Acceptance Is Not Everywhere


Acceptance Is Not Everywhere

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere

First Off

This article is meant to be informative. I want to say before I even begin that, I Do Not agree with the treatment or view points towards the LGBTQ in the Midwest or anywhere that is discriminative or hurtful to them. I support the LGB and it's members.

I am writing this because I want people to understand how differently they are treated in the Bible Belt and throughout the Midwest in general, as compared to other places in America.

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere

By observations I've seen on GAG, I think people naïvely think, on the coasts or in larger cities, that views and acceptance on homosexuality are the same throughout the United States of America. I'm sorry to have to tell you guys but they are not. In fact in some places the treatment is horrible and even deadly.

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere

It's Dangerous and Can be Illegal

Travel advisories for LGBTQ members have been issued in five different states in the Midwest and South for years and years now. In three different states all in the Bible Belt not only is crossdressing frowned upon, it's actually illegal in some counties.

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere

Individuals will be charged if caught crossdressing in public with attempting to impersonate a woman which is charged as a sex crime. Drag shows are illegal and gay bars just don't exist period.

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere

Violence Toward Transexuals

Most homosexuals in rural areas of the Midwest can not even be openly gay becaues of the danger it imposes to their safety. Over 40 transexuals have been beat to death or killed already in the Midwest in the year 2020 alone. These crimes just do not make the headlines or national news, so most people are unaware of this huge problem still occuring.

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere

Race or Age Is Not a Factor

Ages of these individuals who were killed ranged from 16-52 years old and were mostly men impersonating women. Race or age did not seem to make a difference in these horrible murderous crimes against transexuals in the Bible Belt.

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere


2020 was the 22nd consecutive year that Democrats in the Missouri legislature have fought for the passage of the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act, or MONA, which would ban discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community. It was the 22nd consecutive year that the Conservative majority rejected the bill without even allowing a vote.

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere

Did You Know?

In Missouri and Arkansas entering 2021 you can still be denied services, an apartment, or not hired for a job for who you are or who you choose to love without any legal recourse? It's true and it happens everyday.

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere

It's not okay that some people in the Midwest do not except and embrace the LGBTQ and the many wonderful members of its community.

Hopefully, in the future people will stop this crazy, violent, behavior and realize that their views towards homosexuality is horrible, unfair and just wrong.

I hope the Bible Belt will change it's views and understanding towards the LGBTQ community in the future.

Acceptance Is Not Everywhere


Until that time comes please be aware not everyone is on the same page as you reguarding the rights and acceptance of The LGBTQ. It can be dangerous and unsafe for them in some places in America, sadly even today.

Thanks for reading everyone 💖....

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Acceptance Is Not Everywhere
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  • AndrewMG
    Great take but some of these opinions below just make me pray for a comet crashing into earth, I'm a straight guy so I'm not coming from an angle and work on the basis that if I don't understand/can't relate to a situation I treat it with compassion first rather than condemning. People who are using religion to back up there argument need a serious slap, if religion is justifying you hating people/being a bigot then you've either picked the wrong religion or misinterpreted it.
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    • Mehzmeh

      This right here is why, we are cyber friends!!!

    • WowwGirl

      @Mehzmeh ahhhh

    • AndrewMG

      Thanks mate!

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  • Jjpayne
    I believe everyone is important and their voice is valuable
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  • coachTanthony
    It's very unfortunate. I have many LGBTQ friends and clients and they are no different then anyone else. Good people.

    If people don't agree that is one thing but resorting to violence is pure hate.
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  • If you do not want to think freely do not read this.

    The real question is: should we accept it as normal? If yes why? If not why not?

    And if we shouldn't accept it as normal what should we do about it?

    Answer: lgbt must not be considered normal because it goes against human nature.
    No human is born homosexual, it is an acquired disorder.

    In the eyes of science that is.

    2 years ago scientists discovered that there is no genetic link to homosexuality.

    This basically proves that it's acquired.

    Also the fact that it is much more common societies which have media that normalizes it further support that proof.

    Most of these people have issues which caused trauma that opened them to the world of lgbt.

    A single parent raised them or a father raped them or they were bullied badly or they were influenced by friends, cartoons, the media.

    These are the things that produce lgbt not genes.

    Natural selection makes sure any possibility of a "gay gene's" presence an impossibility.

