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The "Myths And Facts" About Sexual Violence

The Myths And Facts About Sexual Violence

Please read the whole take and not just the title before you reply, if it's too long then just move along to the next post... Thank you 🙂

This Mytake is as a result of a recent question I posted in response to a reply I saw on a post where a male user told a female user if she jogs in leggings he wouldn't be shocked to hear she was the next jogger to be raped and murdered...

Why Do People Still Insist On Blaming Rape On The Way A Woman Dresses?

And some of the replies, the myths and misinformation people have about rape and sexual assault..

Which not only impacts victims and survivors of abuse, it also impacts what young people believe.... The reply that disturbed me the most was from a17 year old Female that said:

"what they wear depends if they want to get raped its their problem and wear decent clothes if you don't want to get raped"..

Even though the person in this video was in fact also 17 when she was raped wearing joggers and a jacket

We need to better educate people about the truth about sexual violence, how can people even think you're helping people protect themselves from being a victim if you're using myths and not true facts....

The Myths And Facts About Sexual Violence

All myths and facts used in this take were from the following site:


*Myth: Sexual assault is an act of lust and passion that can’t be controlled.
*Fact: Sexual assault is about power and control and is not motivated by sexual gratification

We need to educate that it's about power and control, and what you wear has less to do with becoming a victim of rape. Perpetrators are more likely to select victims they perceive as more passive or weak

The Myths And Facts About Sexual Violence

The next two myths and facts further show that a lot of times perpetrators are more likely to go after more weak victims than scantily clad females:

*Myth: People with disabilities are at low risk for sexual assault.
*Fact: People with disabilities are victims of sexual assault twice as much as people without disabilities.

*Myth: If a parent teaches a child to stay away from strangers they won’t get raped.
*Fact: 60% of child sexual abuse cases are perpetrated by someone the child knows outside the family, and 30% are assaulted by family

*Myth: Wearing revealing clothing, behaving provocatively, or drinking a lot means the victim was “asking for it”.
*Fact: The perpetrator selects the victim- the victim’s behavior or clothing choices do not mean that they are consenting to sexual activity

The Myths And Facts About Sexual Violence

As previously stated, not all victims of sexual violence are scantily clad drunk women walking alone down dark alleys 🙄

*Myth: Sexual assaults most often occur in public or outdoors.
*Fact: 55% of rape or sexual assault victimizations occur at or near the victim’s home, and 12% occur at or near the home of a friend, relative, or acquaintance

This myth I feel is important because some men on here think men's rape is not talked about enough or people care less if a man is raped.

And if you watched the above video, you would see that men's clothing was part of the rape victims display

Myth: Men are not victims of sexual violence.
Fact: 1.5% of all men have been raped and 47% of bisexual men have experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact in their lifetime.

Include a caption for your image
Include a caption for your image

No rape is less important than the next whether it's a man, woman, child, elderly or disabled... Noone should have to go through rape and noone should get blamed by their gender, way of dress, sexual orientation...

The next myth is because people need to know that I'm not saying some sexual violence can't be prevented, it's the way people go about it... Teach real facts, not myths, educate yourself before trying to tell others how best to protect themselves....

* Myth: There is nothing we can do to prevent sexual violence.
*Fact: There are many ways you can help prevent sexual violence including intervening as a bystander to protect someone who may be at risk.

There are a few more myths and facts you can read from the above link, but I'm going to close with this last one because there's so much of this on this site and others

*Myth: A lot of victims lie about being raped or give false reports.
Fact: Only 2-8% of rapes are falsely reported, the same percentage as for other felonies

The Myths And Facts About Sexual Violence

If you take anything away from this take I hope it's that 1-just because it's the internet, it's not okay to spread false information as fact...2-Be more mindful of who may be reading what you say, it may be a victim of sexual violence, it may be an impressionable young male or female being influenced by falsehoods they see on online forums... And lastly, this take or the topic of sexual violence is not about feminists, it's about a crime that shouldn't happen, but it does, so people not only need to know how to protect themselves, they need REAL truth..... Don't use gender divide or issues with feminists to blame or shame any victims of sexual violence whether it be a boy/ Man, girl/woman, elderly, disabled or Gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgender...

