Girls, we're not the ones being oversexualized

Girls, were not the ones being oversexualized

Through many, many years, women have been seen as the oversexualized ones in media. Many protests have been going on, speeches about sexually liberating women, etc. They have actually brought effects. Women are not oversexualized anymore. Now, it is actually men who are the oversexualized ones. I will tell you why I think like I think.

Women are more emotionally drawn to men than vice versa

Female sex robot
Female sex robot

If you look up any survey on this site, you'll notice that women would be more sad if all men suddenly disappeared than vice versa. The women always say how hard it would be for them without a man (emotionally), and that they just wouldn't survive it. Men, on the other hand, reply with comments like ''Yeah! Finally the end of nagging women!'' or ''Hooray! I'd finally be free!''. A huge topic that is often discussed is the appearance of sex robots on the market. More men than women would willingly buy a sex bot, and more men than women could spend their entire lives only with a robot. In short, women see men as partners they need because of the emotional connection. Men do not often see women as those they can emotionally connect to. Whether it's socialized or biological, I do not know. This has actually been studied, and while some studies found that women are more emotional when it comes to relationships, others have found that there is no difference between how men and women love other people.

Who is more attractive?

Attractive male and female
Attractive male and female

Through all the years when women were ''oversexualized'', they have been seen as the more attractive gender. But how is it now? Now, the number of people thinking men are more attractive seems to equal the number of people thinking women are more attractive. In a lot of cases, this is just caused by their sexuality. But in many cases it's not. Where do you think the sayings ''women need makeup to look pretty'' and ''men age better than women'' came from? Well, most likely from people who find men naturally more attractive than women. While women do in fact get wrinkles earlier than men (because of thinner skin), men get beer bellies and bald heads faster than women. But noboy quite cares about a man's few imperfetions. It's women who get the biggest critique because of aging. Ask a few random people why they think women wear makeup while men don't. Some will answer ''because they want'', some will answer ''because of societal standards'' while at least one will answer ''because men don't need it''. The best source would be a random place on the net, like GAG, because there people are more open about their opinions.

Also not to mention that penises are seen as more attractive than vaginas by nearly everyone. Even bisexual women and lesbians admit that they just cannot stand looking at them. Many lesbians even like watching gay male porn and yaoi anime (some even like yaoi couples more than anime lesbian couples), while gay men say they'd ''gag'' if they ever saw a vagina. Bicurious women almost never base their curiosity on other women's vaginas, while bicurious men nearly always experiment just to see what playing with someone else's penis would feel like.

Sexual desirability

Know this guy?
Know this guy?

Do you know who the guy in the picture is? A lot of you surely do. But for those who don't, it's Ricardo Milos. He is a gay adult model who recorded himself dancing in his underwear. The video has later been published with Halogen's ''U got that'' and Basshunter's ''DoTa'' playing in the background (the picture is actually from the video). After the video being published, a big number of straight men started posting comments like ''he turned me gay'' or ''I broke up with my girlfriend for him'' or ''he moves better than most women'' or ''this guy can really make you forget girls once and forever''. Under Charli xcx's song ''Boys'', there is also a bunch of straight men and even lesbians admitting to be attracted to the attractive boys shown in the music video. But there is no female equivalent of any of these guys. One may say it's Ruby Rose, but if you ask women what they think of her, they often will say they do not find her attractive, and they'd especially not turn lesbian for her, because ''they like penis too much''.

According to this study:


More men than women report having a same sex experience. The same result has been shown in Kinsey's findings where the number of straight men who ever experimented with men almost reached 50%, while the number of straight women who experimented sexually was almost only 16%. Also, most bisexuals will admit to sexually liking men more than women. It will either be because ''penis gives you more intense orgasms'' or ''sex with men is more animalistic'' or ''men are better at oral'' (yes, in the case of both bi men and bi women). You hear about bisexuals needing to scratch an itch in relationships with women more, i.e. they miss men more when being in a relationship with a woman and vice versa. When they miss women, they can just use a fleshlight, that can feel physically better than a vagina since you can control it by yourself and it is tighter (according to them of course, I had no experience with either a fleshlight or a dildo). But not many bisexuals seem to be fans of a female pegging them with a strapon. Not to mention that even some straight men and lesbians admitted to enjoying receiving oral from men more or just having sex with them more than with women. After that, straight men publish posts like ''If sexuality was a choice, I'd be gay because gay sex seems more fun''. So far, I've only seen a few gay guys admit to vaginas feeling physically better than male anuses, or straight girls admit to enjoying kissing women more than men.

The statistics of sexual identity among men and women

A gay couple kissing
A gay couple kissing

You are probably already mad at me for writing so many things where I compare men to women and always come to the conclusion that men are better. Nope, the point of this Take is not to prove that men are superior to women (I am a woman myself, actually...). The point of this Take is just to show people the ways in which men are more oversexualized than women and that women aren't the only ones being oversexualized. I know there are still ways in which women are more oversexualized, but we really cannot ignore the ways men are oversexualized. If you aren't mad at me and still want to read this, keep going.

It does actually make more sense for men to be more sexualized than women, since statistics show that not only are there more men identifying as gay than women, but there are also more women identifying as Kinsey 0. Here is a study showing that there are more gay men than women in society:


And here is a more detailed survey that also supports the statement that more straight men experiment sexually than straight women:


I know perfectly well that there are also many studies showing that ''women are never 100% straight'' and it is okay for you to believe them. But there are actually way more 100% straight women than you'd think. The only reason why men never admit to being bicurious is because society sees it as not masculine. If there weren't as many standards, we'd se 10 times more men experimenting with other men. This is supported by the fact that in Ancient Greece, such thing as ''sexual orientation'' did not exist. Almost all men had male lovers in addition to their wives and this was basically the norm. Nowadays, most men'd say they'd never even touch a penis, but meanwhile a lot of gay guys and bi men say that 80% of the men they hook up with are straight and sometimes even married with children.

