I'm into Exhibitionism


Exhibitionism is commonly listed among the top-ten fantasies for men, women, and couples. It is certainly one of mine. My cursory exploration of this kink revealed psychological underpinnings that ranged from playful, non-threatening behaviors.

Many of us may have a bit of an exhibitionist streak running through us. Me, myself, have worn something that accentuates my curves, reveals a bit of cleavage, or is in someway more revealing than what I wear in my day-to-day life.

want me to go further?
want me to go further?

Considering my photo above, there are circumstances where I could be wearing far less and it would be seen as more socially acceptable.

Wearing our clothes in a revealing way is one form of exhibitionism. On another level, individuals experience exhibitionism through nudity and self-pleasuring or as a couple through nudity and sex when others may be watching. Do you find yourself aroused thinking about being intimate with your lover in a public space where you may be seen or “caught”? This is one of the most common fantasies couples have and the one most often made a reality.

will you let me ride you?
will you let me ride you?

Some exhibitionist find great pleasure in the potential for arousing the viewer. Sex with the viewer isn’t necessarily the objective. Rather, the exhibitionist finds it hot knowing that someone may not only be watching but also getting turned on. This aspect resonates deeply within me and makes up a big part of what I often refer to as the “erotic swirl” and “mind fuck” in my writing.

Moreover, I typically write them in the present tense so you have the sensation of being in the room as a voyeur as the moment unfolds. I want you to feel it…I want to turn you on. Your excitement turns me on and we both become immersed in an erotic swirl.

What would make someone an exhibitionist?

If you’re curious if you are an exhibitionist, here are some things that could mean you enjoy this type of kink.
You love...

  • Sharing nude photos with your partner while they’re at work.
  • Encouraging your partner to go shopping for lingerie with you.
  • Engaging in public sex where you could potentially be caught
  • Engaging in public sex at a sex club where watching is encouraged.
  • Inviting a third person over to watch you have sex and/or masturbate.
tell me what you see
tell me what you see

For me, I haven't done much as an exhibitionist or to full fill my fantasies, for now what I had done was just taking videos for pictures of myself, or masturbating in front of my windows. I did try anonymous camming once but i found it to be a little risky lol.

Spread the love ;)
Spread the love ;)

Anyway, I wrote this mytake not only just to state myself for people who dont understand, but also to help other who are still lost like i was in the past!

Thank you for understanding!

I'm into Exhibitionism
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  • Red_Arrow
    Well expressed! You have had the desire to be seen and arouse others for quite some time. You have a body that can do that, but you go beyond just showing your body if you look for ways to excite the viewers. You have expressed concern that your body is not as great as others. But you seem to now realize that your body appeals to many people, and those it does not appeal to do not matter! There are many ways a woman can excite others, and I am sure you will discover those ways. You have many options to do so while still a virgin.
    When you find a guy to have sexual adventures with, if he is into this also, many more ways of showing and exciting become obvious. You may choose to travel those directions, or not. But it sounds like you are happy with what you are doing, and you are learning that you are even more sexually exciting to theirs than you realized! Build your self confidence and enjoy your sexuality. And stay safe!
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  • ZackBan
    The fact you're aware of it makes it even more amazing.
    I noticed you enjoy showing body parts as long as your face is hidden away. But the way you put it makes you even more interesting.
    And your body goes without saying as a majestic sight so no complaints on the visuals either.
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  • Hannahm67
    I get turned on by the thought of public nudity and getting caught but I don't actually want to be seen by anyone other than my boyfriend. Like I will flash my boyfriend and the thought of some random seeing is hot but I always make sure that no one is looking.
  • laurieluvsit
    Excellent myTake Ms Luna!

    Thank you for sharing and for your honestly on such a personal and sometimes difficult subject to convey. You did a great job!
    • Luna1998

      Thank you!

    • You're welcome :)

      Now that you have made me horny I need someone to help or my vibrator.

