Screw the "nice" guys. Anyone wanna date a "bad boy" like me? Send me a PM


Hey ladies. I know many of y'all are sick of these god awful "nice" guys. They put you on a pedestal. They stalk you. They constantly get on your last nerve. And they are so godddam short and ugly, always into video games and perverted anime.

"Good" guy Greg. Obvious fake loser
"Good" guy Greg. Obvious fake loser

Screw those dudes. I'll tell ya a bit about myself. I'm rich af with properties in Manhatten, LA, Tokyo, and amazing exotic islands most people don't even know about. I've banged my share of bitches but I'm always ready to slam my package into a cute ass any day, especially after a nice ride in my Ferrari or a horse ride along the beach.

So anyways, let me know if any of y'all gals are interested, but none of that whorish, webcam link stuff or I'll get one of my low paid employees to hack the shit out of ya.

Come at me ladies. Or don't. I'll just get my wife or affair whore to do it for me cause they know I'll beat the shit out of them and the kids if they don't

Fucking love being the bad boy type :)

Word to men too, be like me if ya wanna ever bang, or LOL good luck otherwise.

Screw the "nice" guys. Anyone wanna date a "bad boy" like me? Send me a PM
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