So yeah, that was it. Some women may find this info amazing, as we are finally getting sexually liberated. I do not know how the future will be like for men, whether sexualizing them will be a norm or not. I certainly do not wish for men to end up in the same way us girls did. But times are changing, and you'll never know what happens next. I also repeat once again that the point of this text was not to prove how much better men are. If you have something against my opinions, feel free to comment it and discuss it. I am open to hearing other's points of view about this subject.

Girls, we're not the ones being oversexualized
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  • MackToday
    What you've got to factor in is that young peoples heads are being fucked with right now. So called "feminism" has turned women into hateful communist revolutionaries, not exactly girl friend material. Attempts to normalize homosexuality are constantly being pushed (until Muslims object to it). Homosexuals are out in the open with perverse behavior and Marxist men can't wait to pander to them. So, a lot of the approving comments are outright lies to virtue signal. Women are still women and human's are still gynocentric it's just that much has been done to damage us as a species our psychology is injured right now but remove the Marxist nonsense and we will recover.
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    • kim45456

      What is a girlfriend material for you

    • MackToday

      I think mostly if she's deep , understands life I'm pretty flexible if she's like that. I do like thin women with short hair though.

  • ADFSDF1996
    Inferential statistics must always be taken with a grain of salt. Especially since the SocJus groupthink is so adamant in their quest of attacking male masculinity.

    Basically what you are trying to prove is that “all men are gay” which is complete nonsense. If there are more gay men than gay women, then why do most women view lesbian porn?

    Second of all, why are lesbian sex scenes in movies so popular? Why do women get too intimate with each other? Why do women frequently check each other out and compliment each other’s looks?
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    • ADFSDF1996

      Also, why are women more open to have “women’s only nights” while men are repulsed by the idea of “guys only nights”?

      In fact guys hate “sausage fests”.

    • ADFSDF1996

      According to “statistics” there aren’t really that many gay people in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      First of all, you must've been living in a cave, because most men LOVE spending nights with their homies only, without any women around. Hence the term "bros before hoes". Why would you think men'd complain so much about their wives not letting them meet up with their friends for a beer if they did not like "guy's only nights"?

      Second, the only reason why women are more open to doing intimate stuff with other women is because it is seen as hot by society. Straight men don't do this stuff with other men because it is seen as unmasculine, which they don't want to be

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Most Helpful Girls

  • nella965
    I think that if you're under the age of 24, you have not lived in the 1990s-2000s where women were truly over sexualized and there was a much much bigger pressure for women to look incredible 24/7. This pressure has really lowered during the 2010s and 2020 so many younger folks had no idea how bad it really was back then. Back then , I would see disturbing half naked women everywhere at every turn on billboards, tv, commercials, you name it. Now, it no longer happens anymore and I'm so glad.
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  • CubsterShura
    Nope... Can't agree. Of course men also face some objectification, no doubt in that. But more than woman? Hell nah.

    You may wanna argue that some prominently progressive woke media outlets sexualize men to a level that they would never do to women, but woke media doesn't represent the whole world and they are too loud for the minority that they really are.
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  • Edanurus
    It seems you put quite a lot of stock in polls. Remember Trump was going to get his arse kicked and the UK was never going to leave the EU according to the polls.

    You also seem to be conflating study with survey, they are not the same thing.

    You do realise that the "Woohoo no more nagging" responses are tongue in cheek?
    • Anonymous

      Not really tongue in cheek

  • Stonernights
    Dont take it to serious. I never pay attention to this stuff, to busy with what really matters in life.
  • Jamie05rhs
    "Also not to mention that penises are seen as more attractive than vaginas by nearly everyone." This is complete hogwash. A vulva is way more attractive than a penis.
    • Anonymous

      To you

  • G3tAClue
    Wait. I’ve never heard a woman utter how hard it would be without men.
  • ShadowofRegret
    Interesting take, those are things to think about...
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    It's along post though i read it can you say the conclusion what it is?
    • Anonymous

      Uh, I haven't seen any good MyTakes that weren't long, but here it goes
      Point 1: Women are more emotionally attached to men than vice versa since more women would feel sad if all men disappeared than vice versa

      Point 2: People say that "women need makeup to look pretty while men don't" and "men age better than women". Also, penises are seen as better looking than vaginas

      Point 3: More straight men report being attracted to people of their same sex than women. Also many straight men and lesbians said they received their best oral from men or had better sex with men overall

      Point 4: In this point I gave links to 2 studies showing that more men identify as Kinsey 6 and more women identify as Kinsey 0. It would only make sense for more people to sexualize men, as there are more gay men than lesbians and straight women than straight men

    • You didn't had to repeat yourself just asked the conclusion which I understand women need men more than a man needs women is that what you are saying am I right?

    • And women don't like like emotional men as far as majority of women on Gag stated that they will loose interest in man whose emotional as they consider them as pussies and will not hesitate to dump them

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  • More female self-serving garbage.
  • ChefPapiChulo
    Not reading a word of that nonsense.
  • Shellyworld
    I have no idea
  • Anonymous
    This is not true.
    "Also not to mention that penises are seen as more attractive than vaginas by nearly everyone."

    The penis is considered gross by the majority of society, while the vagina is glorified and celebrated.

    But otherwise you are right.
    Women aren't needed outside of their holes.