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Advice for the guys - Have a one night stand


Before we start I want to make clear that I don't have the Holly Grail of information on what girls want. No one, literally no one in this world will ever be able to give you that. Not dating coaches, not players, not even girls themselves.

Like she says...
Like she says...

People are far to different from one another for a range of pre-concieved advices and technics to work on entire gender. Depends a lot on what the person you are hunting is like, but we will get there...

Do you know how there are all those advices, dating coaches and players who claim they know exactly what girls want and how to get into their pants? Disregard it, you don't need it.

Disclaimer, my body count doesn't have three digits, not even close. But I never spend a long time with my bed empty as soon as a friend of mine gave me some tips.

That friend in question was ridiculously good looking and knew how to be charming. We always thought those were the secrets to his success.

Kinda easy if you look like this
Kinda easy if you look like this

Turns out that helps (no shit!), but there was more to it. I actually asked him one night when we were all hanging out how did he got so lucky.
Do you know what he told me?

"I get rejected a lot!"

In my head, no way. I have seen girls bite their lip looking at him after he just asked them for a smoke. So what was it?

Here comes the big piece of wisdom I want to share with all of you guys. The advice he gave me...

Two things...
1. "Lata"
"Lata" translated to English is "can", but in this context my language means a mix of confidence and "I don't give a fuck" attitude. Not rude, lay back.

Like the wise one used to say...
Like the wise one used to say...

2. Law of large numbers
There are hundreds of girls going out to have fun every night. Don't put all your chips on the same girl if it's not working move to the next until you succeed.

Its simple math
It's simple math

Sounds way to simple right?
Basically, as long as you look half decent, have "lata" and keep approaching girls you will find that hot one, if not on this bar on the next, that will fuck you. Because she likes your sense of humour, because you look like her dad, because she is that horny that night, doesn't matter.

Literally walk to a girl, talk to her, things are going well? Great. Things are not going well? Great too, check how good that other girl across the room looks.

What this made for me? I failed a lot. A lot and don't get me wrong there were nights where I went home alone. My failures increased a lot, but so did my successes. Worth it!

Right there across the room
Right there across the room

What helps?
Try to look your best and be able to keep a conversation going helps a lot of course, but do you remember what I said before that people are far to different for a single strategy to work? That applies here.

First know yourself. Are you a serious person? Then that girl with the resting bitch face will love you, but that girl over there acting all bubbly and silly will find you boring. That one is actually for me. This is an over simplified example. It can happen the exact opposite and even with practice it's not always obvious.

That is where the big numbers law comes in. Look for "the target" until you find it. She will keep the conversation going and give you small hints things are going well. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME trying to impress a girl who is clearly not "the target". Just don't. Not worth it and that is the biggest flaw many guys have! They see one hot girl and that is the one they must take home. If they fail they feel down and the night is ruined. DON'T BE THAT GUY. Be more flexible than that. Follow the second rule and things will go your way.

Do you know why bad boys seem to get lots of girls? It's because they naturally follow this!

They do it naturally my friend
They do it naturally my friend

They put themselves out there with confidence and don't give a shit if the girl wants or not. They are who they are and eventually one will. And they attract who? Who are their targets? Don't be fooled not all girls go for them, but the ones who like them REALLY like them and don't take much effort once they pick on the "bad boy" vibe. Put yourselves out there with confidence, don't let rejections take that confidence away and look for your targets.

A serious note now
People you fuck are not necessarily the same people you date.

That is why friends with benefits exist
That is why friends with benefits exist

That is valid for both genders. Both genders have sluts, bad boys and bitches. They have their uses and it's not necessarily for a relationship. It can be for sure, but not often. You will find that the people you like to have one night stands with are very different from the ones you want to date.

That is why nice guys think girls don't like them when they see the girl with the bad boys. Those are just for an easy fuck my dude. You will be the fuck she wants for the rest of her life. That could also be you if you didn't stay sitting on your ass just being nice instead of actually putting yourself out there!

The advice I just gave you is for you to go out there and have your fun for the night. That is it. If it evolves into something else, lucky you. But don't be fooled, the girl that accepted to go with you knows exactly what you want! Girls are not dumb. She knows the moment you talk to her and if she goes with you she is on it for the same reason you are. So if you try to make it something else do it carefully.

This makes think of one last thing...
In case you didn't knew.


They really do!
They really do!

Forget about that old mentality that only guys want it and that girls are the gatekeepers of sex. Literally dump it on a bin. Today girls want it as bad as we do, that preconceived idea that they had to be virgins until marriage is gone and they are finally be able to have their fun. And boy do they use that freedom!

Case and point, I had girls come to me and puting a surprising amount of work in. And they were really cute! Happened twice, but that is not common for the simple reason girls hunt in different ways we do. It can happen that you end up taking home a girl that you think you charmed when in fact she had her eyes on you the entire night and was hunting you down before you even saw her. This happens! They have their ways.

During the pandemic this will be hard to do, but once we have our freedom back everyone...and I mean everyone will be very eager to make new friends.
When that times comes use what I just told you here and you will be in for a very fun night.
This is what I was told and it proven itself true with my experience, but feel free to disagree. I would love to hear it.

Until next time!

Advice for the guys - Have a one night stand
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  • exitseven
    I had a friend that told me this very same thing. He asked out every girl he thought looked interesting. We went into a convenience store because he said he wanted to ask out the girl that worked there. Lets call her X. Well, X was not working that day. He spoke to the girl that was working and somehow he got her to give him X's phone number. He called X from the pay phone (this was before cell phones). It turns out that there were two girls named X that worked there and he called the other one. He talked to Other X for a while and before I knew it, he made a date with her.
    That year I had ended a long term relationship and was dating again. I would tell a girl how my friend would ask out lots of girls and any other crazy thing that would pop into my head. After a while she would be so confused that when I finally got around to asking her if she would go out with me she would say yes. I went 6 for 6 with this that winter.
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    • Anonymous

      This tactic should be more used.

    • exitseven

      Thanks for the MHO

  • FraITA92
    Yeah one or few one night stands might be OK, but why would you want tens or even hundred? After you tried the experience I think it is more rewarding to have a fixed friend, if you don't want a girlfriend.
    But it's people that keep going after loads of women that make it so hard to get a date for men, because it creates an endless 'supply' of offers, of men, for them, thus making each of the men worth less to them.
    So I think that you should try one night stands, but don't become obsessed with them, and don't follow necessarily how society tells you to behave with women. You don't won't to be taken for granted, so let them do their part and show you they are interested (let them make the first move or ask you out or ask you your number, if they don't do anything.. Next).
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    • Anonymous

      I agree that nothing beats a good loving girlfriend.

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  • NathanDavis
    no thanks
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  • Anonymous
    I don't like sex with someone I am not dating, but I agree to every first date ask (provided I am not in a relationship) and am willing to eat a girl out on the first meeting. In my experience girls like that a guy wants to pleasure them in the first meeting even more than ONS sex.

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