      That could be another myTake... lol

    • Luna1998

      Lol its my pleasure if i could turn you on 😂

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  • sassy777
    I think it's very sexy. I have had sex in public places it is very exciting. I've given bloowjobs on the highway in the taco bell drive through line. Played under the covers with other people in the room. I get very turned on knowing I'm wanted right now and the feeling of getting caught. Very sexy pics. 📷
  • naraku
    Nice write up! I enjoyed your POV of who and where you are.
    I might of missed it, but how did you find yourself? Someone or thing open the door or did you just work things out?

    I also enjoyed your Yoni massage mytake and I hope you get to try that sometime soon.
    I've been giving my friends with benefits that- or my version of- for about a month and she loves it.
    • Luna1998

      Thank you! and yes i kinda figured out myself through eroticas and some manga lol

    • naraku

      Do you read or watch hentai? 😈

      Anyway, I think your photos are good. I hope you'll post more soon... or send some my way! (^.~)

    • Luna1998

      I mainly read

    I have always liked wearing revealing clothes, especially shirts. It is exciting for me to wear a skirt and no panties. Shirts with no bra. I'm into ExhibitionismI tease bending over wearing a half-top shirt !
    • Nice boob shot.

    • @Wise4myage THANK-YOU ! That is sort of what I mean by wearing revealing ,, a half-top shirt. And shoping, and getting something off the bottom shelf, guys have a habit of stopping and looking at me, but pretending to be looking for something on a shelf.

  • MannMitAntworten
    Years ago I owned a home with a nearby neighbor had a useless good for nothing 50-something your old son living with him. One day my then fiancé were in my kitchen getting hot and heavy and I pick her up upon the counter top, entering her. As I look beyond her should I see this pick watching us through my back window. I tell my fiancé and we both say at the same moment, “Let’s give him a show...” Fucker watched the entire time we remained there. We did move onto my bedroom to continue but I’ll never forget that moment.

    Same gal, she enjoyed performing oral sex upon me while driving down the freeway. Giving a show to the truck drivers so to speak. We received our number of thumbs up, honks, and waves. Nothing like seeing a semi swerve into you for a better/closer view while trying to bot crash yourself... Numerous times we would pull over and just go at it. Once over the hood next to a campground we could see in the distance. We definitely led a healthy sex life whilst we lasted.
  • Stazz76
    I'm intrigued by your statement "I did try anonymous camming once but i found it to be a little risky"...

    Exhibitionism can be great fun, but how do you manage risk and keep it safe? What if the viewer doesn't share your notion of boundaries? What if you're unlucky enough to be seen by a rapist?

    Surely being anonymous online means you're less at risk of things like stalking, rape, STI's, and unplanned pregnancies, and you stay in control?
  • Jessie91331
    I think its fun and sexy... and can be a great way to meet people
  • HeadCase1
    Nothing wrong with showing off your body as long as it isn't around young kids. If I was a young teen and I saw you in public showing off your body I might not resist unzipping my pants and masturbating to you.

    What are your thoughts on the reactions you may get?
  • BallSlapLover
    Some people can sometimes become insecure and may start doubting if they are even normal/sane, when they discover about their kinks initially.

    Thank you for sharing your experience to help others :)
  • susie22
    Lol, I'm guessing I would likely fall into that category myself. I'm not in any porn either, and I don't share any nude pics online, but I'm not shy about dressing in a way that shows off my body. I'm in excellent shape due to my daily workout regimen, and I take great pride in my looks and body, so short miniskirts or dresses and a frequent lack of at least some undergarments is the norm for me. I have on occasion visited an "optional" beach, and at times engaged in some public naughtiness, whether it be touchy-feely or sex and fortunately my boyfriend is a willing participant in my exploits. I'm guessing both you and I would describe ourselves as comfortable in our sexuality and proud of our "feminine virtues", so it's all good!!
  • mrArcher
    Are you still an exhibitionist if you want to show off your lovemaking to others to watch? Say on PH?
    • Luna1998

      What the "whoa..." supposed to mean 😂 sorry if i hurt your eyes

    • mrArcher

      I was simply caught off guard.

