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Would you agree that quite *some* women put their dating value below prostitutes?

Would you agree that quite *some* women put their dating value below prostitutes?


This question means, that some women put their own value below that of prostitutes (by being unbearable/too crazy, too confusing/flaky, mysterious or ignoring/ghosting men or putting up mindgames or demanding being paid for - in short, all these are too much of a headache than it's worth it), so that men really prefer hiring prostitutes instead by far - one key reason being that it's available, very convenient, straight down to business, easy to do and actually accessible - at least for me personally.

Perhaps it's a rhetorical question since prostitution is one of the worlds oldest professions and men have hired prostitutes, keep hiring prostitutes and will continue hiring prostitutes.

We are talking about a certain number of women, who degraded their value below prostitutes. I will not generalize nor classify their quantity with the terms "most, half, less than half" in this case. Rest assured, that the popularity of resorting to prostitutes is in fact an alarming moment to consider.

What could this mean for the ladies? This means if you are worth being someone's good girlfriend, then the good men would be there, stick around and happy to hear from you and in reverse too. HOWEVER this is unfortunately not always going to be the case either because some men and women truly have terrible luck with dating even with good looks and money. For the hot gents out there that could mean, that they haven't found a good woman yet, who is qualified turning into a girlfriend but the crazy sexual desire is there and so is loneliness and so they make do with what they can until then.

In the end there is a reason why prostitutes are so appealing to many of us. Cash goes into their cash register and one girl takes your hand and leads you straight to euphoria.

Would you agree that quite *some* women put their dating value below prostitutes?
Would you agree that quite *some* women put their dating value below prostitutes?
Would you agree that quite *some* women put their dating value below prostitutes?
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  • elisa_0
    I know this is not a popular opinion, but to be quite honest there’s nothing “worthless” about being a prostitute. I used to think prostitutes were nothing but trash but now that I think about it, if they’re having safe sex and taking care of themselves there’s nothing wrong with their profession. A lot of them actually enjoy it.

    Now, I understand that this wasn’t the point of your Take lol but I just wanted to point that out. I think we should denormalize the devaluing of prostitutes and other sex workers.

    Other than that, I do agree with the premise of the Take that there are a lot of women who take advantage of men by telling them to pay for everything she wants or acting like she’s the victim all the time because obviously it’s not true.

    Women who lie and manipulate men are trash. And women who abuse men in any way are worse than trash. My best male friend was abused by his ex girlfriend and was lied to by other girls.

    What some people do is unforgivable.
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    • I agree 100% i would never pay for sex, i dont even like the idea of going to a strip club or anything but i think it should be legal and regulated along with everything else.

    • The6ix

      Nah fuck that, girls on Tinder act like ho's trying to get guys to give them money just for nudes or to date them. The dating game is fucking pathetic today.

    • elisa_0

      @The6ix I was talking about actual prostitutes lol.

      Yes some girls act like ho’s but don’t guys also act like ho’s? 🤨

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    To be honest at least prostitutes are honest and upfront with you. You know what you’re both there for, they’re doing only for the money and there’s no manipulation or real using going on. Now to fool someone and make them think you love them and are attracted to them but are just leeching and using them for some sort of supply or benefit from them, that’s the lowest end of the low spectrum.
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    • Unit1

      That's what I'm talking about!

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  • kaylaS91
    No, I disagree.
    If you’re putting a ‘value’ on women; prostitutes are not low. They provide sex, mental support, and company. What more could anyone want from a partner?

    While ghosting/ignoring/mind games aren’t pleasant, there are two sides to every story (coughcough incels). If it’s too much of a headache to deal with that, then that’s your choice. No need to shift the blame so readily.
  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    I'm gonna get a lot of dislikes, but I agree that lots of women do, I just talked about it.
    Also a lot of men, but men are pigs, right?
    • Unit1

      The pigs are those, who string the normal women along for just one night. Or worse abuse them.
      But then again, nobody put a gun to their head and told them "this is your boyfriend".

  • gaygod_19
    Tbh prostitution means sex work and people do not work for free. They gotta pretend to like their clients and put up some easy going personality when working, that’s why consumers like their service so much.
    At the end of the day we’re all humans with flaws, both men and women. You cannot compare real personality vs the pretentious ones when working.
    • gaygod_19

      And those women sex workers at the end of the day are still women with different personalities, so if you’re talking about women here then you’re about every woman in every profession.

    • gaygod_19

      And just to adjust your points, you’re basically saying sex workers has the near lowest dating value because of their job... i gotta disagree.

    • Branden315

      I don't think he's compairing datinh a prostitute vs dating a different girl, but rather asking the question if there are women so bad to date that you would rather just go and pay for sex

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  • I-am-a-nobody
    Why is everyone placing such a high value on prostitutes?
    Is it no longer disgusting to rent your body for money?
    Doesn't it say something about how little they value sexual intimacy?

    I think I'd trust a used car salesman or a divorce lawyer more than a prostitute.
  • Kitz95
    I think that if the way I am makes a man prefer a prostitute, then I don’t want that man. Also great for the prostitute, at least I would be sending some business her way.
  • bodukem
    I do belive that prostitution should be legal world wide as long as it is done as a legitimate business and follows all forms of safe sex practices to protect the workers and clients.
  • AkshiJanjua
    yeah some are like that...
    and i don't think there's anything to respect about prostitutes
  • ask4any
    Well then I'll do the woman bashing! They are evil. PURE EVIL!!! Don't believe them, don't trust them. They are snakes, with the worse venom ever!!!
  • Bash away I thought it was a good take and funny👍
    • Unit1

      Didn't expect that coming from you :)

  • Browneye57
    Value is perceived, individually.
  • Anonymous
    Prostitutes are at least HONEST. They are no secret on what is going on.

    I confess I have done it. The honestly felt relieving and it was also nice to have a guarantee. But afterwards I had less respect for myself. I felt like shit and I compromised my values. In fact I had a chance to do this again a few days ago and I declined. I paid her anyway but told her I didn’t want to do it.

    But after I have been turned down, ignored, taken advantage of, mocked, insulted time and time and time again from so many women I do get jaded. Nowadays I have to literally approach 15 to 20 women to get a date. 3 or 4 will day yes. 1 or 2 will kiss and get physical. Maybe one will sleep with me. Yeah it’s a numbers game. But during that whole process I’m wasting time, money, heart, effort, etc. I hate it.
  • Anonymous
    Definitely, yes.
    Some prostitutes told how they were treated better and more respected by their clients than by their former SO.
  • Anonymous
    don't hate. Sex and money are my 2 favorite things
  • Anonymous