Ladies: Four things to make you a better lover


1. Communication Is Key

Communicate with your man. Tell him what you like and what you don't like, so that you can both have a more enjoyable sex life. There will be times when your man is in the mood, but you are tired and would have sex, but for being tired. Again, communication is key. You can refuse to have sex, which is a lose/lose situation. Or you could say, "Honey, I'm really tired and I love you. If I fall asleep during sex its because I love you and am so comfortable with you." This has made the best of the situation and avoided a fight. Bedrooms are not the place for fights. For many men, this is enough and they will feel loved because you made an effort to meet their needs. For a man, sex is both a physical and an emotional need.


2. Don't Kill The Golden Goose

Don't kill the Golden Goose - the goose that lays golden eggs. Women's vaginas have intrigued men for thousands of years. In love making, it is friction between the vagina and penis that helps the man to reach orgasm. If you do sexual activities that unnaturally stretch the vagina, you will in essence be killing the golden goose. Sexual activities, such as fisting and inserting abnormally large dildos into the vagina. While it may "look" like the vagina returns to normal after inserting abnormally large objects; it really doesn't from the physical friction sensation of a man. It is very difficult for a man to tell a woman that the woman has a loose vagina - Don't kill the Golden Goose.

Dont Kill the Goose the Lays the Golden Eggs.
Don't Kill the Goose the Lays the Golden Eggs.

3. Husband's Knot

For most women, a baby's head is significantly larger than the vagina. During the birthing process, a vaginal birth will tear apart the vagina. To prevent an uncontrolled natural tear, many doctors will use a scalpel to cut the vagina, causing a controlled tear that is much easier to "repair" after the child is born. When the doctor is suturing the torn vagina, one or more extra surgical sutures can be made to make the vagina's opening smaller. These extra surgical sutures are known as a Husband's Knot, Daddy's Knot, or a Vagina Tuck. After a woman' has fully healed from the child birth, the smaller vagina opening will increase sexual pleasure of her male partner.

4. The Bionic Vagina

Exercise can tighten the vagina muscles to in essence have a bionic vagina. This came from meeting a woman who did not have a car, so she rode a bicycle everywhere - literally riding at least 12 miles a day on a bicycle, everyday. There are no studies on what exercises will create a "bionic vagina," but persistent bicycle riding does work.

Bicycle Riding Can Help You to Build a Bionic Vagina
Bicycle Riding Can Help You to Build a Bionic Vagina
Ladies: Four things to make you a better lover
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  • loves2learn
    I would venture to say, from personal experience, years of pillow humping will also make a bionic vagina. And I 100% agree communication is key.
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