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HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.

HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.

So I came a cross the following questions:

Why do so many people seem to believe prostitition is necessary?

Wow now that question is like opening a can of worms!

Before continuing

I must say I have never sold my body in exchange for currency nor have I exchanged currency for sex. I have only engaged in sex with men I have been in an exclusive relationship and only after a full physical and STD exam was done on the both of us. On average my relationships last about 3yrs. My current is 6 years.

Moving on

I must ask why do some people think prostitution is only a woman's thing? Its not. Prostitution does not discriminate between the sexes. Either gender is capable of prostitution. Lets not be sexist here. Men do it too.

HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.

On a side note prostitution doesn't even discriminate amongst Hominidae species or other species for that manner.

I also must say my position is based on WILLING prostitution amongst willing adults not forced trafficking or underage individuals or drugged induce behavior.

Now in

order to understand WILLING prostitution we need to see it for what it truly is. Its a sexual bartering system. It is an exchange where participants in a transaction directly exchange goods or services for other goods or services. Furthermore in order to better understand prostitution we must examine our biology, our history, our cultural differences and religious differences.

WILLING Prostitution or sexual bartering is one of oldest Hominids natural behaviors and one of the oldest human professions. Sexual bartering goes as far back as 7million years ago when the hominin geno line broke away from chimpanzees. Prior to those 7 million years when we look at our early ancestors the chimpanzee, they too participated and still do participate in sexual bartering. Even though seven billion years ago we separated from chimpanzees the behavior of bartering for sexual favors never ceased to exist.

It has been long suggested that just like chimpanzees cavemen also traded meat for sexual favors. But not only meat. Other things such as tools furs and other necessities began to be traded for sexual favors.

Cavemen drawings and art have long displayed an acceptance of sexual pleasure. In theory porn has been around since the beginning of time when cavemen first began to paint on walls and create figurines. As you can see sex has always been part of our nature.

HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.

Sexual bartering

began to be looked down upon or regulated when homo sapiens began to understand that men played an important role in producing children. it was always understood that sex created life. However humans first saw it as a magical woman's power. As if child bearing was an Asexual act but could only occur if the woman was stimulated through penetration. It wasn't until humans became consciously aware that men did more than just stimulate females and women did not just randomly pop out copies of themselves but instead created a unique blend of the female and males traits that sex was taken more seriously.

Prior to this Homo sapiens practiced open or free polygamy. Males now wanted to assure that the offspring they were raising were theirs. So sexual rules began to be created. Homo sapiens began to practice exclusive polygamy (multiple mates but who only mated within their group no outsiders allowed) while others took a more severe approach to ensure their bloodline and began to practice monogramy. However this did not end sexual bartering it just made it more valuable.

Family unit
Family unit

If you

were an outsider who had yet to be paired up or accepted into a clan but you wanted those getting frisky privileges then you better prove your worth by offering exclusive protection food or supplies. If you are an outsider who had yet to be paired up or accepted into a clan and you wanted protection food and supplies what better way of getting it than offering exclusive rights to your body. Hence the continuation of sexual bartering but with clauses.

In time

humans began to question life in general and why things happen. This thought process open humans up to prayer and worshipping deities or gods. With a new found spiritual sense sexuality began to have more rules and regulations.

Goddess of fertility and femininity Inanna seduces in order to get her way
Goddess of fertility and femininity Inanna seduces in order to get her way

Eventually mating partners were broken down into groups. There were most importantly spouses then came other types of lovers. Concubines (female) or Concubinators (males) were lovers who were part of the household but had lower status than spouses. There were mistresses or Paramours (male or female). These were usually secret outside the marriage exclusive lovers. And then came the infamous lower stature than these other class of lovers called prostitutes who barter their bodies to whoever had anything to offer.

Our earliest record of sexual bartering being documented as a taxed regulated profession dates back to 2400 BC. The Sumerians document this profession under the entertainment category.

HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.

