Continuing My Foreskin Restoration During Quarantine


If you haven't already, go read my myTake on restoring my foreskin. There's a lot of background information on foreskin restoration and my process specifically. Foreskin restoration is the process of expanding the skin on the penis to reconstruct an organ similar to the foreskin, which has been removed by circumcision.

Continuing My Foreskin Restoration During Quarantine

But I Thought You Already Restored Your Foreskin:

While I consider my foreskin restored, and my foreskin covers my glans while flaccid almost all of the time, it still wasn't as long as I would have liked it to be. Also, because a restored foreskin doesn't have a ridged band and intact frenulum like a natural foreskin, it is more prone to retracting on its own, causing my glans which is now used to being covered to rub against my underwear. This doesn't happen often, but when it does its usually during physical activity like running or going up and down ladders.

The frenulum on an intact penis helps hold the foreskin over the glans when flaccid
The frenulum on an intact penis helps hold the foreskin over the glans when flaccid

What I'm Doing Now:

Since I'm working from home and not leaving my house except for rare trips to the grocery store, I'm able to wear a foreskin restoration device all day, every day. I've been wearing a CAT II Q, the same device I used for the majority of my initial foreskin restoration, from 8am until 11pm daily - 15 hours. When I was initially restoring, I would usually only wear it a few days a week (weekends and when working from the office/not on site). So this increased duration and frequency of constant tension on my skin is speeding up the process of new skin growth.

Continuing My Foreskin Restoration During Quarantine


Something new I'm doing now that I didn't do during my initial restoration, is wearing o-rings around the acroposthion of the foreskin (the part of the foreskin that extends past the tip of the penis) at night. There have been a lot of reports that this helps taper the foreskin to hug the glans closer, helping to prevent unwanted retraction. I have noticed that even when not wearing an o-ring the opening of my foreskin is tighter.

The Results So Far:

Don't worry, no photos (or sorry no photos if you were hoping for some). I've got a noticeable amount of additional foreskin, going from a Real Coverage Index (RCI) of 6 to RCI of 8. At RCI 6 when flaccid skin stays in place throughout most of the day. The foreskin does not retract at normal-sized hang. Loss of coverage usually occurs only at semi-erect sizes and above. At this stage, you will notice overhang when your penis is at it's smaller size. Restorer may notice the shape of the glans changing slightly as it becomes accustomed to being enveloped by the foreskin. At an RCI of 6 there is wrinkling of the shaft skin when erect. Increased instances of gliding. Skin can easily be pulled over the glans when erect with very little tug on hair and scrotum at the base. at an RCI of 8 the foreskin will somewhat stay over the corona of the penis during erections, but still tends to retract. My goal is an RCI of 9, which has full erect coverage.

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Continuing My Foreskin Restoration During Quarantine
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  • laurieluvsit
    Good Luck with that Mr MR.

    I so hate it when parents allow their child to be butchered like that. I get chastised a lot on here for being so adamantly opposed to it, but it is wrong in so many ways.

    If an adult wants an intimate part of their body chopped off, than OK, but they can make that decision when they are old enough to know what they are doing, like at least 16.

    I hope it all works well for you!Continuing My Foreskin Restoration During Quarantine
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    • Thanks!

    • You're welcome

    • Thank you for advocating against routine infant circumcision as well! I know I've made a few enemies in real life advocating against it, but I also know I've saved a few kids from circumcision as well, so its worth it.

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  • Apple1996
    That's super cool you can do it all day now. And good for you for regrowing
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    • Thanks. Don't get me wrong- I'd rather be out and about, working, visiting friends and family, but I will take whatever silver linings I can.

    • Apple1996

      Yeah I think we'd all rather be out having fun

    • How's social distancing going for you?

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  • I would like to know where or in what country its so common for guys to be cut. Because I have been in a lot of sporting teams and seen my fair share of naked dudes and I think I have only seen maybe 1 or 2 cut penises ever.
  • Girther10
    You I am wondering why you would go to such trouble to undo being circumcised? I know it’s personal preference, and I’m not questioning your right to do that, I’m questioning the sanity of doing that. No, I don’t have time to go read some other previous narrative of yours. Just asking, 20 words or less- whywhywhywhywhy🤷🏻‍♂️?
    • BloJo

      Something was taken from him without his permission. Now he wants it back.

    • Girther10

      @BloJo- did I ask you? No. You don’t know the answer, that’s why I didn’t ask you.

    • @BloJo was right though

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  • CubsterShura
    Well I prefer cut and wouldn't advocate against it ever, but seems like I can tell my male SJW peers who complain all day about circumcision that they can restore their foreskin if they want it so badly.
    • RickPen

      Here's the thing: your preference is cut I to an infant who can't say no or stop, and often has no anesthesia. With a typical 20,000 fine touch nerves in the foreskin (think of the lips on your face), all getting sliced off and being told that it's better.

