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Why the term “victim blaming” is both misused and overused

Why the term “victim blaming” is both misused and overused


Before I begin, I want to let you know that this take will focus on victim blaming within the context of sexual assault. We all know that rape is horrible and no one should EVER experience such a traumatic and terrible experience. There are all kinds of scenarios where rape unfortunately happens and in A LOT of cases, it is entirely the fault of the rapist. Especially if the victim happened to be a child. I do not believe shoving blame to the victim would do anyone a favor. What I will do is discuss scenarios where the victim did have partial accountability to what has happened. Now, that doesn’t mean I say that the victim had asked to undergo a traumatic event, but there are certain actions/decision of the victim that have unintentionally contributed to the fact that a an unwanted incident had taken place. When it comes to victim being a man or a woman is not relevant as both men and women experience things such as rape. This Take will focus on the incidents where one could have done things, to lessen the odds of a something happening at worst, and prevent it entirely at best. It is all about promoting safety over the need of being ‘right’.

I know there are going to be those who are only going to read the title and jump to insults and all kinds of personal attacks without even having read anything. To you people, I hope you realize that the joke is on you and that this reflects more about your character than my own. I simply refuse to buy into your agendas of always playing victim and depriving yourselves from any accountability.

Context on why I decided to make this take:

We all know that G@G has some feminist users lurking around. There is one particular user who made a take where she started to talk about rape, even though it was irrelevant to the topic she was discussing at hand... This user who proclaimed to be “against censorship” decided to just remove my comments after she realized she couldn’t hold an intellectual debate, while at the same time insulting me and spreading false rumors of things I have said, which I haven’t. (note, I haven’t insulted her personally, I criticized her way of thinking). Not only did my comments challenge her views on an intellectual level, they also opened a way for discussion/debate. But she decided to take the easy way out, insulting me and calling me a “victim blamer” without genuine basis. I will keep her identity anonymous, but I’ll make sure she gets to see this Take.

An example of the type of scenarios I am referring to:

Why the term “victim blaming” is both misused and overused


Sadly, we read that a Dutch tourist got raped in Crete and her friend managed to escape a rape attempt. The rape happened after the ladies went with the guys to a hotel and it all went downhill in the men’s bathroom. I first saw this on the Dutch news (I’m Dutch myself) and they mentioned that this took place at 3.00 AM in Crete.

So... the ladies decided to go to a bar, get drunk and meet with some men while being intoxicated. So two young ladies late at night, outside in another country and flirting with strangers while being intoxicated. Geez... I wonder what could go wrong... Hold your horses now, of course one should be able to go out and have fun without anything happening to them. Especially when you’re out on a vacation that you have been looking forward to just to relax from the current pandemic and stress of daily responsibilities. Sure, I agree with that entirely. There is one major problem, though: This is life. There are evil people out there. There are evil people out there who are ready to take advantage of a pretty young lady who is in a vulnerable state (like being drunk). I could bet that this would not have happened if they stayed in their temporary place of residence or at the very least didn’t drink more than they could handle.

Now, whether this truly was a rape incident, I don’t know. The men were denying the accusations, so I would love to see some camera footage of how things truly went.
Because false rape accusations tend to happen all the time as shown here:

What is more important? Being ‘right’ or being safe?

Why the term “victim blaming” is both misused and overused

The feminist used the following argument:

“We should not limit ourselves. If we want to go to bars, we should. If we want to flirt with strangers late at night, we should. If we want to get drunk, then we should be able to. People should be taught not to do XYZ!"

And I agree with those things. One should be able to enjoy life without fear or danger. However there is a major flaw in her way of thinking: This won't stop the fact of criminals existing. Until we can go out and live life without risks, we owe ourselves the action of doing everything in our power to make sure we are SAFE. It also won’t change the fact that there are evil people out there ready to take advantage of your little entitlement and that you’re compromising on your own personal safety. There is a reason why so many parents around the globe happen to be (over)protective.

It is our responsibility to make sure that we do our utmost best to NOT increase the odds of unwanted incidents happening. Given we do have (some) control. If we go to certain places at certain times where we know in the back of our heads would decrease our safety, then we have ourselves to blame for taking the risk of something happening, NOT that something HAS happened.

