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My Life As a Purple Pill Ladies Man

My Life As a Purple Pill Ladies Man

Red Pill=Avoiding relations with women out of awareness of female nature

Purple Pill= Aware of female nature yet plan accordingly and maintain relationships

Blue Pill= Being clueless about female hypergamous and manipulative nature

It's Friday night and I am on a second date. She's 27 years old and works part time as a teaching assistant but is jobless over the summer. I am a successful man and meet her for drinks. We have a good 2 hour conversation. She had time to change into a nice blouse after protesting BLM for several hours during the day. I pay all of the tab. I oppose this but know she's not working. I have a good salary and a good job so whatever. We walk outside in the chilly wind and all of a sudden her tongue is in my mouth. We make out.

Next day I drive 2 hours north to see my female best friend from college. We've known each other 10 years. She just dumped her boyfriend after a year of him not having a job and using her. I arrive and she tells me she stopped taking birth control. We go on a walk in the woods and then have dinner together. I get a call from my Fuck Buddy. She had cut things off wanting to find her "purpose". But now she is asking me to have sex again. I tell her im busy. She comments on how girls are checking me out. Then she says, "What's the difference between this and a date? None right?" I go to her apartment and she says I can stay the night. We smoke a few hits of weed and then I am out. Sleeping. I disappointed her hormones. I do recall her tell me her vagina angles slightly right. I commented on my erection. Then I was asleep.

Its Monday, my Fuck Buddy calls me again. Offers to give me a massage. I pay for a massage and thank her. Before I walk out she says that she knows she cut things off but she wants to have sex. So i take her to my place. She says, "I know that I say no. But I really mean yes. Do you know what I mean?" I tell her I dont. Because what she is saying is idiotic.

Whatever. Authenticity is hard to find.

My Life As a Purple Pill Ladies Man
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  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I'm not sure i quite followed the thread of your central argument, but would agree there's value in being aware of women's nature, but not outright avoiding them or mistreating them as a result. You strike me as someone with strong opinions, which i respect, even if i don't share them all with you. My position is basically to treat well the women who ought be treated well, and to turn away the women who fail the most basic standards of "good character". I guess the hard part is knowing which of these two camps a woman is likely to fall into. A little world-weariness can ve instructive, then-- but sp restrictive if applied too cynically across the board
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  • Cynicaldreamer
    And people wonder why I'm still single... reading this piece and realizing that there are men like this out there, and they are content behaving this way towards women?

    ... I think I'm good single for now. WAY less drama and nonsense.
    • The only right way to respond to this bullshit.

    • @Cynicaldreamer

      I’ll be honest, I read the first paragraph and thought 🤨: “whaaaa? 😨 so much girls and going through all this trouble for drama?” Yeesh. Didn’t bother reading the rest and read the opinion section lol.

    • @FictionalCharacter Trust me, it only gets worse the more you read it 🤦‍♀️

      I try to keep an open mind to people's opinions on here but... yeah. I have my limits, lol.

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  • Barbaric
    You have the definitions a little confused there. The pills are really used as a term for understanding inter-sexual dynamics, and have nothing to do with the way you decide to use it. A guy might be red-pilled and go MGTOW, or sleep around, use it to make better decisions in who he chooses to marry, or to make his relationships with women better.

    Red-pilled = fully understanding the truth, even uncomfortable truths e. g. hypergamy.

    Blue-pilled = believing in the popular myths about dating and relationships which most people, guys mainly, believe e. g. the soulmate myth.

    Purple-pilled = either somebody who doesn't fully accept the red-pill, somebody who doesn't fully understand it yet, or somebody who does understand it but decides to kind of try to mix the two.

    Men who give dating advice to women usually understand the red-pill but give purple-pilled advice for example - sugar-coating it, because that's what sells to women. Blunt truth that would be more helpful to them does not.