Nobody asks for or deserves sexual violence.....

As always, thanks for reading 💜


The "Myths And Facts" About Sexual Violence
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  • Laciandmaci
    When I got abducted and raped, I had shorts on (that covered my butt and was not tight), I had a rainbow ombre tank top, that showed 0 cleavage, and black sandals. No makeup and hair just brushed not styled! I got told I caused it, and I was just taking a simple walk. (To lose weight as I was a bit chubby).
    • This happened around 1:30 PM so yep daytime!

    • I'm very sorry you went through that. I appreciate you sharing that, people need to see it really does happen. You or nothing you did or write caused anything. The only person to blame is the horrible animal that did that. And you're not just a victim. You're a survivor 💜🙏🏼

    • *wore not write excuse typo, 🙄

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  • AD240pCharlie
    "A lot of victims lie about being raped."
    No... Victims can't lie about having been raped, because if they weren't, then they wouldn't be a "victim".
    So no need to even bring up the stats, the statement disproves itself.
    But in all seriousness, considering the nature of rape as a crime and the fact that the absolute majority of all reported cases end up in a stalemate since it's very difficult to prove one way or the other, it's practically impossible to know the exact number. How many of the unsolved cases were false accusations and how many were valid? The actual number, for all we know, could be all the way down at 0,5 % or it could be as high as 20 %.
    The problem arises from the fact that the public feels the need to play judge. Whenever a new case is reported, half of the population will believe it without question and go after the accused with pitchforks, and the other half will defend the accused to every extent and automatically assume that the accuser is lying. Just leave it to the court. You don't know the story, you are not involved, you don't have all the facts, so it's not up to you to decide the validity of a claim like that.
  • Rape is always the fault of the rapist. Never the victim. We’ve come a long way since the 1970s. Recently the concept of consent has really come to light. A woman might freeze if a man tries to have sex with her and she doesn’t want it. That’s why getting consent is so important. And if a woman says no she means no and that has to be respected. All kids of unwanted sexual behaviors cause serious trauma to victims.
  • SlightlyEccentric
    You can't say that women lying about rape is a myth then follow it up with up to 8% actually do. I know it must be hard for women to believe but destroying a guys whole life over a lie is just as bad as a woman getting her life destroyed because of rape.

    I had a friend once who had his whole life destroyed because he rejected a woman's advances. She accused him of rape and without any evidence, lost his job, his social life and most of his friends and even his family turned on him, taking her side.

    When it was found out she lied about the whole thing, he didn't get his job back, all the friends and family that turned their back on him were all apologetic but he wasn't having any of it any of it.

    Was she ever punished for lying? No. Because apparently if you're a woman you have the privilege to not face consequences for wasting the time of law enforcement and destroying an innocent mans life. So whenever I hear these feminists telling men to "check their privilege", all I can do is laugh because I know how hypocritical and full of shit they all are.
    • First read again
      Myth: A lot of victims lie about being raped or give false reports.
      Fact: Only 2-8% of rapes are falsely reported, the same percentage as for other felonies
      You missed the KEY word a lot.. Norone said it didn't happen. But it doesn't happen as often as it's represented by people on line. And those weren't MY words, I didn't make these percentages up. They're percentages or reported false allegations
      I don't approve, support, condone anyone falsely accusing someone and those that do should be criminally charged. And for you to say they never are isn't true. There are cases where the woman was charged.
      And I'm no feminist. So please know what you're talking about before throwing out assumptions. Nowhere in this take did it say that a man's life being ruined by a lie is not devastating. But the myth people spread on here is all a woman has to do is lie about a rape and the man is immediately charged, jailed and that is not always the case. Not all men are rapists nor should they be treated like they are just like not all women are liars and will lie about being raped nor should they be treated like they are

    • "Because apparently if you're a woman you have the privilege to not face consequences for wasting the time of law enforcement and destroying an innocent mans life."