In 180 bc Romans regulated prostitution. Rents from brothels were considered legitimate source of income and women who chose to become prostitutes had to register using their full name their place of birth and where they plan to work. They would then be issued a license. Once license and enrolled she could never remove her name from the list. She permanently made herself a prostitute. Though she may never be deemed as marriage material she did insured her future by making certain she had an income and a roof over her head.

Roman Venus Statue 1st or 2nd BC
Roman Venus Statue 1st or 2nd BC

Sexual bartering

continued from there on for Century after century. Sure many religions affected our view on sexuality such as Judaism and Christianity just to name two out of many but Sexual bartering continued.

Not even the great syphilis outbreak in the 1490's was enough to stop sexual exchanges. Even though the disease was fatal. Instead people looked into creating condoms made from linens and intestines. Though prior to this there were different sorts of condoms but they mostly covered the tip of the penis and these coverings only were only available to the elite class and rarely spoken of.

Due syphilis large strides in improving condoms we're seen between the 1600s to late 1800s. Yet condoms were still mostly used by the upper class. It wasn't until 1920s that condoms became more popular among all the classes.

HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.

So why would people still engage in sexual activity or sexual bartering knowing that there is a risk of illnesses and unwanted pregnancies? Syphilis didn't stop people from engaging in sex anymore than AIDS has stopped people from engaging in sex. It truly does come down to being sexual beings and having that drive and that desire her sexual stimulation. Abstinence is indeed a challenge for human beings. It can be accomplished but for some it is a very daunting task.

Abstinence advertisement
Abstinence advertisement

It may

not be what most people would want to hear especially those who are very strict about their sexual preferences sexual behavior and sexual beliefs (you're probably not believe this but I am one of those people) but it truly does come down to human Nature. Prostitution or sexual bartering is built in our ways. Many of us may partake in some of these behaviors without even noticing or thinking twice about it. In fact that is why I keep going back and forth between using sexual bartering and prostitution.

I believe there are many levels of sexual bartering. Some are mild and some more in-depth.

Some of

these behaviors are as simple as a little flirtatious puckering of your lips or fluttering of your eyelashes or flexing your muscles if you're a man to get what you want and the payoff to the person who's receiving this treatment is they feel a little better about themselves.

HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.

I myself did this today when sitting at the breakfast table. I was eyeing my man's small piece of buttered bagel. So I gave him a playful seductive look. My little sexual banter made him smile and feel good about himself and I got my (his) piece of bagel.

One of

the biggest overlooked sexual bartering arrangement is marriage. Yes I said marriage. Don't believe me read " His needs Her needs." Spouses make a legal bartering contract which usually includes securing a dwelling, conceiving children raising and protecting children together while offering each other emotional, physical and financial support in exchange for exclusive sexual privileges.

Babe will you wash the dishes please? 🥰😈
Babe will you wash the dishes please? 🥰😈

Now moving

to one of the biggest sexual bartering practices besides pornography, prostitution.

Did you know WILLING prostitution or sexual bartering was legal in many countries such as Canada Germany and the UK? Did you know prostitution became illegal in the United States only about 100 years ago however it is legal in Nevada. Yet illegalizing it has not put an end to it. If anything I think it's put more strain on our judicial system. It takes up so much of our police forces resources chasing down people who are in the industry willingly. (Again not talking about unwillingly that's a different topic.)

As difficult as it may be to understand for some there are people who enter this field willing. They love the spotlight they love feeling sexy and they love feeling empowered. Some may simply be addicted to sex. Others see it for what it is; bartering. There's people out there who want to send their money and these people are the ones who want to collect that money. Hey some people just have bills to pay. I understand what conservative people are thinking. There are many ways to pay bills. However it's not our life choice; it's theirs.

My personal

opinion is that it should be legalized and monitored like it had been in the past in certain Nations and other eras. Prostitutes should be required to register and attain a license after taking a long extensive health class. They should be required to check in monthly and get exams for STDs and drug use. There should be certain locations designated for this activity. Offering a studio rental in these facility to these individuals would be a plus. It would keep them off the streets and get rid of the need for a pimp. People who seek to enter these facilities must first show proof of STD exam before being allowed to enter and they should be required to show their IDs and document who they're going to see.