    Tolerance and acceptance aren't the same as normalization.

    We have to be tolerant and accepting towards lgbt people and we must try to help them.

    These are human beings just like us and must not be harmed or forced to be something they don't wanna be.

    At the same time lgbt must not be normalized just like any other mental problem.

    Anything that harms an organism's chances of reproduction is bad for them, that is basic biology.

    Not to mention the implications of normalization of such things.

    In fact now after they've normalized lgbt, they are normalizing incest and pedophilia, bestiality and cannibalism.

    What the fuck is left of our human morality?

    These aren't coincidences. There are people who aim to morph society into their twisted image in preparation for the arrival of their supposed savior and leader. The false messiah/ dajjal.

    Whether or not he'll come is up to you to believe but they believe in him and are preparing for his supposed arrival.

    Depopulation, the annihilation of morality, destruction of family values, twisting the religions to serve as a brainwashing instrument instead of their intended purposes.

    These are some of their goals. Oh and if you think this is some sort of conspiracy theory think again, this is common belief among these secret societies. Just grab a masonic book and you'll find everything I told you.

    Or better yet, listen to Bill gates saying he wants to depopulate 95% of the world (thats a quote by the way)

    Or go to Georgia and read in several languages the 100 ton stone tablets built by "unknown people" saying their 10 commandments which begin with "maintaining humanity at 500 million people".

    See i went deep in this comment but if I hadn't done that you wouldn't get the full picture.

    To understand people you have to understand their motivations and the motivations of those who control their social environment.
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    • msc545

      Yet another scientific illiterate.

    • WowwGirl

      @msc545 lmao

    • WowwGirl

      Dude don't was your time I read four sentances tops

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  • EtsiBee
    I have never seen any billboards like the ones you posted.. had anyone? In real life?

    Hatred and discrimination will always exist no matter what. Either because you’re too fat, too skinny, too pale, too dark, too short, too ugly, too gay, too perfect 👌!

    There is no real stop to this, hate should not be encouraged in any form, but there will always be a stupid reason why someone doesn’t like you, your hair is too curly, your boobs are too big, etc.

    Why do people want everyone to love them? Be happy with the ones closest to you loving you.

    People placing these billboards are awful, but it’s not really so common because I’ve never personally seen any at all and I live in a very big city, I’ve also traveled to many countries and have yet to see any of this. It shouldn’t happen regardless but also you shouldn’t seek to find approval and acceptance from the entire world, just be happy to have those near you who love you.

    I demand everyone to love me!!! Because my hair is curly and I’m short and fat. Um no. Love yourself and be happy to have those near you regardless of who or what you are, how you look and what you like.
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    • WowwGirl

      You don't live in the Midwest

    • EtsiBee

      Well I hope it’s not so awful there but then again why do you want everyone to love and or accept you? Why not be happy with your close family and friends who do? In the end they are the ones who matter the most! If they are also part of the group then I feel for you. Maybe move. 😐 I don't know

    • WowwGirl

      I'm good lol I'm very straight

  • Yaaten
    Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, as the saying goes. Why are you so supportive of such abominable behaviour? How can you not see how corrosive the acceptance of such evil is for society? Why do the letters keep expanding? (It's now LGBTQ, but soon there will be an A for asexual, and P for paedophile). I will never accept this twisted garbage, and your post is a disgrace.
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    • 1. Two people love each other, it isn't abominable, it is happiness. Love is a gift and when two people share it it is a beautiful thing.
      2. And it's evil how? Let's see here, challenging gender norms- well actually that's good since people are expressing themselves better which will lead to less misogyny. Not reproducing? Well we certainly don't need more people in the world, in fact we're suffering overpopulation.
      3. LGBTQIA+, ace iz sometimes used in the spectrum, look it up.
      4. The community will ALWAYS draw the line at age and consent. P/dophiles have tried to mainstream a flag before and the community rallied against it. Love is love as long as it's consensual and mutual and p/dophilia will never have a place in the acronym.
      5. Have a good day, I hope this cleared some things up 🥰