    • Oh and nowhere in this take did I tell men to check their privilege now did I🤔 this was to clear up myths, falsehoods about rape and sexual violence which included boy/make victims of rape as well as girls, women.
      And the untruths about false rape allegations. Didn't say they DON'T happen, but people are misrepresenting the truth about it, like you did with your claim women don't ever get charged for it, yet those links show that to be a false statement. There's also more cases than just those
      The point you missed about this take, is that when people spread falsehoods, it's more detrimental to the people that actually are victims of these crimes...

  • Jayla2000
    This is a great mytake, but remember some people could care less if you give really clear thought out educated points.
    They minds are made up and they will never see things any differently
    • You can say that again!! But I could give two shirts about them people. If it helps one person hello better defend themselves, or one person know that not everyone thinks it's their fault if something bad happened to them, then it was worth it to me

    • Jayla2000

      I agree.
      Just remember those ignorant people are not worth arguing with, cuz they just want to argue and spew hate.

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  • bulletbob555
    Its a complex dynamic for sure. I don't believe in she asked for it. Stranger danger is not the only thing to avoid you are right most people know their rapists as aquaintence or sadly family members. Its about power. They can't get it like most so they take it.
  • DragonXR
    "Myth: Sexual assault is an act of lust and passion that can’t be controlled.
    *Fact: Sexual assault is about power and control and is not motivated by sexual gratification"

    How is this known tho? I'm genuinely asking because I find this hard to believe.
    • Wouldn't it be the same way they analyze what makes people commit murder or how they test and analyze any behavior traits or patterns. Or how they diagnose mental illness?

    • DragonXR

      I don't know. That's what I'm asking lol. I find it hard to believe that sexual gratification doesn't play a part.

    • Because you're thinking like a man. Not like a rapist would think.

  • jazzygirl0826
    I'm glad you wrote this! I was statutorily raped as a teenager, and I'm glad people are trying to make others more aware of sexual assault. When one is sexually assaulted, it's a hard thing to get over. Well, it's not really getting over so much as not having that be the main and biggest thought on one's mind. It took me years to move past what happened to me, and some people like to tell me it was all my fault that I was assaulted. The big takeaway from this should be that it can happen to anyone (wearing anything in any location.)
    • FakeNIK

      Hey @jazzygirl0826, there's something I want to ask to you. Can you follow me back so that I can pm you, you can unfollow me later

    • Sorry they happened. It takes courage to share that. Shows you're a survivor 💜

    • <3 <3 <3

  • You debunked quite a few, I'm happy you took the time to write this all down. It's definitely interesting and needs to be addressed.
    • Thanks! Even though of course there's the idiots that don't like their "myths" being debunked so much easier to try to label me a "feminist" 🙄🙄 Even though this take was because when people lie it can be very detrimental to real victims of crimes, of which Affects both MEN and WOMEN...
      I get sexual violence happens to both, but the men who only mention women when rape comes up, umm they're more guilty of gender divide than me... Cuz it can and does happen to little boys as well as little girls, teenage boys as well as teenage girls, men and women n.. don't get how saying that makes me a feminist 🤔 lololol

    • JosyJosy

      Feminists: "Equality! Everyone has the right to be raped!" Can you imagine? XD

      The myth that frustrates me most is that Men can't be raped. With that mentality they won't or don't dare to find much needed support. A friend and I used to watch some police series and one of episodes was about such a rape case, and he found it weird. It's not that he refused to believed it, but he was surprised that it happened. How it doesn't cross people's mind that it can happen, that it's always going to be a guy, how men can't get raped, is what pisses me off. It should be taken seriously like the other cases

