My sexual revelation


First! I want to thank @laurieluvsit with her my takes, questions, survey and writing/sharing about her experiences in here.

Am born and raised in Iraq , Christian and i moved to Sweden as a refugee in February of 2005.Being a christian in a muslin country is not as easy as people imagine, am not attacking any religion but this is a part who i am that has been bullied and beaten up because i have a different religion. So! Sex and human body anatomy is a massive taboo subject in Iraq, parents don't teach their kids about it and the school is even worse, all what we had left is our fantasies and in my time sex photos, sticky magazines and VHS pornos to see and watch. Then comes the next question in every boy's mind, Am i big enough?then comes the next one, Am i normal?

Iraq on world map
Iraq on world map

We didn't have locker rooms, we didn't even have water at school that i have been to, our schools is nothing like what you could imagine, there is schools for only boys and there is schools for girls only, and i know African counties and some other Arab countries has it worse but still, i was there when it was bad and it does not bring any pleasant memories, i grew up to be tough, fearless, i grew up way too quick, childhood filled with war and when it's not war! There was the people's hate for being different. Then! Europe, Sweden, BjΓΆrn Borg city where he was born and raised, ABBA museum in Stockholm, the freedom, no one is pointing their fingers at me with hate, they do have racism here and i have been called bad names by the swedes but! It was different. AM 20 years old, boys and girls go to the same school, we talk, we are all curious, am learning the swedish language and their traditions, we can go out and party at a club, Oh my god!!! I can have an alcoholic drink just like everyone else without the need to hide it in a black plastic bag, a guy and a girl are making out at the club... This is it! My trauma, my pain, my scars, my anger, my fears and my doubts are fading away, but wait! How do i talk to a girl! What do girls like! Do girls find me attractive! AM I NORMAL ? Will they accept me being from another country?

Sweden on world map
Sweden on world map

I started learning more swedish language and traditions, their history is rich, the Vikings, the royal families, the ruins, everything is new for me. Am talking to girls, going out partying with girls, am making out with gorgeous swedish girls, many girls like me, but wait! Am i big enough down there? Am i normal ? What if am not big enough? What if am not normal? I do have these questions and doubts, because i have been to close death experience, i survived a exploding car bomb and had been hit with fragments from the explosion and it was very close to my private member, so i had a surgery to remove the fragments, am fine, am here, but there was some side effects, the first most obvious! My member got extremely veiny (EXTREMELY) and got a little bit thicker. Apparently! When doing such surgery there can be such side effect. That was the most obvious one, the second side effect is! It takes me very long time to achieve ejaculation. I know! Too much information but this is my story, many told me that the ladies do like a guy last for long time in bed, but i don't know! I haven't done it yet.

The street where i worked in Baghdad
The street where i worked in Baghdad

I worked as an airplane cleaner at the Arlanda airport in Stockholm, i met so many people with so many nationalities, learned so many words in 7 different languages or even more. Then comes this girl, so cute, so clumsy, a colleague. We talked and talked and talked, there was connection like i never had before with a girl, i met a lot of girls and went to dates with them but this girl, she is very simple, no bs, no drama, nothing flashy or over the top, she talks about her family and so did i, we started going out with other colleagues and party, and one night! i live in another city but that night i was too tired and i missed my last train to go back home, so here comes my cute colleague and tells me! Listen! I have a couch you can crash on for the night. Nothing happened, i just slept on the couch, wake up in the morning, a cup of tea then went off but there was something between us, the stares, how we looked at each other, i felt something. We party again, after works, bowling, i have a nickname now! The couch guy. One day! I asked this cutey to go on a date, it wasn't easy, i told her to give me one chance, if things don't go well, am laying it off, no hard feelings. We went on a date, a very nice autumn weather, sunny, not too cold, not warm, nice leaf colors all over the city where she lives, we start with a walk, some coffee and rolls, everything is nice, i booked a table in a Italian restaurant, the atmosphere and the mood everything was magical, i can see her having fun, the food was amazing, the red wine bottle is empty, we are done there, took a walk to the train station, i had to work the next day but she had a different shift than mine, Me: I had a magical time and i would like to do this again with you, if you want too of course. Her smile , her eyes were glowing with her golden hair and she answered: Yes! I would love to. Am going on the train, she tells me to wait, she looks at me and gave me a kiss... Oh my lord! What is happening to me! I kissed so many girls, i never felt like this before, i felt i was flying on a cloud and she looked just like me, all butterflies and happy feelings, big smiles, i have to go now, on the train, i will call you when i get home. We are in love, both shy, both virgins at age of 23. We started dating and we made it official! We are in a relationship, 3 months in, no sex, just heavy making out sessions that could last for hours, both couldn't hold it in anymore

My sexual revelation

We go in to her bedroom and ... 3 minutes in! You know the awkward feeling when doing the first time, i thought i could last longer than 3 minutes because of my surgery, we are both feeling awkward but that didn't stop us from going again after few minutes, now! I told you i can last long. But i never could make her orgasm. For three months, at least 4-5 times a week, we are just going raw on each other, but one day! She took control for the first time, she gave me that (KING) feeling, she rides and then! I never saw her gasp like this before, her eyes, i hear (Oh my god) with very weak voice, she stops, SHIVERING like crazy, i started pumping again, oh! She slapped me so hard and yelled STOP, STOOOOOP. I was surprised and shocked , what did i just do! She still shivering and she told me: Please! Just hold on a second... Then i feel her pulsing while am inside... This, This is my ultimate satisfaction feeling, i feel like am the only man than can do this. Days comes and goes and i need that feeling again, am doing it, she is so satisfied . Am addicted to this, to make my woman orgasm and feel her pulsing. 9 months in this relationship, she likes me, i like her, she accepts me, of course i accept her, can we talk about how mine looks! I asked her. She answered: Am not sure, what about it? We started talking about it, she understands what happened and she thinks it kinda looks my member is angry all the time, yes! I laughed hard too, but! She accepts me and no! I am not normal and i should accept it too. We are not shy anymore, our first kiss in January 2008 and now we are here, Christmas is soon, i introduce her to my parents , well! Because my brother snitched. When i asked my dad if i can bring my lady to celebrate Christmas with us he looked at me with a smug smile, he asked:

Dad: Is she really Swedish?