    • Luna1998

      Lol i guess thats a compliment

  • nawtee_me
    I love your mytake here. I am an exhibitionist as well. I love being watched and watching as well. I do masturbate on cam some but it seems the site I normally use has gotten old. With no one new to watch me I am not as aroused by it. There just aren't enough chat rooms with cam availability for people to watch you if they choose to.
    You have a beautiful body and I would love to watch you do whatever.
  • thatnicksuitsme
    I just found out I’m an exhibitionist lol 😂 I love all those things that you listed. I would be totally comfortable being seen while having sex because duh why wouldn’t I? Anyways, thanks for the take on the topic. It was really fun to read. I love those photos 🖤
  • TriggeredPeen
    It's interesting because I have only recently (like last 5-8 years) started to get increasingly into exhibitionism, whereas before it never seemed like anything 'hot' or arousing. Also, my experience is relatively tame compared to videos I've seen of guys doing all sorts of sex acts in public view -- such as wearing no underwear, offering up a peak of my dick and balls - or at the urinal showing off my cockhead, or masturbating in the car at night on the freeway!
  • 8lutty
    'Wearing our clothes in a revealing way is one form of exhibitionism', thanks godness, someone actually say this, not like those bullshit who wear basically just a thong and no bra at beach and said 'there is nothing sexual about this style'. I know it is up to their choice, but they sure have missed the fun.
  • NatalieKeller95
    I'm a nudist, but I have some exhibitionist tendencies also
  • Pallavi37
    Most women wear revealing dress. I won't mind if my cleavage is seen in public.
  • AmeerX
    Luna I think you are a good grown girl. You can choose to go further and I think using exhibition can help you master the art of seduction as well.
    Your body is pretty good and ideal for guys to make love and let you ride
  • TonyV
    I like tour take on this. I've always thought there is more to showing your body off than just "less clothes more skin"
  • YHL6965
    Thanks for explaining all of this! I think it's helpful so that people, including myself, know that revealing picture is not just a desire for attention, that there might be more behind it. this was very insightful and detailed, good job!
  • SilverRain92
    Why would not you go to the nudist beach? I guess there you can easily fulfill your fantasies
    • Luna1998

      We dont have nudist beach in where i live

    • prnv49

      Where do you live?

    • @Luna1998, oh I hope you will have an opportunity to go to some place which has this kind of beaches

  • Worshop
    I definitely do some exhibitionism. I have massive windows for my backyard and my desk is placed right next to it. Whenever i masturbate, i'll just cover my genitals so i don't get into big trouble, but the rest of my body is visible. The thought of exposing myself like that is quite a massive turn on for me.

    Thanks for being a fellow buddy :D
    • Worshop

      Also, forgot to say, those photos look great. I would love to come across you in public, would let you ride me any day

  • Whatshesaysgoes
    I think I do this too, always seek out women who will watch me ejaculate or just see my penis, an homely I have a lot of big windows in my house and sometimes I just stay naked in Hope's they may see or like lol no sex, I thought it was just a weird thing. I just watch out for any kids outside, so I guess I'm I. The category?
  • Zezzara
    I have had sex in public 4 times and every time it felt amazing I felt so dirty and free!! So did both of my partners!
  • pierre7i
    Excellent MyTake @Luna1998 - there are many of us who who get a sexual buzz out of being seen semi-naked or fully naked by the (opposite) gender, either in public places eg clothing optional beaches, massage spas, being brazilian waxed by female therapists, to name a few --

    -- or in sharing pics/videos online (as long as the receiver has said it's ok to send them)

    It's kind of a shame there can't be a restricted section on GaG (perhaps requiring an initial enrolment + special password) for those who would like to post + see such pics to be able to do so.