    • To the first part, 🤣🤣🤣
      To the second, I agree 💯 the more people spout that men can't be raped, or say a "real" man can't get raped how weak are you, keeps more victims from reporting it..
      Back in my days, some people would say if a guy got raped by a guy he must of really wanted it cuz if he didn't he should of been able to defend himself, or he must be secretly gay... And that was the most horrible shit I heard... Umm hello, someone can just as easily slip something in a man's drunk as a female's... Or knock em out and they come to being raped... Little boys can be abducted just as easily as little girls... Rape is rape no matter WHAT gender you are, and no man or woman or child should have to suffer through that... But if they do, no man, woman or child should be made to feel shame or blame for it... The shame or blame only belongs on the RAPIST o or PREDATOR...

  • AllThatSweetJazz
    There is no prevalent problem of people thinking revealing clothes cause rape. It's just a myth feminists like to push to feign relevance.

    It's not 2-8%. This is more feminist junk.

    This is feminism circa 2015.
    Slam out tid bids of "info" that require excessive effort to unpack. Declare confidently that they are facts. Gloss over the sources and never back down. Keep talking and stay on the attack so they can't ask questions and so that others can't hear anything else. Lace in accusations to keep them scared. Continue until they are exhausted and give up.
    Feels almost nostalgic.
    • Really? I provided links and if you'd a looked at the link, you'd a saw where the sources of those statistics came from, and rape isn't about feminist, how is that when boys and men get raped too? And not only men are predators, women can be too... So get out of here with that gender shit... You people are so caught up in that gender shit, feminist crap you turn everything into that.

    • "I provided links and if you'd a looked at the link, you'd a saw where the sources of those statistics came from"
      I saw the sources, they are selected by ideological bias. For example, people who want to declare that women don't lie about rape firstly like to round numbers like 2-8% to be treated as if it's 0%, nevermind that it's actually 2-10% in the paper. And more importantly, the stipulation that is neglected is that the 2-10% is *provably or admittedly false* cases. Meaning those are the ones be absolutely *know* are fake, they do not represent the true number of false claims. If you reference other material that does try to address the accusations that appear false but can't be 100% verified the number shoots up to like 40%.
      So acting like 2-10% is representative of the problem is to be deceptive.
      Everyone should make sure to read their sources before committing to a conclusion.

      "rape isn't about feminist, how is that when boys and men get raped too"
      Oh but *manipulating* people using the topic of rape is very much a feminist thing.

      "And not only men are predators, women can be too... So get out of here with that gender shit... "
      I never said anything like that, so no, YOU get out of here with YOUR gender assumptions.
      I don't have an issue understanding that men can be raped or that women can be perpetrators.
      YOU are the one caught up in the idea that people don't understand that. You are talking about your own hangups, not mine.

    • Whatever, I don't have hang ups. Apparently you do... Why so triggered about an informational take. That was not attacking men. It was about misinformation.
      And then too, false rape allegations are not the only thing misreported. How many ACTUAL rape cases go unreported? LOTS So actually, those numbers would be way higher. Especially for Male victims, because society makes it harder for males to feel comfortable reporting rape... And people spouting stupid shit on the internet don't help that, it makes it worse... But thanks for your reply... Have a nice day 🙂

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  • Valnac
    I try to feel what it would be to be a rapist, and I can’t.
    How could any person get in that frame of mind.
    I taught myself at an early age to pay attention to what girls do, say, and think.
    I learned how to seduce. The quickest way to get in a girls pantie is through her head.
  • MrCreep
    I told you anything clothing, behaviour, texting, talking can be used to get away with rape they don't care about women being raped most never have any kind of punishment at all wake up please
    • This is more to clear up the myths about when where how and why rape happens.
      And if it helps even one person to better protect themselves, then 🤷🏼‍♀️
      And I'm wide awake, but thank you

  • Andres77
    Well said.
    My perspective is that if the penalty is harsh enough it will inhibit some of the crime taking place. There will always be some that don't care about the consequences though.

