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What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!


Hello friends. Today I will share with you some tips about "sexting", which is called "sex texting" in English and "sexual texting" in Turkish. How is sexting done, what should we pay attention to? Well, let's get started then.

Photos are very important

What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!

What's the harm in having a little fun showing your partner what he's been missing because he's not with you at the moment? But never forget this; sometimes it has to be mysterious. Being mysterious, not revealing everything instantly makes you sexier in the eyes of the other party. So never send completely nude pictures, videos, make sure that small cleavages will be more effective.

Trust is a must

What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!

The partner you will have sex with can be your lover, your fiancee, your flirting or whoever is the "trust" foremost, pay attention to this. Do not even go into these issues with a person you do not trust, there is no need. As a result, you are exchanging photos, sounds, videos. It is useful to be careful in this regard and to choose your partner well.

Bounce your heart with messages

What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!

The excitement of the messages told when we are not available will definitely be completely different, it has always happened to all of us! If your partner is at the meeting, with his family, in the office, on the road or with his friends, and even if you send him heart-pounding messages, it will add a lot of excitement to the event.

Leave the shyness aside

What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!

It is very important to send detailed and honest messages that you are sure of what you want to do at that moment. I know sometimes it can be much more difficult to say or say things, we can be embarrassed and bored, we can be hesitant, but the best part of messaging is that the other person does not see you. So leave your shyness and timidity aside and be clear about what you want. In shyness, no one can live the passion.

Don't answer late

What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!

Do not respond late to messages when you have risen on both sides, do not deal with other things at that moment. This will also reduce the interest of the other party, lower their libido and stretch. Especially during 'sexting' don't use emojis, save those smiles for later. Make sure that your messages will have a very different feel when you are not using emoji.

Note: Do not forget to clear the messages, pictures, videos and voice recordings you sent to each other from the phone.

What is Sexting? I Share Sexting Tips With You!
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  • ohshee
    I love all you are my t a k e s I love all your posts I love your Insight is very very beautiful and refreshing I think you're very smart and intelligent and you have very beautiful way of saying things can I find very erotic, beautiful, seductive I always say you have to experience something to understand it I would love to do sex t i n g me with you at least one time to get a grater inside and balance of it just to see how you would go about it I think I would be so very interesting and I would just love to feel the flow that you have going. Some Curious would you consider doing that
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  • So you all could use telegram app and do the secret chat, and could set self destructor timer it will automatically clear the stuff out and no residual things will be left on servers it would be clean like it was never there.

    And best thing is that in secret chat one cannot screen record or take snapshot so its safe.
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  • WowwGirl
    Good but I would add Set the Stage as a step
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  • Iron_Man
    Lol at this
  • Fennec4xx
    I totally agree with you
  • krin_m
    Very good and practical tips!