Other examples of obvious accountability

Why the term “victim blaming” is both misused and overused

1. When I leave my house, I lock the door. Why? Because I don’t want to risk getting my house robbed. I could just say “well people shouldn’t steal, I should be allowed to keep the door unlocked! Teach your children not to steal!”. Well go ahead and keep your door unlocked. Just don’t complain that there comes the time when you come home and find out you got robbed.

2. If I flash a Rolex in a ghetto, I shouldn’t be flabbergasted that I got mugged since I took the risk. If I didn’t wear something expensive like a Rolex knowing I’m going to a ghetto, the chances of getting robbed would have decreased.

3. If I cross the streets without looking left to right, because the road signs are in my favor, being “right” isn't going to stop the car from driving me over (as the driver is unaware or on their phone) and it won't end the fact that I ended up in a wheelchair.

Sorry, but I rather be safe than to let my ego take over.

So who is/was to blame?

Why the term “victim blaming” is both misused and overused

When it comes to the incident with the Dutch tourist, I blame the rapist (given that it actually was a rape). At the same time keeping in mind all the things I said earlier, I keep the two women accountable for the fact that THEY were the ones who went to a bar late at night. No one forced them to. They are the ones who started to drink, no one forced them to. They are the ones who started to interact with strangers. No one forced them to. And as far I know, no one forced them to go with the men to a hotel. But one thing is for certain, If they had not done all of these things, or at the very least managed to drink as much as they could handle, then I could bet my arm that the rape could not have taken place.

So with that said, yes they are also to blame just for the fact that they compromised on their safety by their own actions. No, they are not to blame because some jackass or two decided to rape!

“yOu aRe vIcTiM-BlAmInG”

Why the term “victim blaming” is both misused and overused

I will repeat what I said earlier:

It is our responsibility of taking the RISK of something happening. What a criminal does to us is NOT our fault.

Those who immediately jump to accusing that someone is “victim-blaming” are doing so as a means of trying to censor someone. Taking away any nuance to what that person has says, while at the same time use this as a shaming tactic to attack the person (also known as an ad hominem logical fallacy).

This does not only show their lack of intellect to produce a valid counter-argument, but they are also gaslighting anyone who even dares to speak a piece of reality that points to the very truth they so hate to hear. Anything that does not make them look as much of a victim as they want to is being ostracized, censored or shamed.

One of the false rumors the feminist was spreading about me is that I "said" that a woman’s clothes determine whether she gets raped or not. I actually never said such a thing. Which is funny because I happen to agree with her that rape happens regardless of what someone wears.

Since she mentioned it anyway, I happen to stay realistic and dare to say that depending on the type of clothes you wear, it will determine what kind of people you’re going to draw to you. And if you wear something that would attract the attention of creeps, you involuntarily increased the odds of things happening such as sexual harassment or in some cases even sexual assault. That's not the same as asking for it. It is however increasing certain odds that you do not want to increase. And that's a fact that these people cannot stand.

Don’t want to hear it form me? Go listen to these guys:

“Blame and responsibility aren’t the same thing. You owe it to yourself” - Aba

Why the term “victim blaming” is both misused and overused
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I think the problem with the crowd that accuses you of victim blaming is their inability to accept that more than one person can be at fault in causing an event. Yes, victims can certainly create the opportunity for criminals to work their mischief and, but for the opportunity, perhaps nothing would have happened.

    However, that does not mean that we are relieving the criminal of responsibility for their actions.

    That crowd that accuses you of victim blaming wants to pretend that the world is perfect and they should be able to get drunk and walk down the street naked. But, as you observed, those same people will lock their car when it is parked in town, they will lock their doors at night before they go to sleep.

    When they insist that they should be able to [whatever,] I often respond "If you were at work o a summer day and your 14 year old daughter called you from home and asked permission to invite three neighborhood boys over to go skinny dipping in the pool, would you agree to her request? After all, she should be able to go skinny dipping without being attacked.

    I expect you to be targeted for more hate, because this is an emotional point for the out-of-control extreme left element of the younger generation.
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    • You've worded it fabulously! Unforunately, it's not just me who got accused of "victim blaming" there are plenty of sources on Google alone who talk about the abuse of this term, not to forget to mention the video I've sent at the end of myTake (made by youtubers with 1+ mil subscribers) who talk about it and many people in the comments reciprocating. So sadly, this is something that extends far beyond myself.

