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Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to Squirt from Your Yoni

Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to Squirt from Your Yoni

How a Lady Can Squirt

Take a deep breath. No seriously. Its kind of like that. Now imagine using your vagina like you are taking a breath. Suck the sensation of pleasure inward deep inside you. Clench that pleasure with your kegel muscles as tight as you can. Then push it out. Slowly push out the sensation. Most women describe it as going pee. The feeling is intense pleasure with a feeling of relief.

Clench in. Flow out. Clench in. Flow out.

How a Man Makes Her Squirt

Most men have heard of the come her motion. You point your finger in a "come here" motion. A lot of guys dont know how to do it right.

Be in the motion with her. You are not poking a gspot you are caressing and massaging it. Slow down those fingers buddy! Use your 2 middle fingers okay? NOT the pointer finger. WIth those two middle fingers do the come her motion but massage the upper wall of her vagina. Do this slowly and firmly. Slow yet firm.

Think of her vagina as a Tsunami. OKay? YOu are slowly stroking the upper wall of her vagina midway deep and caressing it toward your toward her opening.

It is like a tidal wave coming to the beach. Slowly. Slowly. As the moisture and wetness builds it is like each wave toward the beach getting larger and motion intense.

At some point you will feel a lot of wetness. Almost like a puddle of water deep inside her. What you do is draw this water out. Massage it out. Don't change up what you are doing. Stay consistent and just keep massaging. Its like you are lifting the water inside her to the upper wall and sliding it out with your fingers.

At some point you will feel the gspot. I'd say it is a spongy ball the size of the tip of your thumb. It grows larger and its pretty firm.

Massage behind it and slowly keep stroking as if you are pushing behind the ball like it is a massage button. Its almost like the come here motion behind the gspot is a button you are pushing. YOu are massaging the squirting pleasure outward slowly.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to Squirt from Your Yoni
Confessions of a Ladies Man: How to Squirt from Your Yoni
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Most Helpful Guys

  • RingOfFire
    There is no such thing as female ejaculation.

    The only organ that has the ability to produce a "squirt" from a woman's vaginal area is her bladder. So any "squirt" is a combination of urine possibly mixed with vaginal secretions. A "squirt" is a voluntary or involuntary release of urine from the urethra.
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  • quipjohn
    She's not wrong, when my girls tidal wave hits, there are no amount of towels that will keep the sheets clean.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    Realistically i like the advice your giving and I bet it works on a lot of women but pointing out from my own experiences some women myself included do not squirt from fingerings sometimes its a clitoral only or even only from intercorse type of thing. However squirting is a 10x better orgasm than average.
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  • Boose01
    I have most definitely and it’s the best feeling in the world
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    • Apope16

      What's that like compared to other orgasms?

    • Boose01

      Most orgasms feel great but a squirting one is 10x more intense almost like your soul is leaving your body intensely amazing

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  • iKarmaJones
    I always was interested and amazed how a women squirt. Never squirted while being finger. Nicely wet before, during and after. Well, he just turned me on period. I'm surprised I never squirted with him. The person I'm thinking about. 🤔
  • Browneye57
    The porn industry invented this. And it's all fake. You've been duped. LOL
  • karaspara
    I’ve never squirted
  • shalt
    Your such a weird guy.
  • Riebeck
    What is a yoni?
  • Anonymous
    Yes and no. Just focus on the clit. G-spot doesn’t work for me. I’ve never had an internal orgasm
    • Then someone is not doing something right.