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Seduce Me Story #1

Seduce Me Story #1

“Well duh, I do think of touching you. ”

Sometime later that day, Auden confessed which brought a tiny smirk onto my lips.

But boy, is he running late today. I think I shouldn't have called him tonight. He doesn't know the assignment is due for tomorrow and I've nothing. So far, that's me. “I brought Chinese with me?”

He's a huge smile on his face when he's in sight, I raise a hand in mock greeting and so does Auden Phillips dawn on me bright as ever. “Someone's in a good mood.”

“That's because somebody called me after sixteen hours.”

He hopped on carelessly beside me. Along with the spicy aroma, wisdom and if coarse, his fresh shower body odour. “Yeah, that's a lot,” I'm feeling sleepy all a sudden. Auden softly adjusted me. From lazily sprawled to the pillow. “I miss you even when I'm with you, ”

“Flattering -”

“You don't understand! ”he huffed, folding his arms after he arranged the bed with food on the nightstand. “Not everything's a compliment to you, ” also, he flicked me. “That's what he said. Basil to Dorian Gray. Remember?”

It got Auden nervous. Knowingly, I was sporting him, “looks like you're yet to unwrap your Valentine gift -”

“I am! The note was so good, I just kept thinking about it again and again and before I could decide, I misplaced it somewhere... Probably in mom's wardrobe, I guess.”

I fiddled with the bag for some minutes. As I parted lips, I eyed him timidly laying beside me. Said I then,“I liked the ice cream. Not my favorite flavor, but you brought it and I, ” his face was inching closer to the side of my face. Reflexively, I moved. “... ate it nonetheless. ”

As if sensing the thickness in air, Auden wasted no minute, he climbed out of the bed in a great hurry. Scooted to pick the parcel from me, red- faced. Put on the AC and sat on my work table as if that'd calm his rapid heartbeats. “How was school,”

“Good. How is perspiration? ”

“It isn't something I like,” spoke he in a gentle voice. Next, changed his shirt into one of my father's. He looks funny in those. “Quit gawking! ”

Sometime after, I got curious. We were in the middle of bashing Socrates when I cleared the dishes and said, “how come I can see you shirtless, but you haven't seen me topless?”


“It's not fair. How about you get even with me?” He was fairly unopposed to the idea. Heat rushed. “H-how do I ...?”

“Can kiss me wherever you like -”

Long before I finished - Auden Phillips couldn't stop himself from blurting out -“I have always wanted to do so!”

So anyway, since it was Auden's first time exploring my 'feminine edges', I held back on gag balls and other restraints. Sure, he was excited by the collection but if only he knew what went where. Anyhow, I blindfolded myself. I'm sure he's getting ice cube bucket, feathers or something like that. Vanilla boy.

First one felt nice. That, on the calves. He was fondling my toes lightly while his mouth contacted me.

Second came after a million seconds. Almost, I groaned with yearning. Desire flourished itself somewhere my clutched parts. Auden still obliviously kissed my knuckles. Soft torments falling softly like summer drizzle.

The most erotic thing about the experience were his gasping and grasping. As if friction was a joke, without hesitation, with desperation he'd clutch my thighs, my arms, my stomach as if I was the loose end to reality.

And unlike my imagination, to Auden, I was Eden garden - he would leave me and dive back and when he does, the thirst grows into something more.

Auden pushes me down on my front. I laid there fully clothed, exposed in contours, feeling tingles running here and there. In mid ways, Auden would offer me massages. Squish me. Sip the bronze from my skin. It was too much processing, tbh. His weight aggravated me. The lowering, the crushing, the fluttering away.

When he did get to kiss me, I was ready for wrestling if I had to. The incomplete assignment watched us from afar. It nagged me inside my head and every time I would try to slip, I was held closer. To top it all, Auden whimpered a little. It intrigued me. Slowly, I got back my long lost control. Tongues colliding, us into oblivion.

Auden insisted on becoming my pillow that night. He was so emotionally aggressive. First time I ever gave in.

He does like to touch. Sweet Auden.