      If I had a 14 year old daughter, I would sit down with her, have a chat and say "Yes you should be allowed to do XYZ without being in danger. Sadly, we live in a world that is not an utopia and bad people are everywhere. And as as your father and protector, it's my responsibility to make sure certain decisions are made that make sure nothing happens to you".

      And when it comes to the haters, they are free to hate and disagree all they want. Their inability to distinguish siding with the perpetrator from realizing responsibility and safety pre-cautions, is their problem. It will only validate my stance even more. I choose to choose safety over ego and delusion

    • msc545

      Excellent comment!

    • @msc545 Thank you, sir.

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  • Celtero
    "Victim Blaming" is just a nonesense feminist slogan that suggests we have no responsibility to protect ourselves. I suspect it comes from spoilt women who expect society to wipe their ass.

    With this feminist logic, you're committing a sin if you say a dead skydiver shouldn't have jumped without a parachute.

    And like... I'm sorry that bad men exist, but I can't really do anything about it. As a woman, you're the most empowered person to prevent your own rape. I have no impact, whatsoever, if you want to go to the sketchy part of town and get blackout drunk around strangers... You want to claim that your decision making had no part in the outcome? Okay, if it makes you feel better... but you're not going to get unraped, and you're not helping other women not get raped in the future with this attitude.
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    • Nailed it! 💯👏💯👏💯

    • Amazing isn't it? ... how they are going to destroy other women by paving a road for them that leads to hell. All this while at the same time shaming those who DO tell people to not make certain decision and to stay safe. And let me tell you that the feminist who I mentioned in this myTake happens to be a mother. Dear Lord! Just imagine how things will turn out for the kid having to be raised by a mother who absolves them from all accountability. I almost feel obligated to call CPC at this point...

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  • AlphaGhost
    I am going to say something that will attract attention but,
    You can never expect any honor from these purple heads and they want men to do everything like even in victim blaming, its the men who should not do anything regardless of the fact he may be drunk too. They don't hold any accountability for their actions or what they may have did that lead to that unfortunate accident and if bad thing happened its men who should control himself, while we will jump on his dick and kiss him and entice him to fuck.
    We may even go to your hotel room with you to have sex... but its the men who should control himself and his drinking, so drinking don't cloud his judgment like it did to ours and he may not end-up doing exactly what we are asking him to do.
    I don't think its rape cuz
    1) both were drunk and he didn't intent to force her and She was cooperating, even go as far as to his room... I could have been RAPE if guy was not drunk and took advantage of the drunk woman but even in that courts can't charge a man cuz She has given her consent.
    2) I don't see any sign of struggling and guy was DRUNK, so "She can't think properly logic" apply to him too... if not, then I would have demanded punishment for sexual predation but feminist will never support logic.

    If things continue to go the way... they are going we may even have to make separate bars for both genders and then no-one will complain about rape but I can guarantee you... FEMINIST WILL SPEAK AGAINST IT.
    I follow a very simple rule... NEVER FUCK OR HAVE RELATIONSHIP with WHITE WOMAN... even if she get on her knees and beg you to do so, your life and career is far more important than that, otherwise you will end up like my hommie, who was Divorce raped.
    His ex wife made accusations in days leading to their divorce, he didn't find her attractive but still continue to have sex her. While She was doing it she believed he loved her but in reality, he was taking advantage of her by faking love.
    Judge ruled against her but this case tarnished his reputation and he has to change states in order to start a new life.
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    • Very true words! I would like to say that these issues you and I speak f extends beyond white women. So it's not like you won't encounter these things when dealing with other women who aren't white. Feminism and in all its toxicity has been successful in corrupting almost all women in general. Jokes on them though, they are realizing and feeling the consequences of feminist indoctrination as men started to see through all the facade and choose to stay away from them altogether. The only ones who are remaining are the simps, but they obviously do not want those. So it's hard for them to find an even decent man, let alone a high value one who wants to commit. What also adds to their frustration is that their entitlement has no effect on a man with self-respect as they figure out that they have to work for his committment while they were used to get everything for free.

      This is one of the reasons why so many of them turn "lesbian" and try to convince the world that they "only" feel attracted to women. While the truth is that men aren't attracted to them (looks & personality). So they make a virtue of necessity and nothing else.

  • rjroy3
    Agree and you have good use of rhetoric and critical thinking to make your points. Only thing you need is..

    Knowing the propose of the interaction.

    Some people you shouldn't bother with at all.

