The 'Open Fly' Paradigm-- An Exploration of Public Indecency


I'm a women in her early 20's and recently I've taken an interest in the 'open fly' paradigm. That is, I find it fascinating to observe an unsuspecting public's reaction to a particular revealing fashion faux pas: the unzipped fly. For the past few months I've intentionally left my zipper wide open in various public places, acted oblivious (as people normally are with that affliction), and quietly taken note of strangers' leering eyes and blatant stares, their cruel smirks and pitying aversion, their secret pictures and whispered comments, and, most of all, their cold indifference to someone else's humiliating predicament. Very few ever muster the courage or decency to tell me. Of course, I do this because I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and it's a cheap thrill; so that's more of a comment than a complaint.

Bustin on the subway ;D
Bustin' on the subway ;D

Now I know what you're thinking. 1- I'm a total weirdo. (Fair). And 2- So what? What's the big deal? Who actually notices or cares that much about an open fly? Believe me-- my open fly is painfully noticeable. The first time I did this was in the usual way-- on accident. A while back I came home from a lengthy and very public shopping excursion, only to discover that my fly was open and had likely been like that the entire time. I wear pants that are high-rise and form-fitting, so the tightness of my jeans and length of the zipper made it gape extraordinarily, revealing a comically large area of my panty-clad crotch. At first I was humiliated, being forced to concede that no bystander could have possibly missed such a spectacle. But then I recalled some of the hungry stares I got, and realized what had actually caused them. Since then I've chased that feeling countless times over, and grown an addiction to putting on repeat performances.

I've done this at the mall, at the grocery store (in stores of all types really), in waiting rooms, at the pharmacy getting my covid shot, getting a pedicure (with my crotch at eye-level with the poor pedicurist for christs sake!!), on zoom meetings, at the library, on the subway-- you name it! If a good Samaritan actually bothers to point it out to me, I simply feign embarrassment, zip up, and then find a concealed place to unzip again after they've left the scene. One pair of jeans I wear actually has a faulty zipper that lost its grip, so I just go about my day and let it slide down on its own now. It's a real rush!

I'm kind of obsessed (as I'm sure you realize if you've read up to this point) and, even though I would never dream of confiding this to someone I know, I wish I could. And I definitely wish more people would do this too! It's so fun! I find it oddly arousing to see men with their fly's unzipped now and savor the view whenever I notice. Women too actually! So leave your zipper down and walk around! I guarantee you'll get a kick out of peoples reactions!

The 'Open Fly' Paradigm-- An Exploration of Public Indecency
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  • BallSlapLover
    Wow nice! That would be so much of a tease hahah.
    I wish i had friend like you in real life lol.
    I find such "accidental" show or a show where the "main content" is hidden, but the peripherals are in view, as very sexy! Say for example a sneak peek of the pubic area (with the pussy hidden, or a side boob or underboob with nipples hidden) are sooo hot!.
    Similarly am into little bit of exhibitionism where i would show the shape of my boner on my pants lol etc, but would never show myself nude.

    It was really great reading your description and i definitely get what you mean by the "thrill". It would be a great feeling for you! Nice.

    I dont think i would be able to do such a thing in real life though. I am kinda shy, and also get into such kind of tease with only someone who would consent to see/show it lol. (I have an online friend who is also into such teasing, and she too likes to be teased). But in real life, a no no lol. Too much of an embarrassment hahah 🙈🙈
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    • Nice pic by the way 😝

    • Yeah I've caught myself creeping on guys with a nice bulge. Imagine how much more titillating it would be if their fly was open!! You should totally try this at least once. I respect the whole consent vibe you've got, but if people are offended by the sight they at least won't think its on purpose. An open zipper is a totally believable accident so long as your cock isn't flopping around the outside of it lol. If I saw that your fly was unzipped in public even I would assume its an accident. I'd also probably stare creepily and try to take a picture. And needless to say I'd be too wrapped up in my own schadenfreude to warn you. 🤭 Do it