A brothel and rental.
A brothel and rental.

These forms of regulations would at least help in lowering STD cases, homelessness for prostitutes and help fight the battles against pimps. Monitoring and legalizing the act could also decrease attacks and rapes against prostitutes. The fact that it would be legal would make prostitutes more comfortable coming forward without fear of prosecution.

In certain

areas of the world prostitution has been monitored and it has even been taxed. I don't see why we (Americans) can't do it. There's no point in trying to turn a blind eye to the situation or stick your nose up at it for prostitution does exist.

Bottom line Prostitution is a form of bartering. sexual bartering is not only practice amongst Hominidaes but other species as well. Sexual bartering has been in practice amongst our kind for more than 7 million years. Yet it has only been illegal in the United States for the past hundred years. This speaks volumes.

When comparing 100 years to millions, 100 years is not enough to establish change to our genocode. We are sexual beings who will always use sexual behavior as a bartering tool.

Instead of punishing this act that has been part of our society since the beginning of time we should embrace it, legalize It and monitor it. We need to face its challenges so we can improve the lives of all involved.

Thanks for reading.

And remember...

HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.
HistoryTake: Sexual Bartering Though Out the ages.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Very interesting take for sure! For me, this topic gets very close to two things "f" buddies and porn stars. There is an interest from both ends of those to have an agreed upon transaction. Two people are willingly and consently looking to connect in a sexual way. In one example both people get together just to have sex with one another, that's it. In the other example one person is providing the other a sexual service and charging them for it. Porn is a sexual service you are providing to another person. Given, porn should be more professional but these days it's just unfortunately pieced together from every where but let's just reference the respectable and professional porn industry that consenting adults are hired to work for because they want to not because they are forced to. The same for strip dancers.

    I'm not saying it's a universally accepted practice but it can be a professional one with consenting adults.

    And this is coming from a guy without a bias per say because I could care less about porn or stippers because I don't use it.

    However, I think if there is a movement and a focus towards professionalism in sexual bartering this takes us into a different form of legal vs. illegal. It makes it less of a hidden and unsupervised industry and makes it hopefully more safer because the goal here is to have all consenting adults of either gender for either gender provide a service that both agree on. Rather than people getting kidnapped and forced into which is disgusting and wrong and violates basic human freedoms and rights.

    I think it's an interesting conversation because the idea porn and "f" buddies while taboo is more accepted while other money exchanges is not...

    We are all sexual beings with desires and I've tried to talk to a number of girls on here that say they are a stripper and say there are better jobs you could get into but they were passionate about what they wanted to do, they enjoyed sex and wanted to a provide a service to others because they wanted to not because they were in need per say.

    This is just such an interesting topic because their are so many views on it...

    But I think it all boils down to consent, consent, consent between two responsible and sober adults.

    From there, this is an interesting debate...

    To put together a couple of questions in a college class with no put downs of people's ideas and an open discussion, interested to see where this would go
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    • You wrote a very intense response. My mind is still spinning with your words... In a good way.
      I must come back to this as I straightened out my thoughts... Its just the way I am I think about things I have an interest in
      I can say I once wrote a short essay for college on this but I didn't have any of the research since then plus new things have been discovered
      I do agree it does make for an interesting debate.
      I have always enjoyed debate class
      Thank you for the time you took to respond I definitely have more id like to respond to but you bring up many good points

    • Jjpayne

      Thank you 😊

    • Thank you

  • Tstrbrainer
    It was pretty good reading this and also informative.

    I don't know if the pre historic people were happy with the sexual barter they received 😆. They didn't had the stylish pornstars and comfortable couches back then 😅

    But I have a doubt, I've heard that humans were the only species that engaged in sexual activities for pleasure. If that is true, then how will sexual barter would work for other species?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Kiera_Japanese
    Very AMAZING!!!

    This happens a lot in Tokyo, Japan where I live. There are a lot of trading from a sexual point. There are men in their 40s and 50s who are so eager to meet 13 year old girls. The opposite is not as common but it happens from time to time.
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    • Thats disturbing and my piece said nothing about abusing children. my piece was only about consensual adults.

