Love is the best thing in life

They look like theyre in love
They look like they're in love

I have had strong feelings in relationships that were not love. Love is different. I view love as an extreme form of attachment ("attachment theory") and that bond grows over time, if it's A right person.

I’m not sure I could be in love without chemistry. I think “chemistry” is a response to pheromones. Some women just feel right. I describe pheromone perception as “the smell that feels.” Pheromones don’t have a smell, but they are perceived as a feeling about someone (not just sexually, pheromones also transmit emotional information). Women who have compatible pheromones are among those I might fall in love with. There are obviously other factors such as compatible personalities, relationship skills, communication, physical attraction, emotional connection, good sex, the right circumstances, etc. Maybe I could fall in love without chemistry; however, I’ve never been in a relationship with someone I didn’t have chemistry with.

Another very important element of love is a fulfilling sexual connection and desire, which develops and maintains that. Besides being fun, sex intensifies the emotional bond (love is the strongest bond) and a deep emotional bond intensifies sex. An emotional bond is a necessary but not sufficient condition of romantic love. A relationship with an emotional bond but without desire/attraction is a friendship. (That being said it is important to note that sex is not an obligation nor bargaining tool, and treating it as either is a quick and effective way of destroying desire.) Good sex is shared: enthusiastic, passionate, loving, fun, sensual, intimate, hot, and anything less isn’t really worthy.

Personally, I enjoy being wanted a lot, and reciprocating that. Our desire for each other is a feedback loop that builds and deepens as we share in it. It’s fun to pleasure each other. It feels so good to make each other feel so good. That’s worthy.

One way to tell if I am in love is if the sex keeps getting better even after the newness.

Love is the best thing in life
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  • Nice take. Although sometimes we confuse lust and love. Real love isn't always that fairy tale love. It isn't always pretty and isn't always easy. But when you have good or bad news, they're the person you want to share it with or need the most. You hurt cuz they do. You're happy when they're happy. Yes, good sex and sex connection is important. But that alone doesn't signify love our great love connection. You can be sexually compatible with someone but not compatible in any other way.
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    • @Brainsbeforebeauty Thanks! :)

      I agree. it's not always fairy tale, but it feels like it when things are good..

      Yeah, the sexual connection alone doesn't signify love.. I find that I don't get bored of sex with a woman I love though: it just keeps getting better. that's one way I know that I'm in love, but not the only way.

      And yea, can be sexually compatible with someone without being compatible in other ways, nor in love.. but I get bored of that. Do you?

    • Yes. Cuz if it's only good sex, that wears off really quick

    • @Brainsbeforebeauty yea.. I agree..

  • aspiegirl_
    I agree! I like it. And yeah, you're 100% right. "A relationship with an emotional bond but without desire/attraction is a friendship", you mean sexual attraction or physical attraction?

    If you see someone as a woman/man, means you want more than a friendship, you want love, you want to make a life with that person, and it includes sex, of course, haha
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    • @aspiegirl_ Thanks! :)

      I am not sure what the difference between sexual attraction and physical attraction is? I guess I mean those to be the same thing.

      Yeah, like that.

    • Oh, you're inactive now. Ok bye. You were lovely! :)

      sorry I didn't answer this earlier... :(

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  • skymanjj
    Love is the best thing in life if you've found the perfect one that brings you happiness and comfort every day all day
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  • lightbulb27
    Why not date one of the women on gag? Ehy do ships pass in yhe nigh? Answer... the watchman is asleep...
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    • Can't you date a woman on gag?

    • @Elizabethwood5 I have... I don't understand your question.

    • Do you support dating on gag?

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  • sensogal
    Beautifully written 👌 I couldn't agree more with everything you've said. I've pondered over this subject a lot - what is love to me and pretty much came to the same conclusion. Also, how the other person makes me feel is important ( it differs for everyone ).
  • arabgoddess
    I loved your take.. Definitely is along the lines of my ideas and thoughts. Love Connection is everything and that is what differentiates between who will be a life partner and who's just a friend.
  • Then I must have been doing it wrong, because every time my fiancée says she loves me my heart sinks a little and I feel more alone.
    • @Jean-Marie_Céline sounds like you don't believe her.

      Why don't you?

    • I believe her, but for some reason I feel that it's not a good thing like it should be.
      I feel that all that love could easily turn into hate if I do something that displeases her.

  • scott_90
    Well said man 👏👏👏👏👏
  • Justacatlady
    This was very nice to read
  • Dchrls78104
    Exactly what I've been holding out for. Good take.
  • Nikki1989
    It totally is, nothing else can compare.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • BobbyC65
    Not really. ☹️
  • Romantic love is not the best thing in life.
  • Rosabelle98
    I agreed
  • pizzalovershouse
    Can be if you both are able to communicate well
  • Anonymous
    I have never been in love or be loved by someone and loving them back. I actually have few question about it.

    I never had any kind of chemistry with someone, do you think it's possible I am just not meant to be with anyone? Without chemistry I can't see any possible relationships happening and lasting.
    • Awe.
      I don't think that anyone is "meant to be"
      I don't believe in fate, nor destiny. We make our own

    • Maybe you just don't recognize it. It's difficult to describe..
      Does a guy ever feel different to you?
      Maybe he's not as objectively attractive, but there's something about him that makes you feel drawn to him and more attracted than you would think?

    • Sorry for the late answer. :(
      If you weren't anonymous, I would @mention you, so that you get the answer... I hope you read this though, it might help you

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