    I just saw this actually about a guy who used to teach PUA, and it's a perfect example. He didn't sugar-coat his advice to men like he does here, and these guys speak blunt truth:https://www.youtube.com/embed/FDhFTcuDZl4 For you, I'd say you're mostly red-pilled.
    • Apope16

      I dont really care what pill i am. I looked into this and videos and what I found is MGTOW can't even agree on their definitions on what each color pill means. I only have 2,000 characters to write. So I am not going to waste the take on definitions you know?

    • Barbaric

      MGTOW just use the term wrongly, as do a few others, especially when it's clear that most of th don't fully understand women. The guy who came up with these terms was Rollo Tomassi in the early days of the PUA community to better understand game. If you imagine driving a car, PUA is driving the car and redpill is understanding what's going on under the hood.

    • Apope16

      One reason I am not MGTOW is because everyone claims they are MGTOW but nobody who is can even agree on what it means. It is pretty ridiculous. Its a bunch of people who use the "you are really one of us" card anytime you disagree with what a guy says or if you look bad.

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  • BilyanasBeach
    You are surrounded by low quality women, your life is filled with them, everything in your life is low quality. Your mytakes are ridiculous. You yourself are a low quality person.
    You need to stop categorising women, making assumptions, pretending that they are sex addicted dolls who want other's money and that men are money making successful geniuses. This is the reality- There are men who earn very low, there are men who earn high, there are men in debt, and there are men who earn nothing at all and aren't tryting to earn, or they are but it isn't working out. There are men who have sex a lot, with many women, with one woman, who are happily in a relationship but never have sex still, and who never have sex and are miserable. You can be any of these, no one knows and no one cares. On the other hand, there are women who also earn a lo, t earn a little, earn none, have sex a lot have sex a little have no sex... Your life is filled with the ones who just have random sex apparently but that is because of you. You need to change that. And posting on GAG won't get you anywhere. Yes a few dozens of people will reply and read your act of being a successful fuck thing, but after a few seconds they will forget about you and go to their life. You need to have that too. Your life must not be posting silly women shaming mytakes on GAG dear. Good luck.
    • That mytake is the dumbest thing I’ve read lol

    • Truest response. OP is most likely a butthurt individual trying to figure shit out. Hopefully, he won't make too much of an ass of himself gaining some humility and talking about other humans like they are humans. It's not even about respect anymore.. Like.. Just have a modicum of decency. Either way, he has a long way to go.

    • @JadedJade90 We should pray for him

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  • I really don't see the message you are trying to share with this take. Every single time you talk about women is like you are diminishing them to feel superior somehow. What's the point of your stories? I feel you are performing a character and not helping people with your words.
    It's sad, really. You are not a high value man. You are just sad.
    • elisa_0

      @Asker No offense but it really is kind of sad lol /: you should work on yourself and focus on your wellbeing instead of being too absorbed in women

    • elisa_0

      He probably didn’t mean to sound this way but... yeah

    • @elisa_0
      This is not his only mytake which comes across as a lack of topic and attack. I'm not a feminist but I can recognize someone who wants to diminish our kind. He sees us as a product and have all kinds of rules for us, like we were some kind of robots or gold diggers.

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  • Raja1881
    How you manage to talk this way and discredit women... I have no idea, If you think about it this isn't about them. Its really about you and getting what you want.

    Then again this is all a publicity stunt and showing everyone on here how your "The man" when really you ain't nothing but a phoney thinking your so much superior. A compliment to you is like the whole universe is in your lap, try letting your ego go from time to time and empathise.
    • He's the man behind a computer. Who knows what's he really is in real life. The way he talks about women makes me think he hates them.

    • Apope16

      @Desconhecida just blunt snd critical. If i hates women i wouldn't have close female friends and multiple friends with benefits or dating options.

      Whats funny is i have only commented on societal dating. I am actually politically a feminist. Womens rights, equal pay, female philosophy, gay rights. I support all those things. :)

    • @Apope16 I'm not being critical, I'm giving my opinion.