Me: Yes dad, she is.

Dad: Blonde?

Me: Yes, of course she is blonde.

Dad: Blue eyes?

Me: Yes dad, blonde and blue eyes


Not my dad... But he gave me a thumbs up
Not my dad... But he gave me a thumbs up

This lady has flaws just like me, we are from different countries, different cultures, different languages, different family traditions, we had our share of fights and arguments but it was all just misunderstanding and our sex live had it's ups and downs but we never stopped loving each other since day one, we explored our sex live together, we did what many would not do, we learned so much about each other's body that we could make an amateur porno movie!!! Wait a minute! We can film our selves! Do you want to try it? She is not happy, it's something new and it can cause problems, like if we film our selves and someone finds it, we will film our selves, watch it then delete it. Perfect! she says. We used her phone, we filmed, watched it, we loved it, we laughed, she said: Am gonna delete it now. Me in the shower: OK HONEY.

SHE DID NOT DELETE IT, now we are on a whole new level of sexual experience without being with any other person. We had a THREESOME without a third person, a dildo and a fleshlight, innocent and playful,PUBLIC SEX at a camp, oops! We are black listed and banned from coming to this camp, BALCONY SEX the neighbors notice and talk to us while doing it. AIRPLANE SEX, CAR SEX, HER PARENTS BED, MY PARENTS BED, IN A MOVIE THEATER, IN A PARK, IN OUR FRIENDS HOUSE, ON THE ROOF OF HER WORK PLACE, AT THE KITCHEN WHERE I WORK, Let's step our game up! Now we are filming everything, CABIN SEX, SAUNA SEX, BAR,CLUB, RESTAURANT, CLOTHING STORES. We did it in so many places that we can't keep track if we did things before or not, we have so much toys and we love our sex adventures so much that we always plan for our new adventure, we did it in our vacations when we are in other countries and we filmed it too, made everything look so good, many complained because they saw us and heard too while doing it, and so far! We have so much more to do and it's exciting. Our favorite things are , doing it in public but of course not in front of people , it gives some being caught feeling and that makes it more exciting, BDSM mostly she is in control, she is a quick cummer and it takes me ages, 69, ruined (of course mine), prone doggy, spooning and of course the usual doggy and few other playful things, well not few but many. We have been together since January 2008, got married September 2012 and we bought a house together in December 2018 and we are not slowing down any time soon. We explore our sexuality all the time and we are not shy about it, at the same time we never share each other and we got SO MANY PEOPLE ASKING US TO SHARE specially other women, the @MrsJaximus-Lion kinda brags a lot about our sex lives and she even showed her best girl friends how good i am and few of her friends wanted to do a one time experience and we turned down everyone every single time.

Time to wrap it up! @MrsJaximus-Lion is the love of my life, my lady, my queen and she makes sure that am her man, her king and we will never stop loving each other. Thanks for @laurieluvsit again, you are very friendly, thanks for @Secret6620 too, you rock girl, you are awesome and finally! @lilyanony1 stay strong girl, you are stronger than you think.

Have a laugh, like it, or don't, write your thoughts, hate it, love it, enjoy it, or don't! Am living my life anyways and am happy with it.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day

My sexual revelation
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Great read and great love story.. Because it's real and not some flowery piece... It's real ups and downs of life as well as love, but you stuck/stick it out together, and don't let others into what should be between just a husband and wife! To many more years being Mr. and Mrs. Jax🍾🥂💜
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  • Secret6620
    Fantastic Mytake!!! I enjoyed reading and thank you for the AWESOME shout out!!! You ROCK too!!! And so does your beautiful wife! 🌟
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    • Thank you girl. We got inspired from your sexy funny questions and specially your comments. Thanks

    • YAY πŸ™‹ Thanks for most helpful girl πŸŽ€

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  • humanearth
    Well it finely nice to meet another married couple on here. I thought I was the only one.

    My wife is @MotherEarth2020. If your lucky enough to catch her online. She not on much anymore, but comes on from time to time
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  • laurieluvsit
    Wow, great myTake!

    I am so glad that I was able to help inspire you, thank you for that mention :)
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    • My pleasure, looking forward to your next (my take) and survey 😁

  • Ineedmoneynow
    Freaks come out at night👺. So its bed time for all of you. First of all I want to thank all those $20 dolla BJ hookas that sucked out the demons out of me. Second I wanna get more $20 dolla hookas. 😢 but with the cost of living rising it might just be the rich that will enjoy that luxury 😡
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    • Are you sure you are at the right place for this comment/opinion?

  • Jamie05rhs
    Dude, you rock. This was a very inspiring story. Many blessings to you and your wife!
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  • monkeynutts
    Cool, it's great that someone who has had such a tough time can find happiness and love in life, if you find it in another country, so be it, better than not at all.
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    Wow this is an awesome my take. 😄😎👍
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