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The Art of Pair Bonding in the Hookup Culture Age

You know that most people can get sex who are very attractive in a Hookup World. Is there anything you can do to be memorable in their eyes aside from a fantastic personality or uniqueness?

Yes there is. It is biological pair bonding and it is an incredible gift when used to your advantage.

The Cuddle

The Art of Pair Bonding in the Hookup Culture Age

The intimacy of cuddling with someone is certainly a great way to form attachment. Before during and after sex cuddle with your new partner and whisper sweet or funny things. It fosters emotional connection. It is very powerful.

The Phallus and the Boob

The Art of Pair Bonding in the Hookup Culture Age

After cuddling with the partner have them spend the night. The very first night they sleep over absolutely do no role over to opposite sides of the bed. If you are a male spoon them by cupping your hand around their breast or their butt and fall asleep that way. If you are a woman kiss your man and then gently wrap your hand around their semi erect penis. Hold their penis for awhile as you both drift off to sleep. DO NOT actually give him a hand job. Just wrap your hand around it gently as you sleep.

The gentle cupping of genitals during rest creates a unique and intense bond. It connects the sexual experience with you to feelings of warmth and attachment. This is the most important thing you can ever do each night to turn a casual partner into a long term attachment. Trust me, I've done it and it works. There is nothing like waking up the next morning to a man embracing you with a hand on your breast. Or waking up to a woman holding your cock gently. It makes the person feel DESIRED and SEXY. Like you are irresistible to them.

The Art of Pair Bonding in the Hookup Culture Age


Many are obsessed with caking on perfume or cologne. Do not do this. You want you actually want your partner to smell your body odor the next morning after sex. Think of perfume and cologne as a way to allure the partner. The next morning however, your partner will eventually be more aroused by the smell of your armpit or your hair or your neck.

The Art of Pair Bonding in the Hookup Culture Age
The Art of Pair Bonding in the Hookup Culture Age
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ZackBan
    Unfortunately that got me into more trouble than I had bargained for.

    See I only wanted a hookup but ended up doing these things you mentioned (except cuping the genitals while cuddling that's a bit weird) but I was so good that this girl just won't leave me alone now. And i have no intention of making something more than a hookup out of it

    So be careful don't just do it to be memorable do it if you actually want another date
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  • TheGuy1233
    Nice mytake. Although I don't like hook ups this is really useful information for many situations.
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    • Apope16

      Yes. I didn't include this above but this works for early stages of long term dating. Say for example you had sex with a lady for the first time. Use this technique to create a bond. In 2 months she will start saying she loves you or wants to be exclusive. Just yesterday a girl I am seeing told me she loved me when I left her place. Basically it creates a situation where it feels unnatural to not have your body holding her. You are touching her in a way that nobody else in the world is allowed to do. It is a deep connection. LIke for me... the girl I am seeing instinctively lifts up her shirt above her breasts when we go to bed or take a nap because she knows that I will be placing my hand underneath to cup her breast when I spoon her to sleep.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    You've never dated anyone of quality have you? I mean most of this and others plus your responses to other gag users pretty much proves all you've dated are low esteem sluts
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    • Apope16

      This works on everyone. Im dating a high quality woman right now. She is incredible and beautiful. This worked with her.

    • Anonymous

      I highly doubt you'd known quality if it bites you in the nuts.
      I mean most wouldn't touch a "player" with a barge pole. Paying $1,000 for the local street walker rather than $50 doesn't count.

    • Apope16

      Im not a player. The title says "Ladies man" its a series that people follow on GAG. I am monogamous. Even as a ladies man I sleep with one girl at a time. Sometimes its agreed upon friends with benefits for a few months until i meet someone serious. Now i have met someone serious. She is beautiful. Sexy. Cooks for me. We cook together. Its a deep relationship. We love each other. Your problem is you are triggered by the phrase "Ladies Man". Thats because a phrase that represents a high value man that is attractive to the opposite sex triggers your own insecurities and jealousy. You dont want men to know your secrets because it takes away your power of manipulation and using sex to emotionally blackmail and strong arm men into treating you decent. A high quality woman doesn't need to refrain from sex to get a man to treat her decent. She has qualities that are more to offer a man. Her affection. Understanding. Optimism. Ambition. Shared interests. You just dont get that though. A ladies man isn't a threat to a high value woman. I could be with multiple women. I could fuck other girls. But i dont. I am with a high value woman that I cherish who says she loves me.

  • Very cool. I don’t hook up anymore, haven’t in a long time, but thanks for the info.
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    • Apope16

      THis is good for the beginning part of relationship dating as well.

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  • psychoticanimallover
    Cup their genitals? Really? Sometimes I wonder if you’ve ever met a woman.
    • Okay thank God I was thinking the same thing. Like I may cup my own balls but I'm not trying finger her while I'm cuddling.

    • Apope16

      Cup a hand around her breast or her butt. Do it the first night you sleep with her. She will love it. She views it as a man being territorial and masculine in a loving and intimate way. Another way to look at it is boosting her ego and self worth. If you cup a womans breast each night you cuddle to sleep she is subconsciously thinking "wow. He really likes my boobs. My boobs are his favorite part of my body."

      It gives her confidence to know that as a man you are turned on by her butt or her boobs and such.

      As a woman if you lightly hold his dick during spooning but dont have sex. He will feel pride and think his dick is special to his lady.

  • JamesRandiDebates
    Females are incapable of forming pair bonds after they've had 2 dicks in them. Unless you break the hymen, she's not pair bonding with you.
  • Riebeck
    Admittedly this all sounds good, but what if they don't sleep well and crush your balls while in their sleep?

    Totally agree about not using perfumes. Most people don't realize that until well in their 20's
  • bamesjond0069
    Just dick a girl good and act like her dad and they will love you forever. I dont make sure to cup her boob. Lol.
  • JustTheTrue
    Why can’t I read the article? I keep getting kicked out of this question :(
    • Apope16

      If you can reply to the article it is unlikely you are blocked. It is probably some technical issue.

  • 1stranger
    Thanks for the tips.
    • Apope16

      Anytime! If you ever need advice just PM me.

    • 1stranger

      Okay.. Thanks

    • Apope16

      Make it a pattern. I promise it will work.

  • FictionalCharacter
    You sound like a Pisces or a water sign lol.
    • Apope16

      THat's true! I do sound like one. I love zodiac compatibility and you make a good point!

      The truth: I am a Gemini (the communicator). My moon sign is a sensual Taurus.

  • thimmslicc
    Yes cup me!
  • Wewladdy
    You need help man. Therapy does wonders.
  • msc545
    Being rich works better.