Seduce Me Story #1
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  • Z1pTD
    Here’s a sex story I just wrote can you touch it up?:

    They lived on neighboring farms. That summer their parents left for a few days to make an appeal that had something to do with mineral rights and on the second day they were gone Beth brought Peter some dinner while he was working, and eventually they decided to go bathe at a pond on one of their farms. They bathed together but my grandad always claimed they never saw private parts of each other’s bodies. After bathing, they were laying in the sun to dry out (with bushes between them) and Peter heard some scuffling noises and peeled over the bush. He saw Beth cover her groin with both her hands immediately while looking guilty, but didn’t see any cause for alarm, so he ducked back. Beth laughed at him and started teasing, and eventually said that they were going to marry anyway, so they might as well have sex and if he didn’t she’d tell everybody he peeked at her knowing she was naked. He didn’t want to impregnate her, but also didn’t want his friends to know (although he also told us that he liked the situation), so he proposed that they do it the next day and she accepted. The next morning he drove a farm truck a few towns over, where people didn’t know him, and bought some condoms with his savings. Beth nervously brought him lunch while he was working and went back home, and later brought him dinner and stayed. They decided to go bathing to cool off before having sex. When they got to the pond neither of them wanted to go in without seeing each other’s bodies but also didn’t want to be the first to undress. Eventually they started undressing at the same time, and my grandfather said he was hard by that time and they pretty much ran for the water. After bathing they came out and saw each other’s bodies for the first time, Peter was a pretty strong boy and claims he was pretty hung, Beth was slim with brownish blond hair, smooth skin, and small boobs (I don’t actually know how Beth looked, but my grandad said she was beautiful, so I did my best to fill in here). Beth teased Peter but was too nervous to do a good job, and they went to a more private place where Peter explained condoms to Beth, put one on, and asked Beth how she wanted to do it. She told him that was his job so he decided to be on top while she laid on her back. Peter’s dad had told him about sex, so Peter went slowly until Beth’s cherry popped and she started bleeding. She was scared until he told her it was what he expected and kissed her for the first time. After her cherry popped Peter went faster and came pretty quickly after that. After this they talked for awhile about what they had done and went bathing to get cleaned off. After this they had sex whenever their parents were gone for a few days, and my grandad says that he learned to last longer but that the most vivid time was this: it was dusk and they were walking to the pond to bathe like they always did before having sex, but neither of them wanted to wait, so they went off the path and started to undress. Peter undressed faster, so he had time to slip on a condom before Beth pulled him down and held him to herself while initiating a kiss (something she had never done before), kissing her back, he put his penis with his hand and went deep (he told me he that until then he had never gone so deep). In and out, he thrusted deeper and deeper, pulling her down for deeper penetration. Hearing Beth moan, he stopped, thinking he had hurt her. Realizing she had orgasmed, Beth took the top. Now she was thrusting, controlling the depth and speed until she rolled back and put him on top. Again he thrusted, going slowly and deeply. Beth spread her legs and Peter thrusted as deeply as he could, pulling his body toward her with his hands under her shoulders. Feeling he couldn’t go any deeper, he slowed even more, thrusting even deeper, and bending down kiss her, he came.
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  • Twalli
    If this isn't real I would chage his name to Aiden. Auden just looks weird to me.
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    • anon1903

      I call my lover that, based on W H Auden.

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  • Gwenhwyfar
    OMG this is super hot. And, despite all your protestations, romantic.
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  • psychoticanimaIIover
    What the fuck just happened?
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    • anon1903

      Just trying to come up with something romantic. Don't mind me.

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  • JPrez
    The art of seduction. Very enticing story my friend.
  • Iron_Man
    You certainly aren’t from India you are an American girl. Let’s talk in private message if you’re interested one day
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    You like telling stories? Fan dabby dozie if I do say so myself
  • you would need to inbox me. I could take this to another level.
  • loves2learn
    I love this story. Well done!
  • Kaneki05
    My favorite part is when she said Vanilla boy lol.
  • FakeNIK
    It's getting hot in here
  • Tstrbrainer
    Nice, you writes really well.
  • Very nice