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The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss


One of the oldest forms of negotiation is that of the tongue. It is truly a wonder how a kiss can denote the status of relations without a single word even being uttered. Assuredly I say to you, that when you have learned to master this art of negotiation you will likely have the entire world before you.

You shall learn the simple basics of a proper kiss.


If you are a gentleman, I would say that the safest positioning of your hands should be to gracefully lift her chin upward toward you. Or you could hold your hand vertically and softly across her cheek and kiss her that way. This is a gentle gesture. It is elegant, graceful, technique of a sophisticated gentleman. This works well for a first kiss because of its romantic intent. It shall swoon her when she thinks about it afterwards. A gentleman can also firmly grab her by her waist. This will not arouse her romantic imagination. Instead, the grab of the lower waist is more of an aggressive, confident, and sexual way to kiss. It will do far more to arouse her loins than heart. Both techniques work well depending on intent. As for ladies, you can place your hands over his shoulders. But a first kiss will likely be with your hands around his lower waist.

The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss
The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss


Begin your kiss by kissing the upper and bottom lip separately. In your mind think of it as alternating back and forth (or at random) kissing the upper lips and the bottom lips. Kiss firmly and do not open your lips too big. Luscious, tight, firm kisses are in order. A lady will see that you are not a slobbery hound. That you at least know what you are doing.

The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss
The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss
The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss


Tongue is only recommended for the advanced. At times imagine the tongue is a Popsicle and you have it around your mouth. Softly suck the tongue up and down.

The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss
The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss
The Art of Giving a Proper Kiss
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  • Red_Dragon
    It's an overview of what may or may not work but that's also like trying to tell someone how to have sex. It depends on that particular person. Hands are really depending on where you're taking it. Are you leading them to lay down? How tall are you? How tall is she? The chin grab thing is like shower sex: It sounds sexy until you actually try it. The best method I've used is to literally grab her face with your hand. Gently. Until you though I'm not going to say everyone should do that. If grabbing the chin works for you then go for it. It ain't for me though. Lips. No the alternating thing doesn't really work to me in my view. I don't want to give any my secrets on that but no I have a totally different mindset on the lips. Lol tongue is for advanced? Dude I really need more time for this. I mean I could see why you'd say that but I think getting the lip method right is harder. Tonguing is a bit easier even though there are levels to it as well.
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    • Apope16

      obviously it depends. the point about the lips is not to alternative back and forth. the point is to focus on kissing each lip individually. i have had my fair share of women slobberying on me thinking they are kissing my mouth. you aren't kissing a mouth you are kissing lips or tongue. be intentional. be delicate about it. Let me know if you need any advice man. but lemme tell you. if you "in general" follow the advice above? the chic is going to be looking at you afterwards stunned. I know the look. I have seen it before. They just stare at you without a word because they are wet asf but are too scared to let you know it.

    • 🤔 I think I would have structured this differently. You could have stated that those are what are involved when it comes to kissing and then say that's your general opinion on them. A lot of what you seem to post you seem to assume is based on fact. It's not. And as someone in this example who considers themselves "a master of negotiation" I disagree with some of this. I don't know if even kissing each lip individually is something that works for everyone but maybe. I actually only pick a certain lip but again that's why I say it's open to interpretation. Well I don't think sloppy kissing is always bad. I've done some where we had a pretty solid rhythm going. But I do agree that most women seem to have a overly simplistic view of kissing. It's funny because that's actually in my opinion how they view the world too. As opposed to objectively like men. I already know how to kiss. I'll do my own take but it's difficult. I literally don't have much time. Between getting with my partners and working damn 12 hours. Dude I went home and went straight to sleep. Then got up and went back to work. At work now. But when I have time I'll do my own take on kissing. I wasn't always good at it. It's funny I said what I said about women because it was a female who I low key learned how to kiss from. Only girl out of the 40+ females I've been with who was a master at kissing. I'ma do some takes soon when I have time.

    • Apope16

      I don't write in a way that is "wishy washy". I write with bold and clear declarations about what I mean or what I feel. I am an alpha not a beta. If my favorite color is blue then I am going to say my favorite color is blue. I am not going to say "my favorite color is blue.. but I kind of like green.. maybe bluish green.." No.

