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A moment's pleasure. A lifetime's stress?


Currently, an astonishing 45 percent of the 6 million pregnancies in the United States each year are unintended. Every year, millions of women, married and unmarried, young and not so young, are getting an outcome — pregnancy — that they didn't plan on or desire.

A moments pleasure. A lifetimes stress?

Comparing other countries are also significant.

1) slow down.

1) Next time don't RIP that packet open with your teeth. 7 reasons why condoms fail. 10 ways to prevent

2) nothing beats a male condom. Relying on your memory of whether you took the pill or not. Or the facts that certain herbs and medicine reduce effectiveness of the pill. Too much to think of. Physically inserted contraceptives have 2 risks 1) physical harm 2) pregnancy.

Condoms also help with STDS and serves double purpose. Just use it right. Study the instructions like a college subject.

3) learn the arts of the hand tools when there is no other option.

4) maybe do IT with people who care what happens to you if you care about yourself.

5) keep up the good work if you're abstaining.

Everything occurs by chance, even for Christians sometimes (according to ecclesiastes 9:11)

so that 1 in every 20 women can be you. 😉

Sure sometimes a mother tries to love in stressful times... but it's always easier when you're ready and prepared .

-Your older sister

A moment's pleasure. A lifetime's stress?
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  • How about instead of just depending on a condom, they both use prevention - he=condom, her=pill. Anything to up the odds from 50/50 for getting pregnant would be welcome. Both are involved in sex, it shouldn't just be up to one to provide the insurance. But the fact is, some dumb people don't use either, or they damn it all. If a pregnancy occurs we'll just get an abortion. Maybe in that case neither should be having sex.
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    • For the same risks I mentioned with the pill... the condom is 100 natural and almost 100 effective with no side effects... external... we both feel the same thing with the condom... and it's temporary... it's not possible to use male and female condom together... perhaps they can switch use of male and female condom.
      I second the pull out method.

    • The pull out method works about as well as a parachute that opens on impact or a vertical ejection seat in a helicopter. No condom is even near 100% effective as that they can fall off or rupture.

    • . I'm bit making it up statistic show condoms are bear 100 when used correctly.
      The post 8 shared mentions why condoms rupture

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  • Apple1996
    I got pregnant as a twice as a teen and it was the best choice I ever made in my life. Not all surprise babies are a burden. I think most of them are blessings.
    In my personal opinion if someone is willing to have sex then they should also be willing to become a parent. Everyone knows the risks of having unprotected sex so technically getting pregnant shouldn't ever really be a real surprise to anyone.
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    • People get pregnant from unprotected sex to, which is the main point of this my take. And unfortunately not everyone has the means to care for babies even the wild ones who go unprotected while knowing the risks.

    • I mean people get pregnant from "protected sex"too

    • Apple1996

      At the time I had zero means of taking care of a child and I still made it work. I was in high school with no job, no license and still living at home. My SO was a year younger then me so he was also in the same place as me. If someone has a child trust me there are so many ways to get help and give that child a good life. a lot of people are scared of getting pregnant cause they think they won't be able to support it. I'm not sure if peoples parents have scared them into thinking this shit or what but it is total bullshit. That's just how I view it after actually going through it

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    Life altering decisions and years of questionable regrets
    manifesting in a hormonal driven moment where assurance
    in another’s words became law and there pending downfall.

    S. L. O. W T. H. E F. U. C. K D. O. W. N

    This is what got you in your predicament
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    • Wow great comment. Especially I liked the "assurance in another's words become law".
      Yeah, peer pressure sometimes or the words "dont worry"... the one carrying the child should definitely stick to boundaries and do sex with someone who respects their boundaries.

    • Anonymous

      I totally concur with respecting one’s boundaries. Ladies must realize, while the courts
      can mandate a working guy to support his child by court orders, jail time or even wage
      garnishments. You are literally tied at the hip with this child that the two of you made
      together. While he bounces from house to next crash spot, quits job after job to avoid
      doing his due diligence, you’re life might be altered or turned completely upside down
      for eighteen years. Please think with your head and not your hormones.

      Ain’t that much f**king cute in ten fluffy puppies eyes.
      Ain’t that much sexy in a bed or corset made for threesomes.
      Ain’t no one that powerful to influence the mind in your head
      that you call mine!

    • Glad to see younger males Encouraging something positive.

  • mrgspoter
    Why don't people know if they have sex no protection they will have kids, why do people act like it's a shock as it's what happens with sex it's the out come that's supposed to happen. I'm confused here.
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    • Lol people don't research

      .. they do careless use of contraception and not read risks.

      But we are dumb sometimes

    • mrgspoter

      But I knew this when I was child I read it myself and understand it what is hard to get never needed anyone to explain anything..

    • mrgspoter

      Oh I forgot killing babys before it's born is big money now it's sick.

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  • Samoht_Sirrom1
    Condoms also help with STDS and serves double purpose. Just use it right. Study the instructions like a college subject.

    Only partially true, in today's world there are some that can bypass the condom. Abstain is the only 100% foolproof method. However if you get pregnant you can always put them up for adoption them the women who can't have kids (medical reasons) or sex couples can have a child to raise as their own.
    • I never said condoms are 100. I said ""near 100 "" when used right and stored right.
      What bypassing the condom are you talking about?

