Proximity sensitivity?


I recently had a recollection from childhood of sitting at a desk and having a teacher lean over my shoulder to help me with something I was working on. I only had female teachers in grammar school. Occasionally, a teacher’s proximity, her head next to mine, and her breath and quiet voice would give me a sensation. It wasn’t sexual because I didn’t know about sex and wasn’t attracted to the teacher. The sensation felt like my head was swirling or humming. It could be felt like fuzzy chills all the way down through my neck, shoulders, chest and spine. I don’t think it created sensations in my groin. No boners. It’s not unlike the feeling of getting your shoulders massaged.

I think I had felt that sensation under certain circumstances when I was even younger. It was always associated with close proximity, not touch.

When I started going to school dances in 7th grade, slow dancing with girls definitely invoked the same sensation. Soft girls with boobies in fuzzy sweaters made me feel fuzzy. Lol. On those occasions, I associated the sensations with sexuality.

Proximity sensitivity?

Since then, I’ve had that sensation when a woman nibbled my ear lobe, ran her tongue around just right and breathed into my ear. Are you picking up on the sensation I’m talking about?

The other times, I’ve felt it is when I was about to engage in sex with a new partner. We’re both excited, kissing and petting foreplay is over and she wants me inside her for the first time. She opens herself to me. And when the tip of my penis is about to kiss her lips, there is that feeling. It’s like electricity or a force field. It feels like being petted with the softest fur. My entire body hums. It doesn’t buzz or tingle. It’s like floating.

Proximity sensitivity?

Is this common? Does it sound familiar to you or am I weird? Maybe I have ESP. Lol

Proximity sensitivity?
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Great myTake @Lliam! Your descriptions of what you experienced made me feel like I was either you or right there with you.
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  • kibbenkat
    It's called ASMR, and I love it
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    • Lliam

      Wow! That is such helpful information, kibbenkat. I just looked it up, read about it and watched some short videos. It's exactly what I was describing. In watching the videos I suddenly recalled many other instances when I have experienced the feeling. Being fitted for a suit was one.

      What's interesting is, not everyone can experience it. Obviously you and I can.

      Thank you so much for filling me in. MHO for you asap.

    • kibbenkat

      No problem! Glad to help. Contrary to the other opinions that say it's sexual, it's actually not at all. It can be, but most of the time it isn't sexual in any nature. My personal favorite is tapping videos, especially when people tap on plastic containers or bowls.

    • Lliam

      I agree, kibbenkat.

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  • JackSmy
    Humans are social beings and as much as some deny it, we all need some kind of close companionship, that caring, that maybe, "mentoring" or "teaching", that I think you refer to in grade school.
    Something like maybe that someone cares enough, and is being like a 'parental' figure, but in a slightly different way, teaching, instructing.
    Later, yes, those same feelings might be interpreted sexually, or sensually, but still, there can be a close, personal relationship between teacher/mentor, and student that isn't sexual at all.
    Some have difficulty separating the sexual, from the non-sexual, though.
    I remember a teacher from when I was in grade school, and now, looking back, he was obviously gay, but he never, ever, did anything but encourage my artistic side, and help me learn the multiplication tables through the drawing art that I loved at the time. A TRUE MENTOR/TEACHER. I think that his encouragement, then, helped me like the kinds of artistic expression, the things I like now, using math, ratios, and multiples of patterns, to make my art more visually appealing.
  • Gedaria
    No. You are experiencing sensations that are more like love making rather than just sex. Foreplay is what you are feeling in some ways it can be more intense than the physical side of sex.
    • Lliam

      I agree with you about foreplay.
      I actually discovered that I was experiencing ASMR. I used ear play to explain what the sensation feels like. When I mentioned the proximity of penis to vagina, I confused ASMR with sexual anticipation, which is completely different. ASMR isn't sexual. I hadn't been aware of it until kibbenkat filled me in.

    • Gedaria

      Oh is that what they call it. I find the feeling so intense, I assumed that everyone experienced this. You learn something new every day thanks...

    • Lliam

      You're welcome, Gedaria. I was blown away when I googled it. And apparently, only some people experience it.

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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Yup the first time you had sensual experience registers in your mind and if something close to that happens you will get more aroused since there is a reference point in your mind that will be triggered your happy moments
    Sounds similar to my experiences only every girl and woman actually physically touched me. They like touching me for some reason or running their fingers through my hair. 😂
  • Jamie05rhs
    I don't know if this is related, but sometimes I'll be standing in line and a girl walks up and gets in line behind me. Sometimes I can feel that she is there even though I can't see her. Or, I feel SOMEone there, but I don't know who or what they are. On a couple of occasions I have been startled and spun around really quick to see who is behind me. And them I'm like, "Oh. Hot girl. ... Figures." and I turn back around. It's kind of annoying haha. But I'm not really bothered too much that she's there; I'm just bothered that she snuck up on me.

    Though what really does annoy me is if someone -- male or female -- stands behind me in line and stands too close. Like, people have no concept of personal space these days. You should keep at least 2 feet of separation. (I usually give 3.) And that's BEFORE the Coronavirus social distancing began.
  • pizzalovershouse
    can't say sounds like being on House lick up is making your mind fill up with images to help you not stress what ever they may be
  • Aaron_Stone
    It's all made up by your mind nothing else. You are just trying to connect things which aren't.
    • One thing I can say is , you get sense of presence if someone is close to you even if eyes are closed.

  • Yamahoo
    ASMR my dude, look it up on the youtube
    • Lliam

      Thanks, Yanahoo. Someone else mentioned it. Check out my reply to Gedaria.

    • Yamahoo

      Cool beans

  • Sevenpointfive
    i think that is how i feel

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