    • Yaaten

      @angeliquedevereux2 "Two people love each other" - What if one is 13 and the other 55? Still "beautiful", or downright creepy? What about a brother and sister?
      "How is it evil?" - Well, for one thing the encouragement of such relationships is counter-productive to the survival of the species. Yes, I realise the human race is at this point in time very far from becoming extinct, but there were good reasons in the past for having laws and taboos that constrained certain unions.
      "LGBT is a spectrum" - How convenient for those like you who support things like this. People now say the same thing about autism, whilst claiming that it isn't a mental problem (which it clearly is). It's denial of course, denial of reality, and the reality is that there are those who have autism and those who do not, those who are heterosexual and those who are something else. Where did you get this spectrum idea from? I ask because I really do not know, it makes precisely zero sense to me.
      "... the line at the age of consent" - Well, the age of consent can be changed, can't it?
      "Love is love as long as it's consensual" - No. I think there is more to it than just "consent". You know, like responsibility, commitment, fidelity. Old fashioned values that most young people have never even heard of, never mind take seriously.
      Yes, it is a good day! I hope I corrected some of your misconceptions. :)

    • Yes I did say, it draws the line at consent. If one is 13 and the other is 55 it's p/dophilia, that's a fact. Love between a man that's 31 and a man that's 34 is still love just as much as love between a man and woman of the same age.
      There were also rules in the past that said women can't vote and POCs should be slaves but of course they changed. As the world evolved, we evolved but something as basic as two adults in love is still a debate.
      Yes LGBT is a spectrum, that's a fact. If you're Bi you could prefer men over women or women over men. If you were omnisexual then you could prefer non binary people over men and women. I never said autism was or wasn't a disorder but yes I believe that is a spectrum too.
      Yes I realise there are lots of factors besides consent but to add all of them would take too long to mention, it's easier just to say that love is love as long as the two are at a legal age :)

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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    People don't have to be a certain way or even totally accept a certain ideology, belief, way of life... But should always be respectful of others and their right/freedom to be what/who they are... choose the lifestyle that best suits them... And for all the "haters" that use Christianity as their excuse..."Judge not lest ye yourself be judged" ... And no man should sit in judgement on any other man, that is for God and only God...
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    • Judge not lest you be judged. Means don’t be a hypocrite. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, you’ll know them by their fruit.

  • hellionthesagereborn
    That is incorrect. It is true that their are judgmental people, but then you will never escape that (your doing it now with the midwest (which largely is indifferent to homosexuality as most people are)), but that is a far cry different then it being dangerous.

    We have not had any real violence towards homosexuals in any significant degree (despite popular beliefs. Most news tries to spin it that way because it gets headlines (like the orlando shooter who's expressed purpose for shooting up a club (which by all accounts he had no idea was a gay club) was to hurt america like america had hurt the middle east i. e. it had nothing to do with homosexuality. Or the Mathew Shepard incident which was thrown out as a gay killing when in fact, by the admission of the killers themselves, it was a robbery and attempt to acquire drugs (and by some accounts one of the killers was even bisexual)).

    Your also wrong in your idea that the coasts are some how more benevolent then the midwest, that is incorrect. They are no more inclined towards discrimination then some one from new york is.

    You can make a case for their being a higher rate of discrimination amongst religious however even their its not as much as is being presented. Buying a billboard is not that expensive, in rural areas it could be a total of 250 dollars. So that is not some kind of widespread conspiracy against gays in these areas, its just small groups that happen to be very vocal about their beliefs (like the westboro baptist church that has a whopping 70 members (yet have plenty of headlines about them and protests they have made). The founder of which by the way, at least according to his daughter before he died, disavowed his own views on gays (his intent was to try and "save" them and he became consumed by his rhetorica and became more hateful but in his last days he recanted everything and stated that he was wrong.).

    As for acceptence not being everywhere, well that is true but also meaningless as it will never be everywhere. You personally discriminate, every one does to some degree or another and that is the beauty of freedom we all get to have an opinion even if its a shitty one, so long as it stays just an opinion then it doesn't matter.

    Also the last pic is wrong, you cannot be fired for being gay (you can be fired for everything else, but not for being gay), that would violate antidiscrimination laws.
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    • WowwGirl

      I live in Missouri buy okay whatever you say sure

    • And I lived in springfield IL, have relatives in Missouri, and Minnesota, and currently live near Chicago. Like I said, most people don't give a damn, others may have an opinion you don't like but are not going to do harm to anyone (statistics bare that out) and at worse will just be an asshole. Again, this is based upon statistical data showing an abscense of crime against gays as well as the most prominent anti lgbt hate group being only 70 members strong (the Black Israelites are another story but they despise every one and everything that isn't black so I don't really count them).