    • STDs that can be contracted while using a condom include:

      HPV (human papillomavirus)

      HPV is the most common STI; there are over 100 strains of the virus. Some strains of HPV go unnoticed and seem to cause no symptoms at all, while others can cause genital warts or various cancers. Because genital warts can be on parts of the genitals that are not covered by a condom, especially female condoms, HPV can be spread via skin-to-skin contact. What’s worse– there is no male STD test for HPV and many cases show no symptoms, so it is often passed on unknowingly to partners.

      Genital herpes

      Genital herpes is a viral STD that typically results in sores or lesions on the genitals, anus or upper thighs. A case of either HSV-1 or HSV-2 is called genital herpes when it affects the genitals or the genital area. Since lesions or sores can occur on parts of the genital region that is exposed during condom use, it can be spread from partner to partner.


      Syphilis is a highly contagious bacterial infection that spreads through sexual contact, including oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Syphilis sores occur at the infection site, and can be contracted by a partner via skin-to-skin contact regardless of condom use.

    • Source stdcheck. com/blog/stds-you-can-get-while-wearing-a-condom/

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  • Dchrls78104
    I think the first point and the last point cannot be overstated in today's society:
    1. SLOW DOWN. Little kids should concern themselves with kid stuff and leave adult things to adults. Your time will come, just be modest and humble and wait for it.
    5. ABSTAIN. 100% effective protection against unplanned pregnancies and STDS.
    If everyone did those two, unplanned pregnancies and STDS would be almost completely unheard of, along with certain other modern complications of life.
    This is why women have 900,000 abortions a year in the usa :(
    • Hmm. 😔And it's also risky for the abortioner herself. In the long run there may be side effects. I won't comment in the moral aspect since everyone has their right.

    • _SOARER

      We can avoid these situations, no woman should have to make that choice
      We need to stop exploitation of women
      Most women get coerced into having sex, by men who dont care about them. Then if they end up pregnant the man either becomes a terrible father/husband or just abandons them.
      Not only that, this coercion has been normalized.

  • Hannahm67
    Women really need to learn to date better men. Too many men today expect sex and are only with women for sex and so many women are attracted to these men. The problem is that these men will not stay with the women if he nocks her up since he is only in it for sex. The lie that feminism tells women is that "men are pigs so if we also act like pigs then we are empowered". But it's not true men can be pigs but only if women allow it. Biology tells men to try to spread their DNA to as many women as possible. If women tell men that they have to show that they are committed to them before they have sex by dating for a long time without it or getting married then the only men that women will be with are the ones who we should be looking for in a life partner and someone to raise a family with. When the pool of women who are open to casual sex dries up then the men who were pigs will have to convert or be alone.
    • BRUHHH TYYY 😂 you get it lmao I get so tired of women crying over relationships I could see after 10sec that its not gonna workout 😂 they always go for the low hanging fruit anf then get dissapointed and do it again 😂

    • Hannahm67

      @Potatocream Its something that I figured out early. Too many women will figure it out when they are in their 30's and once they do there won't be any good guys left. I see so many girls who have a guy who is interested in the years but they are not quite good looking enough or a little too nerdy or whatever but would make an amazing person to spend their life with. But they "friend zone" them and spend their 20's sleeping around looking for that 10/10 "chad" that they think they want. They will either get pregnant or their bodies will start telling them that they need a baby soon and they go back to the guy they friend-zoned for years and realize that he is married and has a family now.

      Then they either "focus on themselves" or "date themselves" while doing their career stuff. Then they turn 40 and their body says the clock is ticking and they start going crazy and have unprotected sex with strangers to have a baby and that ending is not normally very happy.

  • BlueEyedBirdWatcher
    "A doctor told me I can't get pregnant"
    Is the female equivalent of "Don't worry baby, I will pull out"
    • Yeah, it is only to be paired along with the method that is close to 100%, like condoms when used and stored correctly

  • bulletbob555
    I think the condom pill would be best. Passion has a way of distorting everything and bad decisions can happen while caught up in the moment
  • michael1469
    Swallowing and booty sex reduce her chances of becoming prego
    • Ewww not many people like feces sex.
      And I did mention using other methods.

    • She can anal douche so he doesn't get a dirty dick.

    • I dont thinki you can ever completely clean an ass hole

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  • captain_voidwalker
    In a world where a woman has access to multiple forms of birth control, condoms, and abortion. How is any pregnancy unintended
    • Cause contraceptives have risks... and people don't read and research. . and a re too hasty to have sex. And have no self control.
      Some people. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • You are still pregnant before you abort... its because you have and unintended pregnancy is why you abort... did you read the my take, lol cause it answered your question

  • There are pills, spermicide and dental dams as well.
  • lazermazer
    but I don't like condom bcz they are plastic and clog drainage
    • No need to put them in the drain?

    • lazermazer

      where will you put them?

    • Here we have garbage collectors who care items to the dump...🤷🏻‍♀️

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  • sexopat31
  • jimmy2
    God blesss you for your caring heart
  • chrismarie5589
    Lol following