  • Samantha_17
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  • centerline
    I feel that sex should be a personal commodity to be used in whatever manner a person feels they want to use it...
    I am not sure why its illegal, except for the fact that religion has for centuries tries to control the law and tell us what is legal and what isn't... and the law and the religion should not conspire to tell us what is right or wrong, and force us to live the way other people feel THEY want to live...
  • DavidHart
    Agreed with some of it while i do admit facts which come with it.
    Nevertheless, it a value added knowledge for me.
    Thank you so much for a nice read.
  • josephinelcajon
    I think Europeans have a good healthy balance of being open minded and accepting nudity and sex as part of life. I do not see the need in prostitution if you are not satisfied by masterbating you have a problem! Most find a relationship with someone satisfying!
  • venomhbk1313
    Well all of that has gone on through the ages and personally there's only one place where it's legal and that's somewhere in Nevada where they have the place called the cat house anywhere else you would seriously go to jail for it but to each their own on that
  • Capes
    Freaking awesome take!!!
    Soooo many people lacked knowing this, & thus themselves & thier own past 😁😁

    Amazing!! :))
  • bulletbob555
    Well legalization is not a cure all. Germany I believe legalized it and found some of the women were still being trafficked. I believe for some people its fills a need. As you said makig it illegal hasn't worked either
  • Guardian45
    I LOVE IT! I couldn't have said it better myself! BRAVO!
    • @Guardian45
      Well your welcome...
      I gonna think twice about playing tag and seek with you though. You pick the juicy challenging posts To have me find you in!

    • @Guardian45
      Did you find my cousin... She rather pale. She doesn't get much natural light. Her name is Venus 🥰🤭😉.

    • Guardian45

      HAHAHA! ACTUALLY, I met her in person. She's VERY statuesque, but a little TOO stiff for my tastes!

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  • VanillaSalt
    I’m 100% for legal prostitution.. especially since red pill and #mgtow. If prostitution was legal women wouldn’t have the power over men they do I think... they would have to relax causing more relationships and more people to be happier.

    I’m single because I work 5-7 days a week spent the last 1 1/2 years on 6am-6pm m-sun 7 days a week with a 30-45 min commute. I don’t have time for dating so I’ve definitely considered legal or otherwise hiring someone. Or am I supposed to give up sex because my life’s too busy.
  • Jerre
    A very good write up. I do practice safe sex. I had a vesectomy many years ago, I get STD tested once a month, a rule for members of our Swingers Club, and love to fuck.
  • rocky390
    Nice 👍
    And you're very beautiful and sexy women too...😘😘😘
  • ConstantPain
    Nope it should stay banned people don't need to have so much sex. It's revolting.
  • bamesjond0069
    Very interesting. Learned a few things. There is one main point of disagreement I have in respect to legalizing prostitution: "It would keep them off the streets and get rid of the need for a pimp."

    As someone who has turned out a few girls before, pimps are necessary and women desire to have a pimp. Legal or illegal, women desire pimps. While pimps might offer help with security or advertising etc... they dont have to. Pimps primarily provide emotional release. When a woman has tons of non emotional sex, she builds extreme emotional desires that the pimp is servicing for her. He also plays a part of the most attractive alpha man so that she can play the part of the object of his affection. But this just is further part of the emotional release.
  • Likes2drive
    Very good and interesting mytake 👍
    This is an awesome my take. Thanks 😎👍
  • alance99
    Nice Mytake 😊😊
  • oncpl
    Very informative and excellent piece on subject.
  • msc545
    Interesting mytake, thanks!
  • Anonymous
    So much 💩 within one MyTake. Nothing new, only common stupidities anyone coud say...
    • Lol yet you have to anonymize yourself to say That
      COWARD 🤣🤣🤣
      Ps if you want your words to be taken seriously you might want to spell check.
      I do however appreciate your time to come on by and comment on my post it does after all help my post get more attention.
      THANK YOU 😊

    • Anonymous

      It's a free country. Sorry 🙃