    • WowwGirl


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  • RolandCuthbert
    This is GaG, so all the guys here will just talk about that time when they were attacked by a transexual or beaten up by some gay person.
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    • WowwGirl

      I was attacked by a trans sexual

  • JayParris
    If people actually understood the Bible, this wouldn't be an issue. Christ's message can be summed up as follows: love is good, hate is bad, and we are all forgiven for being what you were created to be, so therefore we should forgive others for being what they were made to be.

    That being said, I can admit to being put off by certain behaviors that are more prevalent in the LGBTQ community. Ex: I don't want to hang around men who speak and act like teenage Valley Girls. But then, I don't want to be around teenage Valley Girls either, so it has nothing to do with them being men, or gay. I just find that persona irritating.

    But the big one is that I don't enjoy being around people who are easily offended. I like people who speak freely and allow others to do the same. I've met very few people in the queer community who don't get offended and try to start confrontations over any minor perceived offense, and I'm not the type of person who's gonna walk on eggshells to protect their fragile egos.
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  • jgibsonian1986
    Forcing acceptance is an intellectual dictatorship. Everyone is entitled to support whatever they wish
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    • op isn't forcing acceptance. she's saying don't commit hate crimes

    • What do you mean by a hate crime?

    • WowwGirl

      @nevernevernever thank you for understanding my point miss. You are right
      acceptancee isn't the message it's nobody should be hurt or punished for their lifestyle or beliefs

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  • AlexanderAnttila
    I do not condone violence against anyone like that, neither would I ever go out of my way to in any fashion make life harder for someone because they are homosexual or trans. But the only pictures out of this collection I would agree are hateful are the ones burning the flag, and the man with the signs. The rest is simply quoting Scripture, because they like me believe in them.

    It's not a one way street you know. Emphasis on what the Bible says on sexuality is reactionary because violence against Christians and people who do not support lgbtq also exists widely, and not just in America. Accusations of being worse than Hitler or spreading hatred or "hate speech", simply for uttering the phrase; I disagree.

    So while it must be said that people who act like the man with the "God hates fags signs", certainly aren't true believers and are indeed spreading hatred, tolerance for the lgbtq isn't the only issue here. I would fight against harming or killing anyone regardless of what they call themselves and how they live, but the whole notion that the majority of Christians are these torch-wielding mobsters is a gross misrepresentation of the real majority.

    And as a side inference, the rainbow flag is a Christian symbol in origin representing God's covenant with mankind, which has been stolen by the lgbtq community. Many of us Christians have long been inclined to take it back.
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    • I would also say that it isn't within anyone's right to force me to *accept* anything with regards to the title. Live in peace with certainly, but I do not like it when people assume it's a given that everyone must abide by complete acceptance else they are hateful and bigoted.

    • Yaaten

      Exactly, the rainbow is mentioned in Genesis and is an important symbol that represents God's covenant with mankind that was entered into after the Flood. These people are trying to take that away, but we all know what happened to them at Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • @Yaaten Indeed. Sodom and Gomorrah were ruthless examples of sin's wages being death.

  • WhiteSteve
    Nice Take, it’s crazy how people are perceived and treated in some parts of this country. Shit, even in my area, they painted a rainbow crosswalk on the main drag, and some idiot showed up within the first week from a few towns away in a pickup truck and was burning out his tires on it to deface it. A lot of uneducated and unfortunate attitudes out there.
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  • Guanfei
    I don't want the LGBT community.
    I'm fine with gays and bi.
    Trans isn't a thing for me, which, unlike what people think, doesn't mean I hate those who claim to be or even treat them worse than anyone else.

    But I'm certainly not fine with the LGBT community. Who has proven to be one of the most toxic, hateful and exclusive community I've seen in a while. And I don't care that they pretend to be oppressed, if you act like an asshole, you're an asshole, the same as anyone else, straight, gay, chair or goat.
    From hate towards straight people, to openly expressing their disgust about them, or hoping for their death.
    They're also very active in canceling, harassing, attacking anyone not following their little cult, even toward their own.
    Acting like being gay or bi or trans make them better people than straight people.
    Not accepting any criticism and calling everyone something-phobic when they disagree.
    And talking about oppression when you have literally the complete freedom to do the worst things to people without consequences is kinda funny.