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  • elisa_0
    Good to know, I guess.

    It’s weird seeing guys call themselves ladies men when they have this lifestyle. Women have this lifestyle too except with men.

    But instead of calling ourselves “gentlemen woman” (female version of ladies man) we just see it as the average daily life.
    • Apope16

      I am fully aware that it is pretentious. I add catchy titles of clickbait. I openly admit it.
      As for your comment about having several options being normal to women. Yes. you are exactly right. Fellas should know... she's not yours, its just your turn. She's always got options floating around to ditch you.

    • I see it somewhat differently though.
      To my knowledge, MOST women do not actually have this lifestyle because it’s not something that they naturally crave or gravitate towards unlike men. So, if you look at official statistics/numbers on this, you’ll find that men have a much higher average of sexual partners than women do AND report finding casual sex more desirable than women do. So, it doesn’t appear that women, as a whole, find this lifestyle as pleasant nor do the whole partake in it.

    • @Apope16
      I’d agree, but I’d like to add as well. While women know they have “options floating around,” they’re also not dumb. Women know these “options floating around” just want to use them for a night or two and then move onto the next woman. It’s an odd place to be because while you have options, you 1. Know they only see you as a material/object and 2. Probably don’t even find any of them attractive, admirable, righteous, honest, etc.

      These options aren’t the 10% of men in other words.

      They’re the average Joe on his 18th shot at the bar after work...

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  • HartleyB
    Are you like an incel guru or something? You post this type of shit a lot, is it to encourage incels to think they should harass women and we will suddenly want to have sex with them? 😐
    • @HartleyB Nice juicy ass Hartley... did you say something?

    • HartleyB

      @KrakenAttackin thanks for being an example for my question.. a 40 year old incel who can't even communicate with a woman without being a loser I'm sorry that is how your life has worked out :/

    • TallTom

      @HartleyB HAHAHA you are fucking savage sometimes!

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  • Im starting to be a red pill when it comes to men.. need to transition back to purple. Hopefully one day
    • Apope16

      Yeah. I would say it is much easier these days for a lady though.

    • Much easier in what sense?

    • Apope16

      Abundance of choice v. Scarcity. High quality, good looking women are scarce. Women therefore have abundance of choice. This abundance of matches on dating apps etc. means that an overweight an average looking girl can get a date with a guy who is several notches above her on the attractive scale.

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  • MountAverage
    Dude, you can take rainbow sprinkled pills for all we care, it won't change the fact that it's 100% your deeply rooted, totally fucked up and resentful attitude towards womankind that's the problem. And the fact that you've now started adopting literal incel lingo says everything. You're a lost cause.
    • Apope16

      I love women. If I posted articles about why I love women nobody would care and it would be boring. Then I would get trashed by men as a SIMP.

    • Nah man, you love an idea of women that's in your head. But the way you keep talking about them is proof of your deeply rooted misogyny. A lot of misogynist believe they love women. Misogyny doesn't have to be an outright hatred of women. It's more complex than that. It's luterally the same concept as racism. It's far more than just hatred or superiority. All your beliefs about women - they're 100% pure misogyny. You act all rational and calm and think that makes you look intelligent. But underneath that facade, you're just yet another misogynist. Plain and simple. So shut the fuck up please.

  • ObscuredBeyond
    That's not what the Purple Pill means. The Purple Pill means that you continue to make excuses, and become willfully ignorant of a particular woman's manipulative nature.

    Believing you can still win in the end through sheer wit and determination is the White Pill.

    Determining that you'll always have a contingency, so that there's no way she can hurt you without hurting herself worse, being aware this can happen, and being too in love with life to care, and laughing at her attempts to hurt you if they come, is the Honk Pill.

    The Red Pill, is being suspicious of a woman being manipulative. Noticing things don't add up.

    Despairing that all women are this way, and that you're hopeless, and MGTOW, etc... that's the Black Pill.