    • Shamalien

      Hey girl, men actually get in trouble for being sexually deviant in public >.>

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  • kkirk4442
    I'm reluctant to tell a woman when her fly if open, or if she has something else revealing, as it's easy to be considered a pervert, if you notice and say something. I've asked women if they would like a man to say something. Their answers vary widely. As best I can tell, women are more comfortable with a man saying something, if they are generally around the same age, and if they are good looking. I have, on very rare occasions, said something, when a woman seemed to be showing a lot, while not meaning to. In other words, my saying something is proportional to the degree of embarrassment she is likely to feel, if I don't say something, but modified by how embarrassed she may feel, if I do say something. Telling a woman she is exposing herself, etc., is a tricky business, fraught with potential misunderstanding.
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    • I don't let guys know when they're unzipped because I don't want to spoil the show. If you ever see me with my zipper down feel free to stare lol.

    • kkirk4442

      Unfortunately, down zippers seldom show anything worth looking at. The zippers usually stay all or mostly closed, and even is open, all that is seen is underwear, or a shirt. But thanks for the offer!

    • lilkittyamy_

      But if you are doing it on purpose then you can fold back the inner flaps and stretch open the hole, making much more visible that way :)

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  • elizamichale1
    That really is some joyful experience i agree but unfortunately not many of us are say that daring if we may call
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    • It does take some chutzpah I'll admit. That time with the pedicurist I briefly mentioned was exceptionally nerve-wracking! She never mentioned it for some reasoon lol but I know my unzipped fly was painfully obvious since it was right in front of her face the whole time. Plus everyone in the nail salon had an unblemished view too! Maybe one day I'll work up the courage to try it during a class presentation or something. That would really take some courage!

    • Hehe i can understand coz i have been in the same situation too many times
      N yes u should definitely try that too

    • Mac-One

      Having the zipper down can result in getting some unusual looks and comments but not really show anything.

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  • Bellatris
    "I'm a total weirdo."
    Um... yeah, I'm pretty weird too, but even for me that's a bit too weird, lol :D
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  • ChrisMaster69
    That was a great read and I love girls that do this.
    I had a girlfriend that would go out with a button missing on her blouse snd know people where looking sideways into her top.

    she said it was a total turn on knowing she was being watched
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    • Yeah its absolutely a turn on for me. I've worn lowcut tops and 'forgotton' to do a button before, but the open fly just has a totally different kind of appeal. Catching men starting at my crotch or even taking pictures so they can savor the view for later is so exciting. I've even seen women take pictures (which I find highly amusing.) I haven't seen any of me surface online yet but who knows they may be out there

  • Nimphfromtx
    What would be even more fun. Make a natural looking whole in a pair of pants so your lips can be seen when you sit just right or Or get a pair of tight fitting Jean shorts that’s very thin in the crotch area, Don’t wear any underwear, and then covertly expose yourself and act like you don’t know. I saw a video on a porn site Like this it was mildly amusing
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    • Damn lady that's a little too wild for me lol. I'm into this more subtle, innocent brand of exposure. It looks accidental, doesn't reveal too much and doesn't scandalize any children if they happen to be araound. Who knows though maybe when this starts to get boring I'll graduate to something extreme like that

  • Red_Arrow
    lol. Thus far, two questions and one myTake, all on this topic. When do you widen your interest and graduate to not wearing panties? ;-)
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    • That thought has definitely occurred to me. Maybe now that it's warming up I'll get a little friskier and try it!

    • Red_Arrow

      Remember to keep us posted. ;-)

  • lilkittyamy_
    I love seeing and committing wardrobe malfunctions. there's something so super hot about the "seeing something you shouldn't be seeing" that just turns me on so hard.