    While I agree with all of this I'd also like to see those who falsely accuse rape, that when found out they pay the same price as the falsely accused. DNA evidence has slowly being used to review old cases and there are guys rotting away in n prison for crimes they didn't commit. Their whole lives stolen as well.

    Just to reiterate, I agree with everything you posted AND I'd like to see false accusers pay just as high a price.
    • I would agree. I've never disputed that false rape allegations are wrong and I fully support those guilty of that being charged.. I just don't like when some men user that to misrepresent how often that happens or to accuse all women as liars of rape or would do that just to get back at a men. I sure as hell would never do that and no female I ever knew would either and if they did I'd probably of beat their ass cuz it affects the men they lie about but it also had negative consequences for actual victims of rape

    • Andres77

      Nailed it... you're spot on.

    • Thanks 👍 now if my typing out swyping was 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ excuse the Swype typos lolol

  • HiveBee
    I dont think that they mean to blame the victim. I think that they have a certain set of conservative beliefs.

    And to confirm in their minds the validity of said conservative beliefs, they point to the clothing a victim was wearing, and say "ha! See? Revealing clothing is morally wrong, and here are the results of wearing said clothing."

    The same goes with gays and trans people. Those with conservative beliefs need to confirm their beliefs by denying facts and clinging to what they believe.

    They think revealing clothing and LGBT people are a sign if a degrading society. And will twist everything in reality to fit that belief.

    They aren't even victim shaming. It goes deeper than that. I'm sure they feel bad for the victim. But if you dont see where they are coming from than you can't properly understand why they say what they say.
    • It doesn't matter why they say it if what they're saying is wrong though... And it's damaging to victims who report less rapes because of it as well as teaching falsehoods to youth who would better be served knowing real truth to better protect themselves from becoming a victim of sexual violence... But when people misstate how often people lie about rape, it affects victims who are afterward they won't be believed, and whether that's people's intentions or not, the reality is the more lies and myths are out our there, the more RAPISTS that go free to further victimize people

    • *afraid not afterward

    • HiveBee

      It does matter. Because it allows you to understand your enemy so to speak. If you understand why they say what they say, you can tailor your message in a better way.

      It's not wise to not seek to understand your enemy. Seek to understand, then to be understood, or so they say. It helps to know the truth just as you wish for them to know the truth.

      If the goal is to show them the truth than you have to appeal to their values and beliefs. If you can't do that because you don't understand them, it is harder for the message you're trying to convey to get across.

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  • loveslongnails
    Great My Take. Always good to bust the Myths.
    This is what I meant in a different question you asked recently, when I mentioned "feeding the monkeys" :
    " a male user told a female user if she jogs in leggings he wouldn't be shocked to hear she was the next jogger to be raped and murdered..."
    Whenever I respond to shit like that, it feels like I'm in front of the monkey cage at the zoo and feeding the monkeys, who in turn show their appreciation by masturbating. Guys spewing crap like his answer out of their mouths (penis) amounts to the same thing, don't you think?
    • Only if you think of that idiot, which I don't
      I think if the young impressionable people who get brainwashed into believing lies if they keep saying the same lies spread around they start to believe it's true...
      I don't really give at if people like what I say or do on here... I'm not going to stop saying what I have to say or being me... People just don't like when their BULLSHIT is debunked, but then maybe they should stop spreading it so thick, and then no worries right 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • *seeing