    How much more of yourself would you be prepared to reveal if there was such a section?
  • Valnac
    You are one hot girl.
    you got my attention just reading this.
    you are the type of girl that would drive me crazy!
  • Kiera_Japanese
    I like the same things you like. I like experiencing sexually.
  • TCredo
    very cool my take. and i enjoy many of what you wrote about. very erotic fun :)
  • andy530
    Your pictures are gorgeous! Love them! I’m a bit of a voyeur so I really appreciate an exhibitionist like yourself!
  • nudeNhorny
    your pics are so arousing, you have a very sexy cleavage, the first pic made my jaw drop, such sexiness is worth of being exhibited.
  • ConstantPain
    That's honestly disgusting and you should be aware of the exhibition laws or you will end up in slammer where perverts like you belong
    • Exhibitionism is only bad if they do it in public spaces where it is illegal (it's just called indecent exposure for crime). I'm sure there are events for people who are exhibitionists and voyeurs, as those 2 kinks complement each other pretty well. But yes, there are adults who would consent to seeing someone masturbate and exposing themselves to those watching. Sometimes it may even just be in front of people they know (done in private of course). There's also anonymously too. But just like she said it could feel risky.

  • Wise4myage
    Yes indeed you are Luna, and we love you for it. :)
  • flashgrandad
    I love exhibitionism, as did my ex although sometimes she made it difficult like the time in the woods when I wanted to go down on her and had to struggle getting her trousers off.
    Although when she wore dresses it was easier.
    We used to go away to the coast and many a time we stood in a shelter with my hand up yet dress and knickers pulled to one side, she always got wetter on my fingers as people got closer.
    One time we were sitting beside the boating lake and I pulled her knickers off she said "they might be watching in the old people's home?"
    I looked over the road and replied "they are and can see my fingers up your juicy pussy" that was too much and she came all over my fingers as she hit my neck to stop screaming out.
  • Juxtapose
    Most exhibitionists are down to sext or are easy (so am I fyi, not a diss) so I love 'em lol.
  • soulspanker
    Really good tbh. I did have a thing for it when in my 20ies. But not that much anymore.
  • TheCloud2
    I know I love this kind of kink, I have been loving it for years, I have done few things to get "caught" or be seen naked, I also was the drawing class naked model a couple of times.
  • OddBeMe
    Look up deviantart. com. They allow full nudes and have a community of support.
  • Jerre
    I certainly enjoy fucking in front of other couples. Tends to make them want to fuck or masturbate..
  • HMS1189
    You look delicious, sweetheart. I'm fully hard right now, if you want to know
  • Rocco70
    Sometimes in darkness, I get naked, 8 in soft, swinging, balls low, all for everyone to see! If close enough, suck, and lick and suck more. They drive slowly by, looking, lips wet, tongues dripping, balls hanging! Look, see what I've got? Ans he has a lot, hairy, big and throbbing. I want everyone to see this, jesus, my dicks huge. They walk up in the night, before I know, two lapping tongues dance won my huge balls, I turn off the porch light, lay down. In 1 minute 4 tongues are tasting everything hanging., Sucking and licking, i cum, another round lines up to lick my balls, in 30 minutes I aquirt 5 un into the mouth of my teacher! I almost blacked out. But its all still there , huge dick and balls. Someone srarts licking , I dont worry about heaven, my most private places are being sucked. All night long.
  • Gedaria
    Yes, you make a photo come alive with your body. Do you do it proper in porn?
  • roastbeef
    yes I feel there is nothing wrong with showing off one's body. Nice sharing the beauty of the body
  • KrakenAttackin
    Pretty much every girl on GAG is into exhibitionism. Just look at their profile photos.
  • CubaPirate
    Well then if that's how you feel. Show us your tits! 🤣🤣🤣
  • sarasubmis
    I love being risky in public
  • ChefPapiChulo
    that chick that is not you got a nice rack
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Wow your skin so nice
  • RHK36
    Nice mytake Luna!^_^👍🏼
  • Kelly6
    i also do it a lot and enjoy it