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The 5 Erogenous Zones of a Woman

How to pleasure her.
How to pleasure her.

Get acquainted with the 5 pleasure zones of the vaginal canal.
1. Vaginal entry
Dr. Oneal eloquently calls this “using the front door.” Play around with entering and exiting the first inch or so inside the vaginal canal with fingers or toys.

2. G-spot
The all-mighty G-spot is located two-to-three inches deep on the front wall of the vagina, near 12 o’clock, if you imagine the surface being a clock's face. “Once you’ve found it, you’ll never debate it again,” she says.

3. Deep spot upper
According to Dr. Oneal, the DSU (for short) is a favorite for its anecdotal powers in the realm of female ejaculation. How do you get there? Penetrate deeply, until you "bottom out" at the cervical cap, then back out about a half-inch. She’s found that “stimulating the upper wall is generally met with a lot of smiling by the receiver of the stimulation.”

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4. Cervix
Dr. Oneal says cervical stimulation isn't everyone's favorite pleasure zone, but that for some, it's unquestionably the best. To access it, penetrate deep into the vaginal canal until you can’t go any farther. At that point, you'll know you’ve found the cervix.

5. Deep spot lower
The DSL (not to be confused any, ahem, other meanings of DSL you may be aware of) can be reached by penetrating to the cervix then pulling back by about a half-inch. This spot can be found vaginally or anally.

And, as a bonus, Dr. Oneal says that in opening up the list to include the vulva, the clitoris can certainly be considered as a sixth hot spot. It boasts thousands of nerve endings for the sole purpose of sexual arousal and pleasure, so she recommends playing here for even more pleasure.

While all of Dr. Oneal's intel is certainly experiment-worthy, she's quick to note that all of it is highly personalized. Furthermore, there’s no single way to stimulate each pleasure zone, so she recommends exploring until you find what you like. Some ideas to toy with? Pressure, speed, the direction of stimulation (side-to-side, circular, clockwise, counterclockwise), temperature, etc. In other words? Experiment, experiment, experiment. So, with that, go play with each pleasure zone to find what feels best—and, really, the possibilities are endless.
You heard it here first: Anal pleasure could help close the orgasm gap. And to that point, a sexpert shares whether anilingus is safe and sanitary in the first place.

Cari Oneal, PhD

The 5 Erogenous Zones of a Woman
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing this MyTake with us, This tells us important information about the woman's vagina now I've heard that they say if you do the Alphabet while giving a woman oral will drive her to a great orgasm, Mainly giving her oral with the tongue
    and letting her tell us what feels the best is very important
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  • BlacklightShade
    The real list of five erogenous zones is:
    - A good shoe store
    - Joe Manganiello's lap
    - The couch in front of Code Black
    - Any place offering a foot massage
    - A coffee shop selling a dirty chai latte
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  • exitseven
    Nice to know about that. The DSU is sort of like flounder fishing.
    I always thought DSL meant Digital Subscriber Line.
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  • Diya010
    Thank for the information
  • Anonymous
    And yet https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/all-about-sex/200903/the-most-important-sexual-statistic Let's hear it for fingers, toes, nipples, tummies, thighs, wrists, pits, perineum, anus, and about a dozen other 'secondary' erogenous zones. Let's give outercourse a go. As for the parters, let's not forget that cocks are only one tool. We have fingers, lips, tongues, thighs, feet, and attitude. As a submissive male women who enjoy topping me almost always find that empowerment is a powerful aphrodisiac.
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    • Andres77

      HEAR HEAR!
      -a follow disciple

      dude, this is exactly correct.
      people don't realize that foreplay IS ALSO sex.

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