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My first kiss story

My first kiss story

Yes I admit im 29 and just recently had my first kiss. Quite honestly it wasn't as much of a big deal as the movies and Tv make it to be.

The girl I kissed was a coworker. she's 20 and has actually had a lot more experience than I have.

So, Monday night she texted me and asked me if I wanted to hang out. I told her ok we could go to the local walking park. The park has 2 parking lots and the one on the hill is kinda known as a makeout spot. She admitted months ago she liked me while she had a boyfriend. However she is known as a flirt and has gotten many numbers from dudes even while in relationships.

So we get to the walking park and I am nervous however she's not. I lean in for thr first kiss and our lips touch. However I feel nothing. We try it a second time and use some open mouth and still nada. We did it one last time a little more open mouthed and still no feeling. We then go out to walk and she tried to pet the geese and ducks. One hissed at her.

I did not plan for anything sexual to really happen though. She has been with some not savory guys and constantly keeps a UTI. She also is often accused of stealing tips and also was in question when the cash register came up $65 short. I guess in a way I ruined my first kiss. She's a very pretty lady but her personality left to be desired.

What was your first kiss story?

My first kiss story
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  • YourGirlGigi
    I was 31 when had my first kiss. We first met in the courtyard. Our eyes met and I knew we would be together. We both were very attracted to each other. I wasn't surprised one day when he mentioned he thought I wanted to kiss him. I said "It's funny you say that because I thought the same of you. The next time you think about kissing me do it." He in return said "Don't write a check that you can't cash." I told him "I don't write bad checks. My checks never bounce."

    One day we saw each other, the look on his face told me he wanted to kiss me right then and there. I quickly left his presence. LOL! A minute or two went by. Before I knew it he was standing over me while I was seated, bent down, grab my face towards his lips with one hand and kissed me. I don't know how he entered my mouth because it wasn't opened. LOL! I said to myself "He just sexed my mouth!" My first kiss wasn't a gentle peck. It was sex! He kissed the hell out of me! My body respond to him. My mouth just received him. I had never kissed anyone. Let alone French kiss. He left me at awe and nervous. So much was going on in my mind and body that I nervously said "What the hell! I'm going to be thinking about this all day long!" He just looked at me with a sensual look in his eyes and smiled. He walked away without saying a word. I was left stunned. I couldn't move for a minute. I couldn't believe he sexed my mouth. My first kiss. LOL! LOVED IT! I was like "How did he get my mouth opened like that with his tongue 👅. Until this day I wonder 🤔 "How did he get my mouth opened?" LOL!
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  • MelissaMarie9614
    I'll admit, I was 8 when I first kissed a boy. I was friends with a boy in elementary school and we always saw each other every day, we were on the same bus, same class (only on that school year we met), and we lived close to each other. We used to hang out all the time and I remember one of our parents saying we would be cute as boyfriend and girlfriend, so one day he made a move and kissed me on the bus on the way to school and again on the way home. We were inseparable back then until I moved away. We did long distance for a long time and then when I was probably 11 (just turned 12 at the time) I was skeptical about keeping this long distance going. I did go through a lot of though times in my teen years and I ended up losing contact of him. I still do think of him from time to time and here I am now 12 years later I did find him on social media but didn't add him yet because I don't know if he'll remember me. He was my first boyfriend and my first kiss and I was his first. I still have the memories but I don't know whether I should try talking to him again or not. I actually do regret not keeping contact with him. I still remember that first kiss and I loved it. It was definitely a day to remember.
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  • Drumlin2001
    My first kiss, i was 35yr old.
    I had long running mental barriers over physical intimacy. The few times i had tried to date i could connect with people but the physical side was always an issue.
    A friend tried to set me up with his fiancee's friend. We were in contact for months, met up regularily but things never went further than friendship, after 6 months she drifted away. I started talking to a shrink about a range of things. At our friends wedding i reconnected with her, we started talking again but this time i was able to open up and explain things to her. She stayed at my place on new years eve. At stroke of midnight i bottled kissing her. On new years day we were in bed talking, she said she wished i had kissed her, i told her i wanted to. I just couldn't get through the mental block. She leaned in and initiated the kiss. It was good, and was like a huge weight being lifted. She stayed the next weekend, thats when i lost my virginity.
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  • 0112358
    I was either 14 or 15. My parents were away so I stayed with my older sister in her university residence (same city) for like a week. I hung out a lot with a friend of my sisters who was like 19 and actually my cousins ex.

    anyway I was attempting my best to flirt my ass off with this older girls. Hanging out in her room, at some point says she wants to try something I kinda knew. She walked over and kissed me. Ended up making out with her a fair bit that week just kissing and grinding.

    anyway I was cute enough to fool around with a little but not really date so it didn’t go anywhere. Still remember her kissing advice to me though. “Open your mouth more”. Good memories. Thanks Kaitlyn!
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  • Tephra
    Ohh one drunk night out with my female friend, her boyfriend and his friend. I already knew where this was going. I was sitting down and the friend sat next to me and forcefully pulled me into a kiss... french may I add... lots of tongue. It was awful, so dont feel bad at all. Not everyone was meant to be
  • ArrowheadSW
    I was 13 and she was my first girlfriend. We were hanging out a lot and she somehow sensed that I wanted to kiss her but I didn't... One evening she just went ahead and grabbed me and gave me a deep kiss. From then on I was hooked...
  • Phoenix98
    O I had mine at like age 7-8 I think. It was nothing special just a peck on the lips with a female friend at the time.

