This is why women crave male attention and desire to be wanted so much

This is why women crave male attention and desire to be wanted so much

Everyone wants attention and to be desired by opposite sex.

But women feel this way too much.

Reason for this because millions of years in evolution process they were dependent on men to survive. Therefore getting male attention and desire is hugely important for women it equals survival. If they didn't get that they left behind and men didn't care about them at all.

Women most of the time don't dress revealing to get sex, most of the time they seek out getting male attention (specially quality men) and feeling to be desired, they want to be wanted, they want to feel safe and secure. They are after these feelings. Most of the time they use sex to get these feelings. They know men love sex so they give men sex because maybe men love and protect them.

Women value love and feeling wanted way more than sex.

Women don't need to be horny all the time they produce only one egg every single month. (Most women get horny like men and seek sex during ovulation) On the other hand men produce semen every single day. Therefore they are always horny and ready for sex. Men seek out sex more than love and feelings.

That's why men and women will never understand eachother. We are wired differently.

This is why women crave male attention and desire to be wanted so much
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  • lucas262
    My take? A confident woman Dosn t out as much emphasis on being wanted.

    So many women work So hard on their looks believing their soul value comes from their physical beauty, as if not a hair can be out of place, they do it for many reasons.

    1 thing is they want to be objectified. Oh yes
    By the right kind of men. The same say a wealthy man shows it off it basically bait.

    2 women compete with other women, maybe she's dolled up because a group of women will be judging her for any imperfection.

    3 women compete not really over the attention of men, but the resources these men have and can give them. ,, its going to be me in that BMW,, the guy is basically an accessory compared to his resources and many men feel used today as im sure women do. I would

    You make a good point about women dressing revealing for attention, i told my sister i can't even imagine getting positive reinforcement of my ego every day men dont get that, they get the opposite or at best nothing.

    Have you ever seen someone crumble because you. I mean just you out of 100 other guys that did, didn't give her attention?

    The sex organs and their cells are far from the only reason men and women are different.

    Its sad to be to see society make women so dependent on their exterior and lose a part of themselves.

    All this is mostly a bunch of observations and opinions.
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  • Anonymous
    Yup, makes sense. That also explains why women rarely go after men.
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    • Anonymous

      Because that doesn't make them wanted, desired or loved. But if men do the chase they feel wanted. Women cheat or seek sex most of the time to feel desired and recieve attention.

    • Anonymous

      I know, women don’t actually desire men the same way men desire women. Men will always lust after women’s bodies but not vice versa.

Most Helpful Girls

  • SydneySentinel
    I think that the reason that men and women will never understand each other is that so many people assume that everyone is the SAME.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Do you think Mariah agrees? This is why women crave male attention and desire to be wanted so muchPerhaps.
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    • Anonymous

      Do you agree?

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  • MissDawn7961
    men want women more then women want men ! unless the man is a homosexual , then it does not know what it wants ! thanks
  • MannySimms
    This is why women crave male attention and desire to be wanted so much"Everyone wants attention and to be desired by opposite sex."

    Generalizations can lead to huge misunderstandings.
  • Gedaria
    I am so happy women' are like this. They brighten up a room they are great company, a smile from a women can melt any ❤️. So I hope and wish that girls and women carry as they have been doing...
  • farhaan7
    There are always exceptions but I totally agree to ur point we guys only want action the bed after rarely some care
  • Thatsamazing
    I didn't know this needed a "review." This is pretty much just common knowledge, no?
  • Dargil
    Because they are women, I'd guess.
  • samisayaskme
    I agree
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.
  • Anonymous
    You may be correct, and looking at it from an evolutionary perspective makes a lot of sense. Sure explains my ex!