    Believing that somehow, in some way, all modern women are like this, and it's somehow tied to how Orange Man Bad, so protest and riot... that's Tide Pods.

    This goes for politics too. In summary:

    Blue Pill = Clueless, in denial. NPC.
    Red Pill = Highly suspicious. Things don't add up, and you can see clearly that they don't.
    Purple = Total cuck.
    Black Pill = "It's hopeless. The world may as well burn to nothing. I'm gonna be more emo than the Emo Rangers!"
    White Pill = "I CAN FIX IT!"
    Honk Pill = "It's the end of the world as we know it; but I feel fine..."
    Tide Pods = "It's Trump's fault somehow! I just know it is! Reeeeee!!!"
    And here I am thinking you were comparing yourself to a PPI drug Prilosec. The other purple pill.
    • Apope16

      It was only a reference to something that guys in the mens rights movement say. most people aren't aware of the term.

    • I was thinking that too. 😂😂

    • If not Prilosec maybe Nexium. Lol

  • Dargil
    Red pill. Thinks seriously, rationally and logically. Fact based.
    Blue pill. Emotes based on whatever nonsense comes their way. Incapable of reason and logic. Indifferent to objective facts. Lives in a world of feelings.
    What are you? Patronizing them for a steady supply of pussy. A player. Corrupt.
    • Red_Dragon

      Yeah there isn't a such animal as purple pill.

  • GeneralHunter
    lol these rainbow pill shits act like women are all manipulative dumbshits with no personality. it's genuinly entertaining
    • yah... I saw you're from the Philippines... you have any idea why men either marry a filipino woman nowadays or move there? Wake up xD Not saying all women are bad, but yah, many bad ones definitely exist. I don't think so many dudes were as interested in Filipino women back in the 1800s as they are today and damn it says everything LOL

    • @errorgoodnameunfound Damn, while reading your comment I expected it to be from a 14 year old... But no, something worse.

      Also, of course plenty of men weren't interested in Filipino women. (Here's a little hint, racism.)

      And why do you assume I live in the Philippines? I'm using a VPN, dipshit. I know that plenty of women suck, but there's also men who suck equally. I believe one of the dipshits of the genders are you. You barely literate pussyfart.

    • *correction to my vpn thing. I just picked a country by random

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  • JackSmy
    So which one of these women has your dick? Seems like you don't have it anymore!!
    • Apope16

      NOt sure. trying to find out.

    • JackSmy

      @Apope16 It's OK, and things are changing faster than we can adapt! Sometimes I wonder!! NO worries, mate!! Just do what seems right!!

  • EnglundUberAlles
    Apart from bragging about your sexual conquests I'm not sure what you're trying to tell us. Also I'm confused. Did you get laid or not?
    • Apope16

      In the middle paragraph I was just with my best friend. I fell asleep. So no. Only in the last paragraph did I get laid.

      This is not about getting laid. This is about how the women are acting toward men. Having me pay for the date, saying they dont want sex then begging for it, having a best friend imply we are dating and ask me to sleep over while at the same time not wanting sex.. all of this is female attention and manipulation.

    • Do you have any idea why they were trying to manipulate you?

    • Apope16

      Yes. Attention. Its female nature.

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  • MrSpine
    Wait, hold up! Is this whats it's like for you? Holy shit, lol. Teach me your ways lol 😂.
    • Apope16

      Read my mytakes and PM for any specific questions you might have.

    • MrSpine

      Will gladly do

  • Ellie-V
    You are what you attract so congratulations love ☺️
  • Purpul
    Great story, really. And way to condense it. It was artful. Towards the end I find your disappointment. It’s you. You’re unconscious of your authenticity, and so therefore you do not attract it. Sounds like you have the game intact, but you are not screening the women. Or you’re not getting enough variety in the funnel. So I encourage you to expand there. Establish you values, desires, goals, and purpose, and choose the one that fits right in.
    • Apope16

      I find that most people reading this think its a story of sexual conquest. Its not. Its a story of how women treat men.