      Now imagine if a guy on here said he preferred women to have their clit removed or exposed and dried out so they have little or no sensation. That is what men get.

      Foreskin "restoration" is only skin stretching and dekeritizing of the glans. It in no way restores the lost nerve endings.

      Another topic are guys with nerve damage, or erectile dysfunction that worsens with age, all due to infant circumcision.

      Your preference has no business being forced on a baby, and if America wasn't so spectacularly backwards, it would joint the rest of the world and leave its men normal... not mutilated.

      Because you likely have your whole body, unless you're willing to submit to a similar experience to men, you speak out of ignorance and cold hearted vanity.

    • Say that to millions of other men who are happy that they are cut and support it, not me

    • RickPen

      Where did I tell someone to be sad about it? Also, if you grew up without a clit, and enjoyed sex "enough" to meet basic function, and were happy, what does that mean?
      Forced genital cutting is wrong, and your preference has no business being carved into an infant. If an adult wants to do it, that's his business. However, saying you want a cut man inherently means you don't want them to experience pleasure or intimacy, because you want them to be lacking.

      I've already spoken to plenty of guys, cut or not. I've met surprisingly few who remain happy about it once they start reading abous what was lost. I know of one who wasn't happy, but shrugged it off. I'd love to meet the many who are genuinely happy, especially if given a chance to experience both. Also, those who get cut by choice usually fetishize it, so there's another strike.

      In any case, infants shouldn't have it. It's flatly harmful, and no medical organization ever recommended routine infant circ. Any benefits come with a prefix of "may."

      My challenge for you would be to have some lidocain injected and then try to have sex without sensation from your clit. Then you'll have an idea of what a circumcised man has to live with... with no choice.

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  • JessPHX
    I dated a man that was restoring his foreskin. We broke up long before he was finished... he still looked cut.

    It was funny that when we ran into each other about 6 years later, one of my first thoughts was if his skin regrew. I managed to get the nerve to ask about it.

    He got the biggest smile on this face and told me he was completely restored.

    So I had to ask, "will you show me?"

    His penis looked completely uncut, just beautiful... I am so happy for him.

    • I'm glad it worked for him, and that you got to witness it as well!

    • JessPHX

      I was very glad that he shared it with me... I bet a lot of guys that are restoring or thinking about it would never tell their girlfriends about it.

      Thinking of them going through that by themselves makes me sad.

    • My wife has been very supportive, thankfully.

  • sluttyboy2000
    I've been restoring my foreskin as well during this pandemic, using t-tape. I started 5 months ago, but ever since the while social distancing thing, I have been able to commit even more.

    My peepee has never felt better ever since starting to restore. The skin now bunches up around my glans when flaccid, and whenever I glide the skin over the tip, it just feels soo amazing.
    • I probably was using sub-par tape, but I hated t-tape when I tried it. Its a faster way to start though, I've heard.

    • @matchrestore
      Yeah, in my experience not all tape was equally good at holding to the skin. But I eventually found the perfect tape, and it works so well that getting it completely off is a struggle. It's able to last me 20~ hours without my skin being let go.

  • Dazed0N0Confused
    Good for you, wow that's a process to undergo! I wish you the best!
  • Eridan
    Congratulations for your success at restoring your foreskin. I say success, because you've gone even further than you would've needed to. As an uncircumcised guy, I have an RCI of 7 (I looked it up) and honestly, it's already more skin than I would have needed to be comfortable. Full coverage when erect doesn't seem like something worth striving for - I mean, you want your head to be exposed when you're having fun, right. A very long foreskin would just get in the way.
  • TadCurious
    Congratulations on your progress. I wish I had the patience to restore mine.
    • Even if you don't get to full coverage fast, there are quite a few benefits you realize along the way as well. Looser skin makes masturbation easier, bunched up skin against the corona makes the corona more sensitive, etc. You should give it a try.

  • jackmcmillin83
    Hey dudes. y'all should invest in a penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil. It's made such a difference for me. I struggled with a foreskin that would smell, collect bacteria, etc. I started using Man1 Man Oil after I showered daily, and all those issues went away. My sex life is 180 degrees different now and I'm so so much more confident. Highly recommend, esp for uncut men. Good luck!
  • MountAverage
    Well, I definitely don't envy you. But I wish you it all goes well.
  • purplepenguin1
    Ha it will never be the same as a real non cut dude. Those guys cum at a whole different level too.
    • pocketman

      I don't think foreskin has anything to do with the level at which guys can cum. Change my mind...

    • Its not about the orgasm- those have largely stayed the same- the process leading up to orgasm is what has improved the most. There's a lot more pleasure during the process of having sex- in fact its made sex much less goal oriented and more process oriented for me. Orgasms are still great, but so is the sex itself, whereas sex itself before was much more bland.