    Some you should try and reason with such as you do in this take.

    Others you should embarrass in front of everyone to display the outrageous nature of their claims. Using emotional arguments yourself in reaction to emotional arguments.

    Punch back twice as hard. Because logical arguments lose to emotional arguments everytime. Emotional arguments beat emotional arguments. Proper response to "you're victim blaming" is something more like, "no, you just hate men and want to keep women in danger. You don't care about their lives because you're selfish"

    Maybe true, maybe not true. Might be true. But it's more reasonable than her point and it also carries emotional weight. Ergo your argument wins even if it sidesteps the point.

    It's only once you have mutually assured destruction that you can tacitly agree to take the nukes off the table and simply have a conversation based on reason.

    To your point of priorities vs being right. I reiterate a similar point to you. You can prioritize being 100% civil in all cases, even when it's not the proper action because you know you're right.

    Then there's actually winning the argument. And sometimes it's important that you win the argument. What does it matter if you're right if you lose the argument in the end? You're right and nothing changes.

    Win the argument and some change takes place However small it may be.
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    • Those are actually very solid points! And I'm actually adopting them more often. When someone puts a false label on me, I simply slam them with a label back. I've been called a "misogynist" (like many others have since this is their main ad hominem) simply because I happen to give arguments they don't like to hear. So I slam them with the "misandry" back and watch them get all emotional. But I get far more fun out of exposing their lack of intelletualism.

  • DianaWest
    this whole accountability thing you are talking of is a bit weird. i certainly understand where you're coming from though. i think every person should be precautious and should put their safety first at all time. having fun is great, but taking care of your safety is much more important. i think everyone, not just women, should be taught how to defend themselves and look out for themselves in dangerous situations. but i don't think you are helping anyone when you say they need to be "accountable" for their actions. do people do stupid things? yes. some people make poor decisions and end up in dangerous situations. but you are not helping them when you tell them to take responsibility AFTER something terrible happens to them. they need to be taught how to protect themselves and prevent a dangerous situation from occurring in the first place.

    this is why i think your take should not be about victim blaming being overused, but about how to help people avoid dangerous situations. that would be a much more helpful mytake. even the most rational of people can sometimes have a weak moment, do something stupid, and find themselves in a bad situation. in that case, you help them avoid such a situation in the future, you don't tell them (hey, IF you did not do X, this probably wouldn't have happened). because if you do that, you are going to make the situation for them much worse, and in a way, it IS victim blaming.
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    • Just because people are naive and make poor decisions that put them in bad situations, doesn't mean they cannot still be responsbile and held accountable for their own actions. I fully agree that both parties (men and women) need to be taught to protect themselves directly and indirectly.

      The Take was mainly to debunk the "victim blaming" label falsely put on people as it is being overused. At the same time it still can help people realize that much of their safety is still in their own hands. If I make a mistake during flight school, I am still being held accountable for the mistake. At the same time I get schooled to what I should do in order not to repeat it.

  • NYCQuestions1976
    Real victims of actual crimes should never be blamed for anything. Excuses should never be made for criminals and criminal behavior. However faux victims should be punished severely to the fullest extent of the law. Faux victims use the system as a weapon against others and tie up valuable time and numerous resources that are meant to help and support real victims.
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    • Exactly my thought! At the same time, we should acknowledge that it is our own responsibility to make decisions that prioritize our own safety. The example of the Dutch tourists going out to a bar at 3 AM in a foreign country and getting drunk are an example of people who did not take the necessary pre-cautions to prioritize their own safety. While I agree that the criminal act they have suffered is not their fault, we cannot absolve them from the accountability in significantly that has lead this to happen. Just as @OlderAndWiser mentioned, just because a victim happens to be a victim, doesn't mean they cannot be at fault (depending on the situation). Avoiding this incident was definitely within the control of these Dutch tourists.

  • MsElizabeth96
    I Get what you're saying and agree with you to an extent, but I think you're coming at this from completely the wrong angle
    Yes doing certain things may slightly increase your chance of becomeing a sexual assault victim, but that doesn't mean you are WRONG or at FAULT for doing them
    Getting into a taxi increases a risk of being in a car accident, does that mean if you're taxi crashes you're partially to blame because you took the risk in the first place?

