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Seduce Me Last Story


Seduce Me Last Story

Seduce Me #9

On a pulsating afternoon, I'd have killed for a cold drink, from Victor Nebraska no less but not this time. "I think I'm good," I offered him a forced smile with that.

Victor. The most fun guy around. This year, I'd been lucky enough for him to have picked me up on college project. I hated the group things, but then again, I knew as a rule that Victor had a knack for handling, supervising really. He'd surely take the pressure off.

"It's a hot day, how else would you get through lecture?"

Thankfully, his turn came sooner than he could comprehend. As the dark brunet adjusts himself on the podium and speaks firmly of duties shared among the members, I take it as a sign to whip out a baby wipe from my purse. Within minutes - my neck, nape, cleavage - all were perspiration / dust free. I'm as good as new, like a doll.

Still, the fact I needed to urinate didn't help so much. As soon as the buzzer chimed, I slung over my bag & raced the floor down - quickest route to washrooms, that is. "Not so fast!" Victor followed my trail. "Attendance sheet, dummy, " he held me in a place with his other hand. I nearly melted into a puddle. Should I be blunt here? No, that'd be embarrassing!! "Haha, gee, almost forgot that."

"You gonna come for the party?" He said airily. "Then you would have to sign twice."

"Yeah, and not quite." I struggled over visibly trying to shrug him off but to no avail. I sensed the gallery was nearly empty from where we were standing. "That's too bad. I'd have taken up your offer, if only."

His grip loosened.

Okay, hold your horses-

"Uhm, what offer? M-make it quick."

As steamy as it sounds, Victor moved closer only to have the back of his cool hand caress against my cheek in soft fashion. "Uhm... I think I can come if you want... "

I couldn't.

Parties were no fun.

Especially with peer pressure I hate so much.

Victor's head tenderly aligned against mine when he whispered. "I've an alternative. Care to listen?"

Dread fills me inch by inch as I realise he probably thinks I wasn't pay attention to his turn, which I wasn't, but still. "Vic----"

He grabs me by collar and soon, our mouths are clashing. I struggle once again, to hold onto my bladder control and the very attendance check pad, while Victor slowly but surely has his hands travelling over my bare back. I groan. He pulls away shortly after, "I've always loved your back. Its so full."

Breathlessly, I stumble into his mischievous embrace, forcefully sucked into his golden trap. Eye locked, he massages me undershirt, curves of my back portion. "I-its just extra skin- fleshy."

"Feels like ass to me."

"I thought m-men liked breasts the best." I bit back on frustration when his hard on hits. "I really-"

Victor, unsurprisingly, himself drags me to girl's washroom. Pushes me onto the door itself. There, he clutches me like a cherished toy, my torso heaving to his liking. "Swollen," he murmurs as now his fingers unwrap the brassiere. Faintly, he traces the strap getting me riled. "Ahhhh, hng..."

This is bad, I can't-

Victor's next action of biting a small bruise over my shoulders causes the waterworks to be released.

First, we were both too shocked to say anything. Next, he laughed obnoxiously. Last time I head, he apologized as well.

Well, either ways, we never talked about that incident ever. One big mistake.

Seduce Me Last Story
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  • Dinosaursandanime65
    You’re gonna make these actual books or novels right? Gotta promote whatever you can. No problem in making use of a talent. Fan Dabby Dozy, if I do say so myself
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  • ohshee
    You are so good I felt as if I was watching a movie I could smell everything I get feel the heat. Humid day or something start writing book or more books
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    • ohshee

      Thank you you are very Good , I love the detail the tone like I said you put me right there in the middle of it as I was reading it

    • anon1903

      Thanks for the short and sweet review!! 3

    • ohshee

      You just made me laugh ,, lol your welcome. Haha mmm wonder what you mean by that? lol

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  • alance99
    Very nicely written and interesting too 🙂🙂
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      Amazing profile picture.

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      Thank you πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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      Where's it from, might I ask?

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  • ChrisMaster69
    Really good, do you publish online at all?
  • Great ending - thanks!
  • Pogi-Paddy
    Very interesting.🌹
  • Tstrbrainer
    Wonderful ending