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Confessions of a Ladies Man pt. 2: What I've Learned About Women

Confessions of a Ladies Man pt. 2: What Ive Learned About Women
This past Thanksgiving was a private one with my best friend that I will call Kelly. I am black she is white. Anyways, Like normal she says I can sleep at her place. We alternate where we sleep after we hang out. We both live 2 hours apart. She's a friend from college. We have always slept in separate beds. But this time it was different. She asks me to join her in bed. "Oh. Because you are lonely?" I told her. She started crying. I slept with her. We spooned all night. We did not have sex.

Women get lonely. They just want to be held sometimes by someone they trust.

I have had several fuck buddies in my life. I another best friend I will call Kelsey...we had drinks, went to her apartment and had "dry sex". We dry humped in our underwear until she orgasm'd. Months later she called me, confessed that she orgasm'd that night, offered to pay my uber to come over.

2 weeks ago a fuck buddy called me after months of no contact. She had been on a date with a Christian guy and was about to promise a relationship where they waited for sex until marriage. She was a black girl. She sent me nudes of her breasts. Begged me to fuck her. So i did. Another girl, this time a white girl did the same thing. Sent me nudes and essentially demanded that I come to her place. So I did.

Women are just as horny and sexual as men are. Women sometimes just want to be fucked.

I've dated tough goth chics with a resting bitch face. But beneath the bitchy attitude there is a lost soul who is scared. I've dated girls who are innocent flowers who behind closed doors are wildly kinky. I've dated tomboys. Yes, girls who hate wearing dresses, talk sports, and have a low voice. Are they a dude? Nope. The clothes come off and she's a chic with the libido and aggressiveness of a horny young "guy" but is clingy and vulnerable.

Dont try to understand women. They don't even understand themselves!

Confessions of a Ladies Man pt. 2: What I've Learned About Women
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  • Anonymous
    "Dont try to understand women. They don't even understand themselves!"

    You can understand them if you take more notice of their actions than their words, and if you understand a few basic truths about the nature of men and women. Modern society is hell-bent on convincing us that they don't exist, people care more about their personal feelings than they do about the truth, and there are things which those who subscribe to the old order way of thinking misunderstood/misunderstand too.

    Today's culture is confusing and everybody is trying to navigate the modern world with no compass, which is why this site exists. That's all I'm seeing here.

    Kelly wasn't just lonely, for some reason she's missing male attention and can't find a decent man she can trust for a relationship, probably dealing with a lot of fuckboys. At that time she was feeling it and you were a guy she knew she could trust.

    The "Christian" girl having a fuckbuddy, waiting til marriage but then deciding she wants sex isn't that confusing either. Women sometimes just want to get fucked, they're as sexual as we are. She's a woman who has enjoyed casual sex. This is what women do. They'll act one way with one guy, and a different way with another guy, depending on the guy. When they want a serious relationship, particularly with a guy who is naive about female nature in the way Christian men usually are, they sell those guys on purity. They might even try to be the "good girl". But this conflicts with their real sexual nature, and the idea of purity is bullshit. That's what those innocent looking girls who are complete freaks in the bedroom do too.

    As for the tough goth chicks, tomboys, they are scared. They're women. They want what every other woman wants, to be taken care of by a strong man. But they've been hurt, or they've been told they'll get hurt, by a society which tells them that they should be strong and independent, more like a man, take care of themselves, don't be vulnerable. So they put up walls and pretend to be badasses. The toughness is always a front - that's why they think men's toughness is always an act too - they're projecting hard.

    As Bill Burr joked about once there are no feminists in a housefire. "You can take the most butch lesbian feminist, shaven head, plaid shirt the whole nine yards, in your face like 'you chauvinistic piece of shit!' - the moment a housefire breaks out she's gonna twirl her hair into pigtails like "save me I'm a girl".
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  • Anonymous
    "For a girl, "improving her dating life" would probably just mean making herself more accessible vs any kind of growth. I'm honestly not sure how a girl would become better with men other than just being prettier and maybe learning how to be slightly more engaging"I thought that was a very powerful statement
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  • CuriousCat123
    I mean I agree with the last statement. I still and learning so much about me, myself, and I let alone to think about if other people truly know me.
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  • Hazelstar99
    I agree.
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