      First paragraph she is having me pay for the whole date. Second paragraph my best friend is making insinuations about dating her and has me spend the night without actually backing it up. And in the third paragraph you have the fuck buddy girl who never wanted to have sex telling me that 'no means yes'.

    • Purpul

      Oh, but they always will treat us such because they are designed for it. But, you can’t blame them.

      It’s why we as men have to have a strong sense of awareness on our framework, and be well poised, and postured. All women will follow a man of strength, with whom she feels the attraction to, so it’s our job to lead the interactions, and to know where to take them.

      And it sounds like your disappointed with your giving. If your not happy with the lack of reciprocity, first stop doing it. You’re allowing the behavior to continue. They simply see that you “leave the door wide open”.

      First paragraph - you can tell a women to buy you dinner. It doesn’t sound romantic, I know, but a woman who is following your lead will do it. But then, are you a jerk, and never reciprocate? Well that kind of thing just builds more attraction. Just know that you kill attraction when you do it every time - because you are compensating for what you (consciously, or subconsciously) believe you lack in.

      Second paragraph - are you jealous about it? That’s natural. But you have to be “so what” about it. Have strong emotional IQ framework. If it’s not okay with you, that’s when you have to stop entertaining the idea.

      And third paragraph - she was simply testing you. You passed with “flying colors”, and it simply turned her on even more. You’re not understanding women’s psychology. Get into it. If you love women you will use it to their, and your advantage, because remember this if all else fails. Women love to follow a “strong man”.

    • Apope16

      I like your responses bro. You are intellectual and eloquent. Couple things to note. You took this as complaints. Im not complaining. I actually had a lot of fun!

      This is a reflective piece in observing womens behavior.

      Girl in first paragraph: i have a third date soon.

      Girl in 2nd paragraph: She will drive 2 hours to my place next weekend to hangout. A best friend.

      Girl in 3rd Paragraph: Still my fuck buddy when we get horny.

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  • sagevalentineee
    To be honest, this isn't written well enough for me to understand what's going on...

    I respect your opinion, as long as you are still treating women with respect.
  • Porcelaine
    You are messed up. As long as you think this way all women will seem bad to you.
  • Be4rdy
    Nobody ever says "smoke a few hits of weed" ever

    You didn't smoke weed you had a ciggy
  • Offers you a massage then you have to pay? am I missing something? a little bit of fiction reading right here for you.
  • BlueScorpio
    Maybe you should learn to be alone for a while and get to know you. Have a relationship with you first.
  • CasaNorba
    so basically you're a fence sitter who wants to the best of both worlds. I got news for you buddy that isn't happening because you're either in or out of the matrix.
    • Apope16

      I am not a fence sitter. I am the debate. Thats why I get so much vitriol. The best way to describe me is Atlas. I have the whole world my shoulders. Everyone has their own ideas about the world and what is right and wrong. And I am sitting her burden with carrying the weight of all sides to the table so they can have an open discussion.

    • CasaNorba

      Well that’s not how the matrix works. You either take the blue pill and continue living in limbo or you take the red pill and become exposed to the truth.

      You really cannot be in and out of it whenever you feel like it

  • Hollywoodundead677
    First of all that is not ok. , this is definitely not how you treat women at all.
    And I don’t think you know what respect is
    Considering you have fuck buddy like what the fuck
  • I-C3_ME
    Wel damn, are u ok? U seem like u have given up abit.
  • blutwolfe
    that's life bro, you end up with a bunch of girls you don't see a future with, but you want a future
  • ItsTheNephilim
    'Authenticity is hard to find.'
    duhhhhhhhh.. Perfect example is you.
  • Red_Dragon
    So first of all that is not what the red pill is at all. More importantly I don't know what you were trying to prove here. I don't even see the point in the pill stuff. I feel like people who still use that kind of logic aren't really getting off their porch much. I have quite a roster of females but to me it doesn't seem like these women are that interested in you. I think like someone else said you are a medium sized fish in a small pond. You ain't in the ocean. Your a superhero for incels. The incel champion.
    • Apope16

      I wasn't trying to prove anything. Just reflections on my experiences with women.

