How to physically flirt


The core idea is simple: most people wants it as much as you do, it's just they are too afraid of giving a too strong impression and scaring you away.

So the fix is to tell them subliminally that is okay to be sweet towards you too.

Just place your body strategically for them having it easy to have physical contact with you.

On any physical contact you have with them act as if it just feels natural to you to be kind and sweet. As when you hug mom: simple, natural, all the way in, but non excessive.

If their face gets near yours by any chance just gave them an easy simple kiss, most likely on the lips.

You know it's the right time for something sexual when those erotic parts, like breast and scotch, are actually FRONTALLY rubbing on you. Then you should simply touch ONLY the infringing parts in the way that feels more erotic to you in that same moment, shamelessly.

Reached that point the more you dive into executing your own sexual fantasies on those parts, shamelessly, the sexiest it will get for both.

How to physically flirt
How to physically flirt
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  • Avicenna
    I'm not so sure this is a good idea, but thanks for your thoughts.
  • talulahbee
    This is very awkwardly written... And as someone who doesn't know how 2 flirt I don't think I will wait until someone is rubbing on me lmao