    Also, I'm not "accepting" gays and bi. I don't have to, they're people like me or anyone else. I'm not asking myself if I should treat them differently, I just won't. Some will ask to be treated differently, and to them, I'll just say that I won't. No better or worse than anyone else, as long as they don't do anything to deserve it.
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    • I do apologise if you have been treated this way, and we are trying to work out the kinks in the community. For example, Bi people are not really included in with even us saying pick a side.
      Though I'd like to bring attention that we are a fairly new group and only recently been able to open that much with only 60 to 70 years of our community being around. We do accept any people or at least I do but we really don't want to have hateful ideas that will pollute the community more than it already is.
      And the phobia thing is a defence mechanism in case someone else is very harmful in my view.
      As for hoping for death, I do wish you blessings and good health and i do not condone any thing of the sort.

  • RingOfFire
    It doesn't matter what part of the country you talk about. LGBTQ people bring the problems on themselves. I'm so sick and tired of this "oh poor me I'm a victim of mean white straight men" mentality.

    If you engage in minority sexual activity that's your business. I couldn't care less what consenting adults do for sex in the privacy of their own homes. It's none of my business. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DO AND I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT OR KNOW WHAT YOU DO. Shut up about it already! Stop with the public sex parades and flaunting your sexual life. WHO CARES? I'll leave you alone if you leave ME alone.

    Also, their problem is that they are not happy with TOLERANCE. They demand APPROVAL. You are entitled to tolerance BUT YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO APPROVAL.

    I am sick and tired of these Nazi thought police who try to force me to approve of their sexual life and then harass me if I don't. You don't have to approve of me and I don't have to approve of YOU. You don't have to agree with me and I don't have to agree with YOU. If you don't respect my view and stop harassing me for it and trying to impose your view on everyone, then don't expect any respect from me.

    This passive aggressive attitude from that community is repulsive. I don't hate the individuals who engage in these sexual behaviors, I hate the fact that THEY are the aggressors who attack ME and then complain that they are the victims. SHUT UP ALREADY... I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOOUT YOUR SEXUAL ISSUES!

    You want to know why so many people can't stand the LGBTQ stuff? This is why. This community brings it on itself. Shut up about your sexuality and have some respect for people who don't approve of it. Otherwise expect your mind control attacks to get push back and stop whining about it.
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  • worldscolide
    It's sickening how they are treated. As much as I disagree with the trans community, because it's become trendy, that is absolutely no reason to deny services, and hurt or kill them, same with the remaining part of the LGBT community.
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    • WowwGirl

      Yeah dislike whatever murder is a different story

  • zeitgeist057
    Not just regarding the Gay BLT crowd, but also applies to many minority groups, including mental disorders and other deviations from the norm.

    The way humans are genetically coded and socialized by their cultures often combines to make a recipe for intolerance of others that fall outside a given spectrum of the average.

    By genetic coding, I mean we are at our core, a social species both outside our taxonomic family such as dolphins or wolves, and many of the other primates within our taxonomic Family. Social species decide within their communities what behaviors are acceptable, and which will cause varying degrees of discouragement, ranging from mild disapproval to murder of the offending individual. Humans are no exception to these patterns of behavior, as evidenced by some of the examples above.

    Humans are an exception in some regards, such as our ability to record information and disseminate it throughout the broader planetary community. Many human individuals also have some top notch processing and recall abilities.

    By culture socialization, I mean that humans learn from the culture that influences them wherever they are born. E. g. those born in Thailand predominately learn to speak Thai, are likely Buddhist, and follow Thai mores. Those born in the Midwest region of the USA predominately learn to speak English, likely hold Judeo-Christian beliefs, and follow Midwest mores. All around the world you see this. It is a rare occurrence for a person born in India, who just randomly goes against everything in their surrounding culture and adopts Christianity, or vice versa with a Midwesterner (USA) adopting Hinduism.

    I was born in California, and moved to northern Idaho when I was 10 years old. I moved back to California at 16, and since then have traveled extensively around the world and the many states of the USA. I was homophobic, racist, and generally intolerant of most humans outside my limited experience when I was 16, after my subtle indoctrination of the culture of a small community in north Idaho. After years of exposure to other cultures and a wide variety of people of many nations and practices, I have shed most of these ignorant hatreds.