    • Just what i know through experience. The dudes who are uncut moan so loud and cum so hard it’s amazing. Not exactly the same with cut. It’s just what I’ve witness through my own scientific experiments m you know, in the name of science these things have to be done. 😄

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  • RickPen
    Congratulations on your progress. It's a difficult process, and often little progress. It's been years for me, and with virtually no progress. I can't wear it during the day, and was left with little skin. Sadly, it hurts pretty badly, but my circ left me with pretty constant pain. Not irregular or excessive. Just a normal bit of mutilation my body didn't like.

    I wish America would stop the practice, but people want to carve up their sons while being enraged about the same, or less, happening to a girl. Sadly, America hates its men.
  • I know this is supposed to be informative but it just sounds gross 🙈 i prefer cut
    • Wow the dick has corona!
      Continuing My Foreskin Restoration During Quarantine

    • Lol the one eyed dnakr does like dark place not in the Forrest also and didn't like grapes especially grapes in turtle neck sweaters that get made because they can't leave tracks in the sand

    • *internally screams*

  • Meropatrick
    Those are the goals👍🏼
    Some silly people plan to learn new language in quarantine and some people are the real deal they find better goals for their foreskin
  • Gedaria
    I know after a accident I half chopped off my penis , lost a testicle, then a few months later lost the other through infection. The was cut deep just behind the tip. SO to save the penis they cut round the end the penis losing about a inch then they stitched it back on.
    When you were saying about your foreskin, the stich line is in the same area, so as to save it they actually super glued it in place. I had some fun times going to the toilet...
  • BetterOffAlone
    I'm trying off and on to do this, but I live with my parents and am broke so I can't buy a device and I can only stretch manually in the shower. I've noticed a little more sensitivity, though, which is nice.
  • TienShenhan
    I would consider doing this if I had more time. Routine circumcision is just another example of how influenced Americans are. My parents realize their mistake now, but back then they were just conditioned by society and had religious backgrounds. How do you compare your pleasurable sensations since you started doing this?
  • MarkRet
    You actually sit around worrying about this? LMAO!!!
  • You’re making a huge mistake. But I don’t feel like arguing with you so go right ahead.
  • Amyth20
    Just the reading hurts.
    And isn't the circumcision good? I have it but it's natural no medical stuff or surgery done.
  • MarthaStewert
    I much prefer foreskin on my cocks :)
  • SarahsSummer
    What the actual F*ck?
  • ZicoLad9696
    Its whatever floats your boat. i ain't got 1 but the 3 to 4 years you spent getting a forskin i would have spent trying to get girls i liked to touch it
  • Steve37
    Are you sure this isn't just a fancy way to say you play with your dick a lot?
  • Akshayjosh
    I just came here to write what you wrote, thanks for saving my time
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Well good luck with that. But in my opinion i still think it's pointless. I enjoy having no foreskin better
  • Tamera952
    I want to see some photos
    • I may or may not be on the subreddit - but there's a lot of photo examples of progress on and results on there. NSFW obviously.

    • Tamera952

      Jesus post after post of old guy geezer dongs! I want a link to see your restored penis!

    • @tameria952 are u asking for a dic pic on gag u moron?

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  • julieboerd
    Omg thats got to hurt
    • Its actually not very painful at all. While the skin down there is definitely sensitive, its very sensitive to friction and rubbing, not as much pressure or pinching. I hardly notice i'm wearing the device during the day, and I definitely don't notice the o-rings at night.

    • I never knew it was a thing

    • Its definitely not in the mainstream, but there are a fair number of men who have restored or are restoring their foreskins.

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  • JustRollTheDice
    Good for you and goodluck
  • Cryptic-Game
    Yes but you'd just have the appearance of it. About 80% of the feelings will be forever lost.
  • Amber24
    How long does it take to grow back
    • My initial restoration took 3-4 years, but I wasn't that diligent with it at first. Some men who are really diligent about it can get substantially restored in 2 years. It also depends on how tightly you were circumcised, as well as if you're a grower or a shower.

    • Amber24

      That's slow

    • It takes a while, but its worth it. Also you start to get benefits as you progress- so its a continuing improvement during the long process.

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  • Ivansech
    Why would I want to regrow my foreskin, why? Why?
  • Flwrguy
    • Flwrguy

      Why would you want an ant eater?

    • Why would you want part of your penis cut off?

    • Flwrguy

      Because its too big and looks amazing. I have gotten a lot of compliments on its sheen. May have exaggerated about it being too big though

  • Redstang88
    But... WHY?
  • Browneye57
    Dopey, man. For god's sakes.
  • niteflier666
    Wth lmao
  • genericname85
    why tho? why go through that hassle?
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    Okay, we really don't need to know that
    • Some people found it interesting, 9 of them enough to "like" it. I guess this myTake just wasn't for you.

    • Yeah, I don't care about your foreskin and that picture is disturbing

      Also, you've been restoring your foreskin for like two years now and can't get it restored.

  • Anonymous