Lesbianism: Answering your potential questions about it

Lesbianism: Answering your potential questions about it

By now, everyone knows that the LGBT+ community exists. You see it all around you in these times, from media to your local city. As a lesbian, I get many questions (and rude comments sometimes) from people who are confused about what it means to be a gay woman. Well, here are a few questions I would like to answer for those who are curious! I will also be answering any other questions that are asked on this myTake.

1. What is a lesbian?

A lesbian is simply a woman who is exclusively attracted to other women. They do not find men attractive and do not like male genitalia. Lesbians are often repulsed by the thought of dating/having relations with a man and will actively choose to avoid relationships with them.

2. How can you know if you're lesbian or if someone you know is lesbian?

If you think you are a lesbian or questioning your sexuality, it helps to ask other gay people their experiences with sexuality and explore what you feel comfortable with. Sometimes it can take years to find out your sexuality, and that's okay! As long as you are respectful to others, the LGBT+ community will welcome you with open arms. However, you may want to be careful with what you say to your family and friends. Often people can harass you for even thinking about anything gay, and even people who accept you can accidentally out you to people you love. It's best to self discover without getting yourself hurt.

If you suspect a girl of being lesbian, simply ask. If she tells you she is lesbian, respect that. If she says she isn't, don't push further. Disrespect often pushes everyone away.

3. How can I convince someone to not be lesbian?

You won't convince someone to not be gay.

Homosexuality is something no one can change. Would you want someone trying to force you to be gay? If your answer is no, then don't force gay people to be straight. It's very disrespectful to say that homosexuality can be "cured" and you will only push the gay people you care about away.

And no, we won't sleep with a man who believes that lesbians just need good dick. No man has a dick good enough to turn a lesbian straight.

4. Have lesbians just not found the right man?

Buddy, don't even ask lesbians about their history with men. Often, they aren't lesbian because of trauma with men. They just find women attractive. Like how you were born a straight person, lesbians were born liking women.

5. The Bible says homosexuality is wrong. Do gay people know this?

Yes. We have heard it a million times that God thinks homosexuality is wrong. Wanna know what we think? We don't care and we don't agree.

6. What can I do as a straight person to help my LGBT+ friends?

First, accepting LGBT+ people for who they are and not judging them is a really good first step! The last thing we need is our friends to hate us for who we are and what we can't change. If your friend comes out to you as gay, embrace them and assure them that you still love them very much. It takes a lot of trust for us to come out, and showing them kindness will always be appreciated.

Second, support them by not making gay jokes and defending gay people in every day life. If your friend says something bad about gay people? Say "Hey, that's not cool". Boss makes a homophobic comment? Tell them that it's not okay to say that. It doesn't take much to say that hating gay people is wrong, but it means the world to us.

Finally, support LGBT+ charities and avoid homophobic ones.

I hope this helps give perspective on lesbians and LGBT+ issues in general! I will be taking questions to this. I appreciate the time you took to read this and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Lesbianism: Answering your potential questions about it
Lesbianism: Answering your potential questions about it
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  • Citizenkirk
    Why is it that bisexual woman don't have a clue what it means too be a lesbian woman or a heterosexual man. When taken too a happening nightclub by a lesbian coworker and her wife, straight dudes and bi-curiouse babes assuming "I'm hitting that" because it never occurred too them that two hot looking woman and a decent looking guy might not be banging each other when hearing us telling each other "hey, check out the ass on that hottie, there. I think she's checking us out. Which team you think she's playing for?" Or any other commentary spoken between us as we checked out everyone but each other. Gay males and Lesbians know they are looking at a married couple looking for women too hook up with, and a single dude looking for women too hook up with, the hot looking redhead chick being my wingman, me being the designated driver. Why are we approached by mostly bisexual or bi curious females trying too get the three of us too do each other in front of them too get them in the mood. Why don't they understand why that would make a lesbian couple and their straight male companion want too vomit.
  • venomhbk1313
    You can't convince him or her to be gay/lesbian it's a choice if a person thinks she/he is gay go for it don't let anything hold you back and be happy
  • Thatsamazing