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The Cultural Consequences of Society's Failure to Reject Transgenderism


Transgenderism is the belief that someone can be the gender opposite their sex. The justification proffered for this definition is that sex is a social construct, and so therefore it can and should be reconstructed to make people happy. Constructs of male and female have been reconstructed so that people are categorized based on preference, not biology. Cultural issues arise from this notional shift and the justification for it. I will be outlining some of these issues here.

Accepting the logical justification for transgenderism leads you to unacceptable conclusions

Most Liberals agree that you can identify as the gender opposite your sex because gender is a social construct, and social constructs should be changed to make people happy. Following this logic necessarily leads you to the conclusion that the woman in this MyTake Norwegian woman claim to be born as a cat? is in fact a kitty cat. Why? Cats, like gender, are socially constructed. Our criteria for what constitutes a cat has been established by society, hence the term "social construct". If you redefine our sexual constructs to make others happy you must be willing to do the same for cat-ladies, or man-children (also mentioned in this users MyTake). Most Liberals do not find this conclusion acceptable, and yet that is where their logic takes them.

The Cultural Consequences of Societys Failure to Reject Transgenderism

Accepting transgenderism tarnishes the utility of sex-related pronouns

Words are symbols we give meaning to for our communicative convenience. When I use a word it should be clear based on its definitions and the context in which I am using it, what meaning I am trying to convey. Words lose their utility when they have the potential to convey x meaning and their antonym simultaneously. The confusion this creates leads to less efficient social interactions, as more layers of investigation and/or elaboration will be required to discern the intended meaning of the type of words described.

For our purposes, think of the words "male" and "female". If we lived in a Liberal utopia, I could tell my friend that I had sex with a girl I met at the bar last night, and to truly discern what I am saying, he would have to ask me: "a girl with a real or synthetic vagina?" We make words for our communicative convenience. We should try to avoid the communicative pitfalls that come with redefining sex on an identification basis.

Accepting transgenderism leads to gender-abolitionism

Gender-abolitionism is what it sounds like: the stance that gender pronouns should be erased completely. This stance is justified by the logic that although men and women are different at the aggregate level, on an individual basis a female can fit the social, male prototype and vice versa. In other words, you can have manly women and feminine men. This is also going to be true on a biological basis, when new technologies enable a biological man to become pregnant. At this point sexual descriptors supposedly become useless, because people with x y chromosomes will have no pertinent differences socially or biologically from those who have x x chromosomes. It follows that gender-laden words should be abolished on the basis that these words no longer describe a reality idiosyncratic to people of different sexual-chromosomal compositions.

The issue with this argument - which I have fairly represented - is that it is of course not true. Even in this technologically advanced world there will still be differences between men and women based on their DNA. One important difference being that of a real vagina/penis vs those which are synthetic. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to have sex with someone who has a synthetic vagina, just as I'm sure most women wouldn't want to have sex with someone who has a synthetic penis. There would be many other important, residual distinctions to be made along the lines of these chromosomal differences, but that is a topic for another paper.

What is important to know is that the acceptance of transgenderism leads society down this undesirable path. If you give credence to the notion that sex is something which should be premised on what people identify as, you detract from the importance of the biological and social distinctions that gender-laden words possess. This obviously gives credence to the gender abolitionist argument, which is already seeping into our mainstream institutions. Just ask CNN and their "people with cervix's". https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/30/health/new-cervical-cancer-screening-recommendations-wellness/index.html

Transgender people have a mental illness that isn't getting the attention it deserves.

Mental illness doesn't have an established definition, but one criteria that is agreed upon by people who put forth plausible definitions for the term "mental illness", is that of self-harm and harm to others. People who claim transgenderism isn't a mental illness state that simply being transgendered is not harmful; it only presents a harm when the trans-person is experiencing depression alongside their gender-identity. Without these negative emotions, simply being transgendered is not a mental ailment they claim. Of course, this is completely inaccurate.

Transgenderism is debilitating in our society. The concepts of male and female describe a biological reality that trans-people cannot attain. When they masquerade as the sex opposite their gender they confuse themselves and others. Go back to the bar example. Let's say you bring a trans-female home from the bar and she presents to you her elbow fat, penis. Is this debilitating to the self and others? Yes. I don't think I need to describe how this scenario plays out, and it is only one of many ways in which just simply BEING transgender can be debilitating, even without the association of negative affect coming into the picture.

Because society refuses to acknowledge that being transgendered is a mental illness, we are not doing the research necessary to help them with their condition. They have a misconstrued interpretation of their surroundings, like someone who has schizophrenia. This misconception causes them harm in our society; and yet, we ostracize and disparage anyone who even acknowledges that we should be treating transgender people for delusions, discouraging them from pursuing treatment research that could cure them of their problem.

