#2 My Fantasy by @anon1903

#2 My Fantasy by @anon1903

#2 Fantasy

"We could let you guys go on one condition..."

"Gee not again."

Prefect Lorenz. His duty is to maintain peace and security, as mine is to cause chaos of all times. Don't mind his seriousness, he's a terrific guy. We're on an academic midnight patrol and we caught some really fascinating people.

"We were just making out, " Dottie clarifies, which causes Lorenz to turn to me, "See? If we let these mice get away ..."

"Mice ain't a nice way of putting it," her partner in crime bursts with dry humour, Jack, he gives me appreciative sideway glance. To his amusement, I remark,"he usually doesn't know where to put what. "

My smirk is met by a set of giggles and chuckles from the reckless-in-love couple. Except Lorenz of coarse — he looks like he'll have his way with me the minute they get away. Honestly? I can make him forget differences in opinions.

That's my number one job as vice prefect.

"Please don't be rash."

"I'm not! I'm just suggesting ..." I guide the male gaze down by clenching my thighs cross over one another as my ass rests against my desk, "there has to be a way punishments feel ... feel something else."

Lorenz gives me a flat, funny look but we both know the tiniest glint in his eyes that he failed to hide before he redirects the interaction. "At night, you two are supposed to be in your respective dorms, sleeping, not here doing god knows what."

Dottie scoffs almost. "Don't drag Jesus into this! "Jack supports her argument smirking, "yes, our intentions were holy as hell. Two souls merging ..."

Gotta rescue the nitwits. I lay hand over Lorenz's, he flinches visibly, probably wondering where the hell I'm leading with this. Leaving a little room in between, I began, " how about I give you a punishment first? Just so you know what it feels like. "His collarbones beg for my touch but I don't let our little mutual stare waver, "show the kids your ... toughness."

"Eh ..."

Jack and Dottie have the mismatched expression, oh my god, so do I. He's considering it ... Lorenz tries his best not to give away the edge of excitement, he lounges back in his cushiony seat, and his weak answer knocks the wind out of each of us three. "Okay."

That's how folks, the greatest play ever comes into motion. I sent the pair to get me restraints first. Lorenz and I wordlessly clear the desk, joining them in the process. I'm glad Lorenz isn't going to give me piece of his mind. Not after the unimpressive cloths pieces they got for us. "What is this?" I fume.

"Stripes, that's all we could find on such short notice. " Instinctively, Lorenz laughs in a halfhearted manner. I'm sure he won't be once I piece everything together. Jack says he's sorry, shrugging, and now I've start to feel giving them a show may not be worth it.

And yet — I do.

"Eyes close. "

"This sounds like kidnapping. "

Prefect Lorenz. We tie him with all might. Jack's got his arms, Dottie his cerulean eye set and me, I'm in charge of restraining his feet in case he gets too handsy. Lorenz is calm, amused, nervous, and something indecipherable all together. When we finish, we feel kind of proud — he's struggling but a little, still progress. "Here goes nothing ..." he jokes.

Dottie and Jack, perhaps forgetting the main reason they're here, loom over us with interest stricken faces as I move in nearer, closer, ascending over the desks. Swiftly then and there, I clench his jaw, my voice barely above a tainted whisper, "Are you ready for this ?" Small & stiff nod from his side — that's all it takes for me to turn into a beast.

Sexually starved beast.

Badges, expensive shirt buttons, finely combed into a mop hair, my fingers race through it all, the frenzy moments owning a disheveled sigh of his. "I have got you."

Kisses. Short, peppery ones, I stain his jawline, mouth corners, taking my time to lick his collarbones in an adoring fashion, I resume sinning with lips on every inch of his torso, covered or not.

By now, his heart is a mess, the teens are spellbound, Lorenz himself is on the verge of panting. The touchdown really gets to him, I align our mouths, feverishly biting his lower lip — causing a noticeable groan to escape, "fuck you." He says against, but his eye lids are threatening to droop. "You must be really into this, aye?"

Jack holds back a gasp when Lorenz charges. He's frustrated easily when I pull away. Legs entangled, bodies wiggling on the tiny table, the moment Lorenz's tongue find mine, I'm done for. Messy make out follows, a slow rumble of moans encasing the office, I can think of no better punishment than this.

"Grind, Lorenz." Once again, I take a bite of his neck, making sure he knows it's time to tame. He spreads his legs, balancing me as well, the budge hits me on my left thigh. Lorenz watches me — very impatient — I lose my top and hook my skirt off, "Don't you dare stop."

"I wouldn't."

Breathlessly, we promise each other heaven, the friction despite our clothes in tact leaving us a pleasuring air. Rub, rub, rub. All of a sudden, a "yes right there!" breaks away our reverie. Upon looking down, we find the culprits — on the floor, wrestling the same as us — except Jack is between her thighs.

"The tension is real."

I waste no time. Unzip, freedom,strokes... Lorenz cusses at me. My forwardness. That's what makes him nearly scream, hips buckled, desperate in trying to get me to suck it faster. "Good boy," I gently touch the tip. His is medium, but boy I'd be lying if I said it didn't fill my mouth entirely, so I pump, steadily as fast as possible.

Finally, the chains came off. While I'm distracted and turned on more by the PDA down below, Lorenz breaks free. "L-Lorenz. "

"Shut the fuck up."

Lorenz touches me. His large mouth latching onto my nipple, the other one occupied by his hand massaging them. "Lorenz please, please. " I whimper, suddenly submissive. It doesn't go unnoticed, or un-rehearsed. Minutes later, the sound of rubber tearing is heard mixed with Jack's thrusting.

"No, Lorenz, this is ..."

Lorenz shoves inside my hole. He pounds, pounds until he can hear my begging again. He's something else. I've no time for climaxing, for a satisfied Lorenz beats me to it.

"I don't know how long can I resist."

His thrusts grow fiercer in spite of the orgasm. My nails unstopping — they scratch him everywhere, thin back shirt fabric, the heaving chest, as they mingle with a hair fistful.

The end is near. I can feel it coursing. Breathing hollow, bodies spasmodic, our private punishment finally draws an end. We lie there for a while. Neither saying a word. Until — "The mice got away, idiot. "

"Um, sorry about that."

Lorenz only smiles, never quite meeting eye to eye.

"Nah, it was worth it."

#2 My Fantasy by @anon1903
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  • ohshee
    You are so very good. I wish I could write like that. I have tons of fantasy I would love to put down in words. We should wrire something together
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    • ohshee

      Thank you by the way it's very good

  • Jerre
    Damn, first MyTake to give me a hardon. Thanks, very much enjoyed!
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  • laurieluvsit
    Nice story Ms Anon!

    Why don't you publish your erotic stories on erotic story sites?#2 My Fantasy by @anon1903
  • Juxtapose
    It's a nice scene and overall well written but could use some polish here and there. The setting wasn't shown too much (as expected, it's a single part of a whole) and the writting had a few mistakes.

    But I liked it, nice job. Bonus points for the "male gaze" bit ahaha.
  • Gwenhwyfar
    OMG this is hot!!! Just wish I had time rn to properly enjoy it...
  • msc545
    Very creative and quite interesting - thanks! :) :) :)
  • Cowboy6666
    sounds interesting ;)
  • manthan_7
    Wow amazing 👏👏👏