    • Red_Dragon

      That would make sense if you took out the pill stuff.

  • coffeewithcream
    I never heard of those coloured pills.
    The Red Pill as often referred to has nothing to do with that description whatsoever.

    Where the heck did this come from?
  • Gwenhwyfar
    Not a bad life dude. Hope you find your princess eventually.
  • ThisAndThat
    Strictly red pill here and have been for the last 33 years, a 33 year MGTOW Monk.
  • DocT1977
    If single, I would be somewhere between the red and the purple.
  • weird, odd, interesting. weird, odd, interesting. You should start a religion out of this : )
  • Nalix
    I guess you could call me Purple Pill too. I guess that makes more sense than "happily married MGTOW". I like the sound of the latter more, though. My wife is Latina. Before I met her I dated but never had a girlfriend, stayed a virgin, quite voluntarily. I'd never heard of MGTOW or Red Pill until after I was married, but I realized that these ideologies matched the way I already thought.

    Honestly, sleeping around is dangerous, both for men and women, but that's your life, I guess.

    I don't like dismissing toxic behavior as "female nature". I think people have free will, and that includes women. You can't respect someone and not hold them responsible for their behavior.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Purple Pill according to Rollo Tomassi (The Rational Male)

    In the community, The Purple Pill is a euphemism for men who’ve become Red Pill aware, but for a variety of insecurities have decided to temper the uncomfortable truths of that awareness with their previous Blue Pill hopes. The harsh, ugly truths that the nature of women, the nature of Hypergamy and the natural selection process of intersexual dynamics presents to these guys becomes too much to bear. It’s all encompassing; when a man begins to see his surroundings with a Red Pill lens the difficult truth needs for an optimistic solution to counter what would otherwise be nihilism.
  • Happy_77
    Pink pill = avoid men who are losers
    • sadiefluff


    • elisa_0

      lol 😂

    • @happy_77 How many single-mothers could use a "pink pill". This pill might save women from their really awful decision making in who they allow to impregnate them.

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  • Nanook1
    All I really got from this is that women are stupid, and I am not surprised at all.
  • michael1469
    Gee, sounds like a slow week..

    What did you do the other five days?
  • CT_CD
    Excellent myTake
  • Yikes. None of this good. None of it.
    • MzAsh

      You really need to meet new women who aren’t so down to fuck. And you need to act with a little bit of sexual integrity. That is why you’re in this mess.

  • ryancg
    This reads more like the diary of a narcissist 😂
  • First time hearing about a purple pill
    • not329446

      People who eat spicy food take purple pills😅

  • Browneye57
    Just don't admit it. RedPill all they way, man. ;)
  • John_Doesnt
    Purple is the color of the gay community.
    • Apope16

      Or royalty.

    • Apope16

      You do realize that the pride flag is rainbow right?

  • Where's the purple pill part? Have I missed it?
  • Bshu2jdbxb
    Sounds like my life. Wow
    • Well after reading the other comments. It doesn't matter if my date is part time or full time. If we decide to go "Dutch" we go "Dutch" but if I invite her and I insist I will pay for the date. She can pay next time. No problem there. Get over the money thing. As for a friends with benefits yes if i am dating someone else and my intentions are serious the friends with benefits is cut off. That is an understanding that we both make before we even start having a friends with benefits. If they don't understand that then it is off. It goes with her too if she is serious about someone we cut it off and i am usually rooten forward her to get the guy. Lol but tyen thats how i am with my friends. I love them all and i want them to be happy. We just know where the lines are drawn.

  • sp33d
    Shrooms? :D