    As for the feeling nothing thing you shouldn’t worry to much about it. Kissing comes down to comparability and chemistry a lot of the time with the person your doing it, desiring and wanting each other mutually also plays a big part in it, passion.
  • Purplemonkey24
    My first kiss was my 1st boyfriend. Everyone else was doing it in school, it wasn't his first kiss but it was mine. I was 10, we were at his house on the swing and he kissed me. I felt butterflies cause I really had a crush on him. I hardly see him anymore.
  • That's pretty fun though not as satisfying that it was not enjoyable.

    My first romantic kiss was last year. It was pretty clumsy, we both missed... 😂 or rather we were both expecting different kisses and it ended awkwardly 😂
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    My first kiss was with my first girlfriend and it was good while it lasted
    we had some good kisses and hugs but just too my depression between
    us led us to break up after she mentioned that she wanted to break things off
    I was age 28 going on age 29 when I had my first kiss
  • __Charllerrrlol__
    I was 12, I went on a "date" but since I was 12 it was just hanging out at my house. We were sitting on my bed watching tv on my laptop when he grabbed my hands and kissed me. It was so exciting 😁 I had butterflies in my stomach and their was so much build up for something that I could accomplish with my own hand.
  • mefirst2000
    My first kiss was fast as I like it. The same night at the age of12 (I did not kw I probably sud warn a girl of my intentions that this bit of info fell into place later that night ) I didn't kw not to cum in the girls mouth and herlack of experience she didn't kw not to do wt it so she swollowes and got past the experience. Lol the truth is for the first milaseconds I thot I had to pee. Over all I thot it was supper lol even after she ragged me out
  • Joey101
    It happened in a park, she told me she was falling in love with me than three days later decided to friendzone me. That's the story of my first and only kiss.
  • ClearSea
    Unfortunately I don't have one yet.

    Six months ago, a guy I'm dating almost kissed me, and I really wanted it too, but then I panicked and left. Ugh.
    • Tdieseler

      oh geez, if kissing scares you, i feel sorry for the first guy who tries to have sex... whoo...

    • ClearSea


    • When i was in my mid-twenties i was getting closer to my work colleague. We were out with a group one evening in the pub, everyone else slowly left leaving just us two. She leaned in to kiss me, i had a full on meltdown! I just had so many mental hangups that i couldnt just go for it.
      At some point you have to take a leap of faith.

  • moviedude714
    Do you see you and her ending up dating? I was 16 at the time in high school, but she never ended up as my girlfriend, it was at a friend's get together, there were some guys and girls there, we were playing the game Truth or Dare.
  • MementoMori_
    Third grade... I kissed my crush Martha on the last day of class as we were leaving the building.
  • Oric50
    I was 6 and the neighbor girl embarrassed me by telling her mom that i kissed her. Man it was the worst, so embarrassing.
  • Avicenna
    I was 11 and she was my sister's friend. I think she did it for fun since I'd obviously never kissed a girl.
  • Tdieseler
    Dont feel bad mate... my first kiss was a total shit show... asked this chubby chick out because i was desperate to have a girlfriend... and you know most guys, you dont wanna tell a girl you are inexperienced and a virgin, so i just acted like i knew wtf i was doing. so we go to the movies on a date... everyone knows what happens there... and while they are doing the previews she grabs my face and i know whats coming... and we kiss...

    i dont think kiss is the right word... she raped my face... i mean when i can feel your lips on my nose AND my chin? Wow. i tried to keep up, but... Wow
    I will never forget that moment and her name, and i still have things against girls called Emily lol.
    i hated kissing after, until i met another girl a couple of years later who even if we just did the slight lip touch/peck... i got a little high...
    finally i decided, kissing is how you make it... never gotten a bad comment since.
  • kaymacd
    spin the bottle, he shoved his tongue straight in my mouth... it was lovely😖😖😖😖
  • I was 17 when I first kissed a woman who was 19. It was at an event that I didn't even plan on attending.
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    My first kiss story yeah, no nada never happened just imagined my crush and that to I kissed her on cheeks 😏😂
  • BurningPho3nix
    My first kiss was with my first girlfriend, as we walked through the park and sat down on a park bench.
  • zyxxq
    This guy refused to respect the pace I wanted to go at and played this game I don’t know wtf it it was but he tried to kiss me and I turned my head and he got upset that I dodged his kiss, so I felt really bad and just held that mofos head and slapped that sucker on his lips, he wouldn’t stop kissing me from there even though I said to take it slow, even grabbed my ass in the process a whole first kiss almost turned into something I wasn’t ready and still am not ready for. Done feeling sorry, if I dodge your kiss that’s that. Didn’t feel sparks through that kiss either... it just felt like nothing.
  • jassa669
    I did not remember my first kiss but it may be by my parents
  • Bluemax
    How much did you desire this woman?
    • Well she liked me

    • Bluemax

      Be that as it may, that doesn't answer my question. How much did *you* like her? How much did *you* want to kiss her? Was it a deep and passionate desire or a let's get this out of the way situation? Or something else?

    • I was just curious and wanted to try it

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