    We know that certain behavuour increases your risk of assault, but rather than using this info to blame victims we should be sharing it with the public so individuals can make informed personal decisions in whether they want to take those risks. If they want to take them, then that's their right and they're not at any fault for that.
    Going to a bar, getting drunk, and flirting with strangers may increase your chance of being assaulted, does that mean no one should ever do any of these things? By you logic, no body should ever go out drinking in public or ever talk to strangers

    In my view, you're nog at fault unless you've actually done something wrong, and when it comes to rape the only person doing anything wrong is the rapist. Going to bars is not wrong, drinking is not wrong, wearing skimpy outfits is not wrong, flirting with strangers is not wrong. Yes they come with risks, but so does almost anything, it's each individual's right to know those risks and decide for themselves, they are not wrong for excercising that right

    The rapist bears 100% of the blame, no one else
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    • The rapist is responsible for rape. The violator of common sense is responsible for the violation. The woman who flouts the warnings of her elders is responsible for her disrespectful treatment of those wishing to imbue wisdom on her.

      The woman who plays dangerous games with men and illegal drugs is still responsible for her illegal drug use.

      The cocktease is still responsible for leading a man's mind down a wrong path.

      Most "rapists" were given the illusion of consent, and don't take kindly to fake outs. Not that they should continue, but they do because they see no better way to punish a liar, than to make her lie in the bed she made for herself.

      Little different an impulse than a farmer ready to shoot you in the back for stealing apples from his orchard.

      Rare is the psychopath who jumps out of a bush and rapes a fully modest woman at gunpoint, after blowing her friend's head off with a bullet first just to make a mockery of the buddy system.

      I won't say that never happens, but you usually see that sort of evil on TV, in scripted dramas, rarely ever in real life.

    • I Strongly advise you share these views of yours with every single woman you meet so they all know to stay the hell away from you. Please get help

    • How is mutual responsibility such a monstrous thing? If both parties erred, even in different ways, do not both parties warrant correction?

      At what point did I indicate that the man who goes too far is off the hook because of the woman's wrongs? That's just it: it never happened. He's not off the hook. Neither is she. If a toddler girl steals a toddler boy's favorite toy car and throws it out the window and laughs, and he retaliates by smacking her across the face, you spank both of them and put both in time out. Granted, if she returns the toy car, she gets to leave timeout sooner.

      The real monster is the supervisor who lets the girl do whatever she pleases, no matter how bratty or who gets hurt, and only ever punishes the boy, especially if he retaliates. And punishes him by taking a chainsaw to him, even if all he does is yell at her and cry.

      You don't rid the world of brats by playing favorites and acting like one or the other can do no wrong. You also don't rid the world of brats by accusing anyone who is more insightful than you of having I'll intent. Instead, you only show your own intellectual frailty.

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  • genericname85
    I think victim blaming is generally bullshit. But it is definitely appropriate to point out when obvious risk factors have been grossly ignored. Not to blame them. But to help them not experience the situation again. Because we can not control the behavior of criminals. We can only control our very own behavior.
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    • Exactly, just for you mentioning this piece of common sense will have them label you as a "misogynistic victim blamer" 😂

  • BeenThereLovedIt
    If something is against the law and someone violates that law, it's not a leap of faith to expect that the victim - whether they "deserved" it or not - shouldn't be blamed. I don't care if a girl gets drunk in a party dress in the presence of men, that never gave them any right to rape her.
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    • You clearly didn't read the Take.

    • I feel that my opinion above is an excellent point made in contrast to the asker's direction.

    • This is a Take, not a question. That is where you already went wrong. No one here is blaming the victim. This Take is about debunking the term "victim blaming" to why it is being overused and misused. This take isn't about condoning violations of law. This goes to show that you have not read my take and the fact you didn't deny it indicates to that even more. Read the Take before you embarrass yourself even further

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    If you step into a bear cave, beware of bears. This used to be called common sense. Then, treasonous vermin got elected, and started promoting garbage school curricula written by hacks suffering from Kate Millet Syndrome. Now, common sense is labeled "misogyny."

    And commie sociopaths decided to encourage a culture of gaslighting and censorship, to shame and suppress anyone from pointing out the Kate Millet Syndrome elephant in the room.
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  • MCheetah
    Eh. Irresponsible people will act irresponsibly. It doesn't surprise me anymore. I look at it as Darwinism in action. I have less patience to deal with incredibly stupid, immature people like that girl (assuming everything you said about her was accurate). Many women are like that; the stupid assumption that danger doesn't exist out there and if they want to get drunk at 3am and stagger through the middle of Gary, Indiana being White Girl Wasted, that anything that happens to them is not their fault. Again, it's Darwinism in Action.

