How to Kiss like Casanova!

If and when your lips touch lips as sexy as these, will you kiss like a stud, or will you kiss them like a fumbling virgin?
If and when your lips touch lips as sexy as these, will you kiss like a stud, or will you kiss them like a fumbling virgin?

Let's face it, so many guys are terrible kissers and that is a real shame.

Oh, by the way, these tips also apply to girl-on-girl kissing and I'm pretty sure any gay men reading this night find these tips useful as well.

When a girl is kissed the WRONG way her response is very predictable… She won't go any further with you. She won't date you, let alone a second date and you won't get to have sex with her. Ever. For most of us, a kiss is a preview to intimacy regarding the relationship between the two of you.

Simply put: Lousy Kiss = Lousy Lay

On the other hand, you all know how passionate most of us women are. For many of us, kissing is as good as sex, but only when a guy is a good kisser. When it's good, we want more and more and more, and you know where I'm going.

Have you ever made out with a woman and then had her turn cold on you? Maybe your kissing skills weren't up to par.

I want to give you 3 tips, 3 make out principles that most guys totally overlook, or flat out ignore. If you get these down pad, dates, 2nd/3rd/4th/etc. dates and much more will happen for you more easily.

So, let's dive right in!

TIP 1: Be The First To Pull Away

Us women love being teased. We love the anticipation and excitement. When you are kissing your girl, especially the first time, be the first to pull away.

Be the first to pull away to take a breath.

Be the first to pull away and end the kissing.

You need to have her chasing you.

When men do this it drives us crazy! The girl you just kissed will want to keep kissing you over and over again.

Afterward, you can do it again 5 or 10 minutes later, but only if she's at least tried to kiss you back between the last time you kissed her and now. It's far better to kiss a girl 5 times for a brief moment than it is to have one long make out sess right off the bat.

Spread it out and you will notice each time she gets more and more anxious to keep kissing you

TIP 2: Don’t Be a Slob.

Many guys in an attempt to be super passionate ram their tongue down their girl’s throat like they see in porn or the movies. If you do this, then STOP DOING THIS SHIT.
That totally turns us off and we just want to get out of there.

Think of girls like a present to unwrap.

Take your time and slowly reveal each layer.

A great way to do it is to start with a few kisses on the cheek. Get her wondering why you aren't trying to kiss her for real yet. Then SLOWLY make strong eye contact and go in for the first kiss.

Move slow. Let her come to you the last inch. Make her work for it, and she will. Then spend a few minutes on just her lips with slow kisses. NEVER move like a fast, rabid animal, it is NOT romantic. I know every guy AND girl has made that mistake. Lol. After you have kissed her lips for a bit take a break. Go back to holding her or whatever other physical contacts you have going on. Then, after a minute or so go back in for another kiss. This time slip in a little tongue. Just a little. See how it goes.

At this point, she will probably start kissing you harder. Gauge how much tongue she is using and use just a little less. Let her be the one to escalate how much tongue you are using. This is one of the rare times to let your girl dictate the pace… And most guys never even realize it.
Then if she is going crazy, just match her pace. At this point, you can break it off or go all the way... if you know what I mean ;)

TIP 3: Always touch her while making out with her.

It is super important that you keep your hands on your girl’s body when you are kissing her whether or not if you want it to lead to sex or not. For many of us girls, kissing is emotional stimulation, but when a guy touches us at the same time that is PHYSICAL stimulation. It's crazy, but it’s true. The kiss is like the spark but the touching is the fire.

Here's what I suggest to get your girl seriously riled up:

When you start kissing her have your hands on her hips. After you have been kissing for a little bit, move your hands up and hold her face for just a bit. Like a few seconds. After that move, she will want more. Move your hands back to her hips but pull her in super close to you.
Now escalate the kissing to be a little bit harder as you slowly move hands all over her body. Be sure to avoid touching her between her legs or her breasts, especially in public and without consent.

Keep your hands moving but go very slowly. As the kissing intensifies increase the pressure in which you are touching her. Start touching her with a little more strength.

NOTE: The following applies to foreplay and sexual scenarios only. Do not do this in public, unless you and your girl are into this sort of thing.

When it's going SUPERHOT and steamy start pulling her close to you and kiss her hard and deep. If she is still into this (which she will be if you follow the tips I'm giving you) now you can lightly rub her breasts and between her legs while you move down to kiss her neck.

At this point, sex is very likely if it's not happening already. She will be super turned on and so will you.

How to Kiss like Casanova!
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  • PurpleStorm
    Excellent take up until ''to get her riled up part'' :) those are too specific and won't work on everyone. But the kissing tips I hope they are paying attention
  • SouthernLAguy
    Don't forget for both sides chew some gum or put a mint in your mouth I always carrying gum. Just for GP
    • Thank you. That goes without saying.

    • You would think lol but I have come across... turned off quick like

  • oualid22
    Very lovely I have been doing the teasing thing for a long time now and it works along with the bite on the lips works too but the other tips you said amazing too I'll try them and I'll tell you the verdict loool
  • Kdude010
    How about just kiss like any regular person? Lip to lip and not over-exaggerate with tongue? I'm sure we both don't want to know what each of us had for dinner.
  • Phoenix98
    It's good solid advice, you hit the nail on the head with pretty much everything you said.
  • DJ1998
    This is great!! Very interesting thanks for helping! 😁
  • lucas262
    Never been kissed, probably would kiss like the fumbling virgin I am but ill tell you how I'd kiss you once I got You alone ,, not you specifically,,

    Maybe id grab you gently and firmly by the throat pull you to me and take what i wanted,

    Maybe id back you up to a wall pick you up by your ass and would make with the mouth sex.

    Maybe id approach from behind reach around hold you with my right, and place my left between your breast and hold your face turning it to kiss you.

    Maybe I cup your face and try to put my feelings into this one.

    Everyones idea of what they like is different, off top of my head these are a few id probably do

    Really though if I suck at it id expect her to help me learn to please her, not drop me like a hot plate just cause im a shitty kisser.
  • Suhailadil89
    Ehem... just the right timing of this post... thank u
  • Guardian45
    Hmmm. Interesting. I see we attended the same school. Well-said!
  • DanZaan133
    Thanks for the instructions
    • by the way what do I do if she wants to use tongue and I don't?

    • Then go back to kissing. You can't go from kissing to making out without some tongue action.

    • But I can't make out on the first date, right?

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  • andrermm
    I guess I've been doing it right
  • crazy8000
    There are even how to use tung 😉
  • Nice tips! :)
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • coolhotchacha
    I never thought in this manner,, thanks
  • Anonymous
    Thanks heaps, you have just helped out an inexperienced kisser