      Second, you seem to fail to understand that in a mytake you only have 2,000 characters to work with. What I find on here is a lot of times people complain that something isn't mentioned or people like you complaining that there are exceptions. Have you ever written a mytake? Do you realize that you can only write a few paragraphs of space or else you can't post it?

      Now I read here that you have your own opinions. That's fine. If you disagree. THats cool. Do what works for you.

      But honestly? If you follow what I tell you above? oh boy. If she likes you even a little bit its going to work. Just remember.. I give you a choice above between "Chin lift" or "waist grab". Now you say "the best method is to grab her face with your hand". Uhm. Yeah. That is actually an option I talk about above. That works too.

      As for lips. you do NOT need to alternate back and forth kissing lips. You just have to make sure when you kiss her that you are kissing her lips. Not trying to suck her whole face in. hahahaha! Never ever use tongue until later on in the kiss.

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  • CaptainOverthink
    Thank you. This is gold.
    Now I just have to find a willing subject🤣
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    • Apope16

      Ask a lady best friend.

    • Next time I have a female friend I might. Until then I guess drunk guy friends will have to be enough😂

Most Helpful Girls

  • Napoli
    God, few things beat being a great kisser.

    Thinking about it always takes me back to the first friends with benefits "relationship" I had.
    I was determined not to get involved with him. He was too much of player in my mind. He was too good at the whole "game" thing.
    We were hanging out one night, and he kept asking me to kiss him and I wasn't going to, but in the end, i just did so out of curiosity, and when we kissed it was like this bolt of electricity went through me, and I got shivers... the good kind.
    His kisses were crazily seductive.

    I've never met a bad kisser, but he had literally perfected it.
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    • Apope16

      Being a good kisser and frankly having a long dick has certainly allowed me to... get better treatment from women than other guys. In my experience, if you are a good kisser then you can hook a hotter person than you into dating you. I certainly have done it. Same things with being good at sex too. I know that if I can just get them to kiss me or sleep with me once. Then boom! I got them.

      In your situation... what was it about his kiss that made it so special?

    • Napoli

      This is the thing, if you're good and you're that confident about it, you know exactly how to hook someone. It's almost instant.

      With him, we had good chemistry anyway. We established a good friendship pretty much immediately. He had said that he was interested, but he was too much of a player for me and I really didn't want to feel like just another girl.
      Like I said, I kissed him out of curiosity and I knew it would be good because I knew he was experienced, but i wasn't expecting how it actually was. There was a literal spark. It was like I'd had mini electric shock for a second.
      It was the way grabbed my hair lightly at the back and pulled me very slightly towards him, it was the exact right amount of tongue ( some guys can just shove the tongue in and it catches you off guard on a first kiss. I don't like using tongue the minute our lips touch. Let the kiss progress for a couple of seconds and then slip in in. I melt at that) it's hard to describe really, I just kind of felt powerless to it. Dazed almost.

    • Apope16

      yep. exactly. sounds like he followed most of my advice pretty well. haha. tongue should definitely not be the first thing.

  • nopedydoo
    im honestly very nervous for my first kiss and i never had any idea of what im supposed to do. I've tried looking it up but everything I've found was super unhelpful or not relevant to the actual kissing itself, so this was helpful
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  • 1stranger
    Thanks for instructive mytake.
    My friends don't tell me such things!!
  • DavidHart
    i am looking for a partner to practice this.
    Private Message is welcomed.
  • Smoothing
    I think it is the art of trying to eat each other. Luckily hunger has not struck yet. 😂😂😂😂
  • Medlife
    I have just learned how to kiss 😳 thank you
  • Alexhan230
    Most at time kisses express the heart
    And trul feelings
  • _Romane_
    Thanks for these tips
    • Apope16

      Let me know if you have any questions

  • huzail
    Thanks iam taking notes 😅
    • Apope16

      Text a friend and ask if you can practice. you might be surprised by the answer.

    • huzail

      Haha do not have any girlfriend

    • Apope16

      You have no women that you know outside of work?

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  • TraceyByrd
  • Massageman
    Great review course with nice graphics! Thanks!
  • alance99
    Nice mytake
  • tammey
  • msc545
    Well done - great pics!
  • Anonymous
    Still anticipating for that first kiss.
    Thanks man