  • I'm sorry to say this, but this is a usual rape propaganda put out by feminists to make it seem like things are a lot worse than they actually are. Things are bad enough as they are without feminists throwing their two cents worth in. Just two give you a little insight regarding the rape control thing versus sexual portion of this, there was a town in the eastern part of the United States that accidentally voted in a way that made prostitution legal. They didn't really mean to do that but when they did do that change things a lot for a short time. the number of reported forcible rapes as compared to the prior year went down about 75% and The Business of prostitutes who are now legal went way up. In other words if you make prostitution available and you make it legal the chances of people getting raped are a lot lower. This suggests that rape really has a lot to do with unmet sexual needs particularly among men. I realize this contradicts the feminists but that's the way it is based on this data. One could eliminate a lot of rapes simply by legalizing prostitution but of course feminists oppose this.
    • Okay rape is not about feminists and I'm not a feminist... What does makes being raped have to do with feminists... You who says you're in the mental health field of all people should get that rapists and criminals don't always think rationally like normal people... But to admit that, lessens the bias you have against women and one less thing to blame women for our paint all women as liars...

    • Oh and also the first myth and fact this was the source which if you'd a chicken the link you'd a saw
      Groth, A., Burgess, W., & Holmstrom, L. Rape: Power, anger, and sexuality. American Journal of Psychiatry, 134(11), 1239-43. Pubmed. gov
      So then is all Psychiatry feminist propaganda then 🤔 so you're refuting the findings from your own profession 🤔

    • msc545

      I'm aware of that article. I don't have to agree with it.

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  • TonyMetal___86
    Nice take miss brains muffins and it's true except i still believe that a woman wearing slutty clothes will boost this behavior, even if it's not rape, it will just boost the negativity...

    I have no respect for women whi wears sh*tty slutty outfita and in my eyes they are just a bunch of cheap sexual objects...

    I'm speaking from experience and i know how women thinks, the majority of them does something and when they are faced with the truth, they just deny it and make false claims!

    I'm sure that you know these facts too miss brains muffins...
    • Oh I agree it can and does happen... But not too the percentage claimed on here...
      But one false allegation is one too many the same as one rape is one too many. .
      And I don't like to see women dress provacatively, and I agree that they open themselves up for more attention on just a sexual level than for their personality or mind, but that doesn't mean I'll ever say or someone if anyone saying they were asking for it because that's bull... I may not like it, you may not like it, so then I don't dress that way, and then you don't date women that dress that way... Just because someone doesn't approve of something doesn't justify them victim blaming someone

    • 100% agree with you miss brains muffins 😌
      A woman is more than just a body for sex, a woman is a person and love ain't only sexual, love means loving you for who you are, the way you speak, the way you act and the way you think, love is loving your whole presence and that makes an eternal marriage and since this generation is brought up wrong and see things only from a sexual way, it's causing the majority of marriages to end up in divorce or a boyfriend leaving his girlfriend cause he got what he wants which is SEX, i heard a lot of guys saying, what more can she gives, time to switch this girl, he got what he wants and bow he's bored!

      I feed sad when i hear guys talking trash about women and this ugly behavior makes women wants revenge from men, one hit from here and on hit from there, made men and women hate each other and compete with eachother while the fact is that god created us to complete each other, take care of each other and love each other...

    ty for putting this on the table for idiots to argue about...
  • TheAfrikan
    Thanks for the knowledge and the take is a must read.
  • Lliam
    Good MyTake, bbb. I agree.
  • monavics
    The problem with this logic is that it is never applied fairly or even equally in every case.

    For example... if a guy is hot enough, or famous, or rich enough... and he grabs a girl's ass and tells her to come to his hotel room, where he gets her drunk and fucks her... its generally acceptable to the girl, and she is more likely to be hoping to see him again.

    If the same thing happens but she thinks he is undesirable, and nothing else changes about the situation, she is way more likely to accuse him of being a creep.

    For example.. if Christian Gray in 50 Shades of Gray was a poor black guy from the streets... it would be a criminal minds episode instead of a best selling book and movie.
    • That is your assumption not fact. You do know the difference right?

    • monavics

      Ya. But do you disagree?