The Cultural Consequences of Society's Failure to Reject Transgenderism
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  • Juxtapose
    The thing with transgendered people, is that they have scientific documentation proving their dysphoria and the effectiveness of transitioning as a treatment.

    People who want to become a cat do not have the backing to warrant recognition. They are a minority among minorities among minorities, etc.

    Although you do have people who claim that you can be transgendered without having dysphoria.. which kind of throws the whole idea of acceptance concerning transgendered people out the window.

    Why would we entertain your delusion if you are not even suffering from dysphoria? Why don't we offer the same courtesy to want to be cat people?

    The answer is: sjws have no coherent basis in logic. If you press them enough, they will just accuse you of being a bigot and yell at you.
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  • Gedaria
    What makes your opinion so right. It's so one sided , black and white.
    People are individuals , that's where gays , come from.
    People have different colour still makes makes them part of society.
    Being transgender is like a different colour,...
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    • Twinrova

      No. Being a person of colour has no bearing on how you think. Transgender people are delusional, and their delusions have lead to the cultural problems outlined above.

    • Gedaria

      Total rubbish. You have your opinion , it's not mine...

    • Barbaric

      What do you mean "gays"? Do you mean gay people? We're people you know? That's so um, like, offensive.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Love is love, anyone can be who ever they wanted to be
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  • Bandit74
    I go along with it because I feel like I have to but admittedly the whole concept seems kinda loony to me. Man and woman have a series of physical and personality traits we associate with each. Sure very few people perfectly embod all traits of either but the vast majority of people will have more traits in one category than the other. With trans people they often have more characteristics from X but claim to be Y despite having few to none of the chacteristics of Y.

    For example in the following YouTube video the individual idenfies as a woman yet most of their physical traits are more typically masculine. Even their personality traits stereotypically fall more on the masculine spectrum yet simply idenentifying as female apparently overides/supersedes everything else aparently. I'd be more open to it if there was an objective test to prove it but as long as it's simply based on identifying then I am more inclined to see them as nutcases.https://www.youtube.com/embed/JdnBV-S-RXk
  • genericname85
    i think this is quite a double standard. on the one hand side this entire lgbtq+ thing has managed to somehow "reduce" social acceptance for "nonstandard" sexualities.

    i think it's basically nobodies business which sexuality you have and your gender expression is your business as much is "how people percieve you" is THEIR business.

    so the double standard i was talking about is that we've come to accept transgenders, lesbians and gays as "normal", not "disabled"... though gender dysphoria and intersexuality is quite litterally a disability. i'm not to talk down on them just i'm not talking down on paralyzed people for being disabled and using a wheelchair. i'm just acknowledging that they are disabled, which is a fact.

    meanwhile we're treating necrophiles, pedophiles and zoophiles still as "criminal bastards" and we don't even try to rise awareness for their issues and try to help them with their disability... instead we criminalize, shun and imprison them, even though they can't help their sexual preference just like people with intersex or gender disphoria can't help it.

    so either we accept every sexuality as "ok" or we say "only straight is normal". we can't continue drawning arbitrary lines in the sand between what's ok and what isn't.
  • TonyV
    Chosing a different gender dosent make you trans, there are like 300 genders now, yeah some are pretty dumb.
    Choosing the other sex makes you trans.

    I'm ignoring this one cherry picked example of cat lady, cause that's like 1 in a million, so I dont care.

    Trans aren't breaking down society.

    I dont care what they do I dont have to date them, they dont effect me at all.

    I'm much more affected my the fucking ignorant bible thumpers, the seem to have a mental disability.

    While were at it almost everyone has a mental disability, almost everyone is undiagnosed.

    If your proposing we somehow forcibly stop trans people from doing what they want to do with their life than you are a bigger problem then they will ever be.
  • You clearly know nothing about mental illness.
    • Twinrova

      I am recreational therapist and attend the best school in my cou try for mental health studies. I also have tons of volunteer experience with those who are mentally ill. I think I know a thing or two.

    • Twinrova

      It seems like you aren't willing to contend with my argument for a reason.

    • msc545

      I'm a Clinical Psychologist with a Ph. D. - Do you really want to argue with me?

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  • FeministHater_
    Mental illness.
  • Anonymous
    Abolition of gender will get rid of female sports and quotas for females. It will also finally destroy feminism for good. How can you exclude someone based upon gender when it is mutable. Women will no longer pay less for insurance simply for driving safe or living longer

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