    I hypothesize that the old adage is true about ignorance and racism, and ignorance and hatred in general. The more information I gather about individuals of any demographic, the more compassion and empathy I have, and the less I am able to feel any animosity toward them.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    I agree with most of those signs. Most of them. Most of them, are lovingly pointing out that you are not hopeless to be trapped in your fixations. Which is a message everyone needs to hear; because nearly everyone today has an unhealthy sexual fixation. Even I have struggled with a few, as my OCD is a monster.

    There is nothing "hateful" about inspiring hope - except in the eyes of those who want to groom children for a gay deathstyle, and wish to consolidate power. Messages of hope, take away power from these activists. Thus, they want to destroy hope, by calling it "hate," and hoping no one is smart enough to see through them.

    While I don't condone vigilante violence against the gender-confused nor the gender-bender deviant, there is a simple reason they are common targets: they immediately go into prostitution, and feel compelled to lie to their potential clients.

    Anyone with any iota of common sense realizes that you don't go trying to sell a product - especially not your body - to a potential client, outright lie to the client, and expect anything good to come of it! Smart con artists always find a way to slip away, so they CAN'T get beaten to a pulp for false advertising!

    The gender-bender-deviant, however, make a point of putting themselves in extremely dangerous situations, trying to sell a lie to their clients, and arrogantly assuming they shouldn't need an easy escape route! Then, when the predictable happens, and the client is less than amused with being ripped off, they WONDER why the client gets violent!

    Bear in mind: in the field of prostitution, even a hooker who fails to deliver as good of sex to the client as promised, can find herself beaten to death by the John she gives service to! That's why prostitution is an inherently dangerous line of work, and one of many reasons it's still illegal in many places!

    So when you go into THAT field, KNOWING how dangerous it is, and LYING TO CLIENTS, and expect anything other than getting beaten to death? Is it exclusively the fault of the client who got ripped off; or is it ALSO the fault of the dishonest service provider, who not only lied, but exercised ZERO common sense?

    Again, those johns who kill because they got misled are not excused. They deserve the electric chair. But to act like the solution is to blackmail the masses into accepting pure evil perversion as normal, acceptable, and good, if not sacrosanct, as the "solution"? Batshit INSANITY!

    Is it too much to accept that "Do not murder" and "Do not be sexually impure" are right next to each other in the Ten Commandments FOR A REASON? As in, ONE NEVER EXCUSES THE OTHER, and vice-versa?
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    • Yaaten

      "Do not be sexually impure" is not one of the Ten Commandments. I agreed with your first three paragraphs, but you really went off the rails after that.

  • AnnNoid
    I hate gags but it’s absolutely ridiculous that it’s illegal to dress like a girl, wtf?
    What isn’t illegal now? Do we have no freedom? TF!!!
    Only things that are bad should be illegal, like murder thief rape etc etc...
    But small things that aren’t hurting anyone like dressing as a girl... why the fuck is that illegal? We have no freedom! Wtf?
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  • EssenceDawson
    Yeah it’s not everywhere due to annoying christians who push their beliefs onto everyone. Sorry to say but not everyone is Christian and not everyone thinks it’s a sin, and regardless if it was a “sin” it doesn’t affect you? No one is dying from being gay so I suggest anyone who is an annoying homophobic pain in the ass keep your opinions to yourselves.
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  • MissDawn7961
    male and female created he him ( God ) male and female created he them ( God ) ! you are either a male born with a penis or a female born with a vagina ! if the male wants to become a female , then he can cut off his penis and bleed to death ! she can cut off her vagina but how? thanks
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  • JDavid25
    MONA is an acronym for the cruelly misleading Missouri Nondiscrimination Act. MONA represents a menacing domestic threat to religious freedom. If it passes it could serve as a mechanism for LGBT people to claim discrimination in a variety of ways, triggering lawsuits against religious organizations and people of faith who want to run their businesses according to the dictates of their faith. So the "discrimination" of LGBTQ is debatable and more of a grey area than is described here.. Also people like to mention how many Trans people (mainly Transwomen) are murdered every year not takin into account why they were actually murdered.. There is not any indication that they were murdered because they were trans, but that they were murdered and happened to be Trans.. Just like Feminist and BLM a lot of this info distorted to gain power.. Gay men actual out earn many of their heterosexual counter parts.. A lot of the groups Antifa has many Trans individuals who happen to be very violent.. So this is less about acceptance and more about compliance at this point..
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