    • Yes I do... See it's damned if so and damned if don't... And the females that do say they were raped or assaulted by rich or famous guys, how many are accused of lying to get money out of them. Did you ever think maybe that's why some women don't report those cases, because they don't want to get dragged though the mud and accused of lying, being put on trial not only by the courts but also by the public 🤔

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  • monkeynutts
    There are potential false rape claims.
    and I don’t necessarily agree with you about all your statistics, for one reason you are talking to a global community, the culture of which are very different. Some of the places that people live are very dangerous. So not telling a woman to walk around outside after dark is a very useful piece of advice. Personally I don’t think you are educated well enough to try and tell others what to believe or not to believe about such a contentious subject. Rape is terrible that’s all you need to be telling others. And maybe listening and not judging people who tell you their stories, that’s probably good advice too.
    • Excuse me I didn't make up those myths and facts... They are actual findings, so it's not my intelligence your insulting. And nowhere did I say don't tell people it's safe to walk alone at night. It said don't act like all rape happens in dark alleys because it's not true! Rape can happen anywhere at any time. Don't personally insult me or my level of education, because I will not put up with petty insults. You're insulting me and not the men who are saying that it's what a woman wears why she gets raped. That's what's intelligence you should be questioning. I've provided links, videos. So all those people are wrong but you people on the internet spreading fake claims with no proof just assumptions are right? So you know more than rape counselors, police, doctors and nurses that examine resist victims and document what they were wearing, where and how they got raped?

    • Have another drink brainy and relax. And sleep it off. I’m not interested in arguing with you about your resources, and where you go you info, it’s just not practical. They need to discuss where they got their sample population from for this study.

    • Kas19

      Don't tell anyone what to do. Period. You can suggest things and offer them ideas on how to keep safe, but don't tell anyone to do anything.

      I think to say OP is uneducated based off of data that has been researched and peer reviewed is a little silly, even if you disagree with it.

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  • Floppy2112
    That was depressing
    • Sorry 🤷🏼‍♀️🤗

    • It's not a bad thing. Some people don't know the facts. And if even one person learns something it was worth it. To me sexual abuse is the worst kind.

    • Right!! That's what I said... I don't care about the insults I've gotten, the mad people that don't want to see their bullshit debunked. It ain't for/about them, it's about people that go through horrible abuses, and yeah if it reaches/helps just one person, that matters more than any insults disagrees out by angry bitter people 🤷🏼‍♀️
      And after sexual abuse is horrible because sometimes it goes on for years and years

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    Amen sister!! 😎👍
    • Thanks! But you're not going to call me a feminist too 🙄🙄 I'm so tired of people throwing that weird around anytime a make and female don't agree, she must be a feminist. Sorry, lol but geesh🤦🏼‍♀️ lol

    • *word lol my phone hates me 🤪

    • Feminists unite!!! 😂

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  • jasco
    I agree with everything said
    • Thank you!! I'm just tired of people spouting falsehoods as facts because some people are believing them, and it can actually cause harm to those that do

  • Jjpayne
    Well said! Thank you for posting!
  • Anonymous
    I just can't believe a 17 year old girl said that. I am sure she also think that reason why babies get raped is cause their mom dressed their baby in just a slutty diaper. I can understand if this comes from a guy🤦‍♀️
    This was a really nice take. Valid points. Although i don't think many people here would take this into account cause most here are catfishes or pervs
    • Thanks! and yeah, if it really was a 17 year old female, there's so many fake accounts on here, then it's truly messed up... And yeah some guys got "triggered" by the false allegations myth/fact because it doesn't support the false claims they make on here all the time

    • Anonymous

      Ofc that's expected. I mean when a woman talks about rape, they start with their statistics and try to prove it's men who are the actual victims due to some rape allegations and they say that one reason is what makes a woman's life is easy. Misogynists probably

    • Right! Even though it's not just women that get raped. Makes no sense, men who say people don't talk about makes who get raped, will be there same ones to just bring up women or false allegations. Yet there's boys and men that get raped too, as well as disabled and elderly, yet they rarely get mentioned either 🤷🏼‍♀️