    Now im curious about you, when you unzip, do you just unzip and leave it, or do you fold/stretch the opening wide out so its easy to see inside? Do you wear underwear when you do it? Ever do upskirting cause thats even easier and an even better view?
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  • HerFollower
    The most obvious problem I see with this, is doing it in a place where jeans or shorts are inappropriate, or doing it in a place where there might be young teens or younger kids. But other than that,,, more power to you.

    And if going out to some place where you know a bunch of guys around your age will be,,, I challenge you to do it while not wearing any panties. Shaved or not shaved.
  • tonymitchell
    If I find you attractive, don't be one of those girls who basically expose yourself then get "offended" if I stare. I will stare. I will stare at your crotch unashamed. I will even eat your pussy if you let me, if that's what your are inviting. Unfortunately, girls who dress (or undress) in this way often want only "certain" guy's attention, and everyone else is a creep.
    • Well if I get offended then I'd basically be admitting that I knew my fly was down in the first place. I let guys stare unashamedly all the time-- I'm 'oblivious' after all. So yeah go ahead and stare, so long as you don't approach me or try to interact in a weird way. I sat across from a weird guy in the metro once and he dead-ass ogled my gaping zipper the whole time. I fucking loved it. Also I wish most guys were as willing as you to eat pussy 😉

    • I love eating pussy so much. I am too shy to approach, anyway. But when I do get it, awesome sauce!

  • Libbers
    Very interesting. I’m quit surprised not many people speak out about it.
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    • Yeah me too honestly-- that's just cold reality I guess. Strangers are mostly reluctant to tell you about something like an open zip. The few times anyones bothered to tell me they've been older women. Haha but some lady's leer just as much as men! I don't mind lol

    • Libbers

      Humm. If i know the person I would say something but I guess a total stranger. I’d feel weird. I would think they would wonder why I am looking at their crotch in the first place. During your tests are you wearing underwear?

    • Usually yeah. But more recently I've gone off the deep end and done it commando! Nobody's told me in those instances. I think, paradoxically, the more revealing and embarrassing it is, the less likely someone will tell you. People certainly stare longer though lol!!

  • loves2learn
    This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. My husband’s fly is constantly down. 🤣 I’m always reminding him. I wonder when he goes back to the office how many people will stare. Lol
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  • Jenny4455
    I get you entirely, I do a similar thing but wearing skirts that will ride up
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    • Oooo that sounds fun too! Maybe I'll try it 🤔

    • Jenny4455

      Its loads of fun. I always do it commando

    • You girls are too funny! This sounds so fun!

  • Wise4myage
    I always find if funny when a girl tells me my fly is open. I mean, why are looking down there in the first place, lol.
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    • “Why are you looking down there in the first place?” 🤔

    • @loves2learn Who me? I wasn't, lol.

    • In our neck of the woods, nature has a rather quick way of letting us know if our zippers are left down in the winter.😳

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  • Comrade_Sandwich
    Omg I love everything about this! "The 'Open Fly' Paradigm" perfect 👌‍
    I have so many questions about this. One is... why does that video turn me on so much?
  • convo_king89
    ur into a bit of public humiliation huh, nice it’s a turn on when the girls pretends not to know…. Like ur skirt is tucked into ur panties or ur skirt got caught on the back of the chair or while sitting ur jeans sag in the back… plus even better if they aren’t sexy panties cuz ur not into it or ur at work/school/laundry day. Not sexy like regular cotton hanes panties ;)

    if you had ur fly open like that I’d always be looking if I can see what ur panties. I have a panty fetish.
  • soe11
    Really it is a thrilling, any I give you 👍for brave and boldness.
    You know what my girlfriend as well exhibitionist but she never did that way.
    She wear tight fitting daisy duck shorts, denim jeans booty short but she buy with button one not fly zipper one eventhough she some with zipper shorts too using for night club.
    Anyway thanks sharing your taste of enjoyment.
    • You know I actually have a couple pairs of button fly levis and have put on shows with them before. It has pretty much the same effect except that if someone had thought to tell me I would have had to spend a lot more time correcting my 'oversight'. The flys on those are especially long and prone to gaping by the way. Makes for a revealing show ;) You should definitely advise you girlfriend to try this its pretty exciting!!

