse, there are so many boys that have been beat over the head by feminism telling them they are second-class citizens, that many want to actually become girls.

What You Don't Know About Gender Disphoria
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  • Screenwriter
    The number of detransitioners is fewer than that newswoman claims... "It is estimated that detransitioners range from less than one percent to as many as eight percent of individuals who start transition." The number is closer to the low end of the scale than the high end.
    The biggest argument that holds water is the fact that gender confusion is linked to other psychological issues that need to be addressed FIRST. The most recent numbers seem to support the fact that 95% of transitioners are satisfied with their transitions. HOWEVER, their has been a RUSH to transition people younger and younger. This is in line with people who get drastic plastic surgery as teen-agers.
    I wish there was a minimum age of 25 before sex change surgery was performed with a minimum of two years living as your preferred sex and two years of twice monthly therapy (at least) to work through underlying issues as well as sex change issues. The standards seem all over the map with people as young as 19 getting sex change surgeries.
    Who is the same as they were at 19? How many issues have you changed your mind about since then? How responsible or mature are most people at that age?
    Transgenderism is a trend now and kids mimic other kids to be or feel included.
    If I were those parents, I'd get my kid in therapy to see what's really going on with them: what they're happy with or unhappy with about themselves...
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  • Floki-raven
    It is an very low precentage. But even than i feel like giving children lifechanging operations is irresponibel.

    It is Kind of like if a Kid says "i can fly" you let them Jump out a Window.
    There is an Argument to be Made for the rigth to make your own mistakes but than making a mostake a child can't fully understand?
    • There were a lot of mistakes made in the 60s and 70s about children who were born with hermaphodism: which is, granted a tiny, tiny percentage of children; about 1.7 percent... oddly enough the same percentage as sex change people... I wonder if the two are connected in any way? The problem was that doctors gave ambiguous males operations to remove genitalia before puberty. Some males developed male characteristics, but had been castrated, by puberty. Suicides ensued. Parent needs to wait until children are past whimsical behavior AND puberty to support them on changing their sex. And they've done longterm therapy and lived as the sex they choose to be.

    • @Screenwriter - the voice of reason.

      So, what about this pro-ball player guy?

    • Well, they're a young couple influenced by the current wave of we have to accept anything our kids say as rational... This is how far I'D take it. If the kid says I'm transgender, I'd let them crossdress. I would never have a child take puberty blockers as NO ONE KNOWS anything about these drugs and longterm consequences. I would support the kid getting therapy for transition starting at age 18. I would not support paying for sexual transition surgery before age 21. And personally, as I've said 25 is a more rational age to make such a lifetime commitment. Just as I'd never pay for elective plastic surgery for a child. At any age. That's up to them to pay for. The former, if the young adult has gone through everything, I'd help them with.

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  • MannySimms
    You are what you feel like. Any changes should be done at age 18 or older. Before that, you just can't be sure. I have NO problem with trans people as they live as they should. They do NOT want to change anything about you except your understanding and tolerance. I'm fine with that. Born male.
    • No, you're not what you FEEL like - you're what you ARE. Just look in your pants - that's what you are!! LOL

    • Thanks for clearing this up! Now... Should I wear boxers or briefs? What TV programs should I avoid?

    • Definitely avoid fake news, like CNN and MSLSD.
      I don't give a shit about your undies.
      And guys just don't have all those FEELINGS like the girls do. Your gender isn't about what you FEEL.

  • Piteka5
    Kids are accustomed to experiment and question everything including themselves, even my brother prefer playing with barbies and it wasn't because of that my parents got all worked up with it or he had any problem. They are so woke to these kind of things that anything that falls outside the stereotype means their kid wants to transition
    • Uh, no. The problem is that our entire society is built around nurturing and protecting the 'weaker sex' to the point where now boys are loath to become a man - they want to change to a girl. It's sick.

  • Bananaman177
    This is what people don't know about gender dysphoria.
    This is what people don't know about gender dysphoria.
  • Liam_Hayden
    I personally don't care what they do as long as they wait till adulthood and pay for it themselves.
  • DWornock
    Less than 2% are confused but what you hear 24/7 from the media is about the confused 1% to2%.
    • Yep. Kind of like the whole alphabet people movement, huh?

  • Gedaria
    True, but one thing you say is that they don't know their own mind.
    It's one of the most insulting things to say. In reality you are imposing YOUR wishes on them. It's like education you try to steer your children down a track you are wanting them go down , you want to be a banker make loads of money.
    But he wants to learn the guitar and join a band. Is that wrong!!
    It's the same way about your inner desperate feeling of being in the wrong body. Hold him back you could end up with a son commiting suicide, because he feels so lost. I know I have been there.
    Plus what is the worst can happen he finds out he has made a mistake. It can be reversed.
    Surprisingly this happens more in girls, than boys...
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take