    And while no one deserves to be a victim of a traumatic crime, like you implied, those who can't minimize their own risk of danger get no sympathy from me. It's like jumping in the middle of the ocean covered in pig's blood and then acting all surprised when a shark comes after you. Victims of crime can also be stupid people as well, and stuff like this is stupidity at it's finest.
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    • Careful, you're going to get called out for so-called "victim blaming" and "misogyny". 😂😂
      In any way, very well said! And that's the difference between people with a brain and the delusional people out there who think the world revolves around them while proactively shaming those who DO know the dangers of the world. Especially feminists are keen on removing the accountability from women in these matters, because "women can never be at fault"! I've seen feminists justify crimes such as rape against men. That alone tells you all you need to know

  • Oppyy
    I agree with you although i didn't read it completely. It's the same as saying "It's 2021 and there's still racism". Ofc we have racism, rapes, killings and other terrible things. Sometimes it's up to us to make sure that we are protected enough and to take the steps to make sure that nothing bad happens. It's important for us especially girls to be aware about how some people have ill intentions. The same goes for dressing provocatively. If you're gonna wear revealing stuff, you have to be prepared to get stares and ogling cause that's how people are no matter what we say or how much we say it's our choice. But it also depends on the state of the victim at the time. Someone with poor mental state, someone unaware like minors, some tourists and many others
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  • jshm2
    Hmmm. You've used a lot of words to say nothing.

    You could cut a lot of that spiel down a couple of paragraphs by saying how something is reported and portrayed, isn't always accurate to what happened.

    Also, people tend to form their own invalid opinions according to their biases i. e. He was Black? Then he must be guilty! She was dressed like a hooker? Serves her right! etc etc.
    • I made a statement which I gave multiple arguments from multiple approaches to prove. Same thing as a professor writing many pages that contain many examples to bring forth the idea he is trying to give. That has nothing to do with "using a lot of words to say nothing", but rather your short attention span. That's more of a you-problem than anyone else's

  • CasaNorba
    amen brother, kick ass article!

    victim blaming is indeed a censoring tactic used by people who are too whiny and childish to accept responsibility and those who think they're entitled to do whatever the fuck they want in life without facing consequences and repercussion. its funny how night I asked a question asking that if rape was so bad then why won't women just take action by taking martial arts and learning how to defend themselves before the act occurs?

    but of course I got bombarded with lots nonsense as well, similar to that unstable individual who censored you in that thread you spoke. they were all accusing me of victim blaming and for being to harsh for "expecting others to think in term of violence"
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    • Amen brother, she blocked me the moment I sent her the link. As you can tell from the responses you get, the only thing they can do is use ad hominems instead of using objective logic and honestly trying to understand another person's perspective instead of just accusing him of being "predatory". 😂

      You know what I've noticed? Since I disabled the option to leave an Anonymous comment, I don't see the haters (yet). Hmmm coincidence? Or are they too much of a coward to own up to their comments 😂

    • CasaNorba

      indeed, that is exactly why every time I ask a question or post something I never allow anonymous post because I myself have been trolled by few haters while they were under anonymous. since then I made not letting anonymous post a religion, so I can discourage coward snowflakes from posting my shit

      but yeah I never understood why people suffer from the unlimited self righteousness syndrome nowadays. they take any sort of disagreement like some sort of personal attack and then they want to claim that "you just feel THREATENED by them" like look who's fucking talking

    • Classic case of projection. Same goes for those who yell "misogynist", they happen to be misandrist or have misandrist tendencies themselves the majority of the time. Same goes for those who yell "incel", those often happen to be overweight fools who ask themselves "why does nobody love me?". I've seen them validate this so many times on this website alone that it isn't even an assumption anymore

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  • KrakenAttackin
    What this boils down to is the complete inability of women to take responsibility for their actions.

    Either women are cognitively inferior and unable to understand the action/consequence dynamic, OR women are morally bankrupt and simply don't believe their actions should have consequences.
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  • Browneye57
    TLDR. Did you make all this up yourself? Seems a lot of it is just regurgitated from the interwebs.