    • soe11

      Thanks for the positive and encouraging suggestion.
      I will tell her, as I said she got some hipster zipper tight fitting shorts, she wear only for night club.
      Have a lovely day

  • DocJones
    I imagine most guys wouldn't call it to your attention for fear of being perceived as being a pervert or because they do not want to embarrass you further.

    To suggest that one's decision not to point out your open fly is somehow a character flaw is rather self righteous of you, especially since you leave your fly open intentionally.

    I suggest you try growing up a bit and being less self centered.
    • Relax man no offense intended. I don't think any less of people who don't say anything for the record. But unlike you I've actually gone out and collected the data (so to speak) there's a whole host of reasons why people don't tell me. Let me break it down.

      Some are admittedly in your camp and don't want to embarrass me further. Most probably don't care, especially not enough to involve themselves in an awkward situation. But some very obviously enjoy that I'm embarrassing myself and stand by to relish the show. It's pure and uncomplicated schadenfreude. Like I mentioned in another comment-- I guess one of the draws for me is that I like public humiliation or something. And then there are people who are clearly aroused by the sight and want to savor the view. Both of the latter examples are the one's who think to take pictures. I, of course, stand by at flattering angles and act oblivious. A couple of times people have forgotten to silence their phones (one poor person even forgot to turn their flash off once) but I just pretend I don't notice and let them get away with it lol

    • DocJones

      Way to make me feel bad... lol. Ok I can see what you mean and understand why you enjoy being a naughty little pervert. I don't do it on purpose but there have been times when at the beach or in a pool when my shorts were wet and clinging to my body and my junk was on full display. I kinda liked that people stared at it. Seems like women under 25 and women in their mid forty's on up do the most bulge watching.

  • JamieLoves
    I know a chick that has her clit pierced.
    She has a thin gold chain attached to her clit ring.. she loves to go swimming with it, says it feels great. Anyway, what I was going to tell you, is that she’s kind of into what you are. She wears short skirts , no undies and lets the gold chain hang below the skirt. She loves people watching it!!!
    I guess that you could do the same with a belly ring too. I love walking with her, but I’m a perverted guy...
  • Born-for-sex
    I seldom notice open zippers but I find myself looking at butts more then in front. Like I think when I see a woman in front I tend to look at her breasts. But I would imagine that this would be a fun experiment!!
  • Bobsyoruncle
    You mention that you wear panties.

    Why haven’t you taken the plunge and gone ‘commando’?
  • Philyouup
    I'm thinking the exhibitionist in you would love wearing shorts skirts and letting people see you panties or more.. Denim Skirts are great for accidental reveals.
  • Chilclimber
    Hhahahahsah am just going to fucking laugh Hhahshahsha.
    Excellent behavior study.
    • Yeah plenty of people do that too. Stifle laughter and point it out to their friends and so forth. I was just reading my book at the city park today, putting on one of my unzipped shows for the unsuspecting passerbys, and overheard plenty of whispered excitement/shock followed up by snide laughter. I just acted oblivious and let them ogle. I guess I love the public humiliation aspect of it too!

    • hahahas interesting , ill tho am the typo of guy that will come close to you and tell you is down, not shame on pointing that out!

  • msc545
    Very amusing and kind of bizarre. Reminds me of an ex of mine who liked going out wearing a short skirt and no panties, with her completely shaved vagina. Men would literally trip over their own feet when they saw it.
    • You know I've heard of this before but never thought I'd have the courage to try it. Since I've started doing this though I think I may actually be able to work up the courage!! I'll start by going commando with my zipper down and testing the waters. Things are a little more contained that way but I'd still be showing off some sensual skin ;)

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