    Reminds me of one of my favorite quips...
    DON'T be writing checks with your mouth that your ass can't cash. :)

    Guys also need a clear understanding that if you have sex with a woman, without a clear understanding of her mental state and desire for you, which takes place over some time, she can change her mind on consent, and decide you raped her well after the fact.

    We have a rule for guys - Don't stick your dick in BSC. :)
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    • I get what you mean haha, but good Sir, how could you be asking if I'm regurgitating from the internet without :

      1) You haven't even read the Take
      2) The common sense I speak of in the take not even being something from the internet.

      To give you a TLDR summary:
      If your daughter goes out at 3 am to a bar in a foreign country, getting drunk and talking to some strangers. Are you okay with it or are you going to fear for her safety? It is our responsibility to make sure we do everything we can to be safe (like not get out late at night, getting drunk?). If I get robbed because I chose not to lock my door on purpose, then I'm also to blame for the fact that I got robbed. Makes sense right? Well the feminists and the extreme left will ostracize you and accuse you of "victim blaming". These people will call you a bad dad because you choose your daughter's safety over the idea of "Well men shouldn't rape, so she should just go out and do it!".

    • Browneye57

      I browsed it. I get it.
      Bitches say you shouldn't ogle them when they wear yoga pants either. God's gift to men.
      They're morons. Don't believe anything they say. LOL

    • @Browneye57 You got that right. And believe me, I trust their actions, not their words. Hence why I managed to not fall for their bullshit as much as the average guy around my age.

  • IcedLemonade
    "No one should ever experience something traumatic " 😑😑
    Disagree 3 People
    • I never said that. I said "no one should EVER experience such a traumatic and terrible experience." With empahsis on the word SUCH, which refers to rape. So you've misquoted me. It would be wise to read carefully next time.

    • I read what you said. Trauma is trauma

    • It sure is, but I was referring to the trauma specifically caused by sexual assault. Not sure what the problem is.

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  • msc545
    That poor guy in the first video is toast. USC will expel him, and, IF he has the money, he will have to hire a lawyer to sue them. If USC did everything right - like provided him with due process and followed the new rules, they will probably succeed in expelling him and will wreck his life, but in the past USC has never conducted these hearings in a legal way and has lost many lawsuits as a result. However, if they do expel him and fucked up the process, he can, if he has the money, sue them in court and probably prevail - and lose 2 to 4 years of time in school.

    Title IX hearings have never been fair to men.
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    • Oh, most definitely! This is going to follow him for a while if not his entire life. His name has already been tarnished. Despite being free of the charge, and thankfully from an even more miserable life, the damage is still done

    • msc545

      absolutely true.

  • JackSmy
    @TruthBringer I can't really argue with anything you said, as it is really a two-part thing, but NOT "VICTIM BLAMING"!!
    Most people follow the laws, and would never take advantage of others!
    But some do!
    Don't make BAD CHOICES, and go to those places!!
    If a lady, like a dear friend of mine, from years ago, wants to go to bar, drink, flirt, and be silly, she needs to have someone there, watching, to stop her from making bad choices!
    I've been there, done that, and got into fights, when some drunk asshole wanted to take her 'home"!
    I hate that shit, being in that position, but I did for a while, until I realized I was just enabling her, and her alcoholism!!
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  • FoghornLeghorn99
    My father always told me this.

    "Don't put yourself in bad situations and bad things won't happen to you."

    Bottom line. Bad shit happens. Do increase the odds off it happening.
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  • MessikaOfra
    You know the first time i was “sexually assaulted” i was almost 8 years old. It was a family friend my parents trusted. He visited weekly... i wonder what i “could’ve done differently” to prevent this. Exactly absolutely nothing and this is the problem with sexual crimes most people tend to think its a stranger out in the woods or the club and the reasonable thing to do is to think about the evil people and I don't know avoid drinking? But the largest sum of victims happen to know the assaulter they are usually family members so how can we “look before crossing the road” or “lock our door” when it’s literally the most unexpected people?
    • Clearly you haven't even read the disclaimer as I've already covered this. Thanks for proving you didn't read the Take.

  • Hanmakev
    it takes two baby
    it takes two baby
    just me and you
    You know it takes two😂😂😂
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  • Joker_
    Good myTake, probably

    I didn't read it
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  • Diya010
    I agree
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  • Rimjobber
    Some girls change mind after