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Being a supportive parent...


It was a sunny morning six months ago, and I was putting up clothes to dry. My to-be 14 son walked into the balcony and stood staring at me, trying to accumulate words to tell me something. I pressed on with my chores patiently waiting for him to speak up. He did eventually.

Being a supportive parent...

He wanted to wear women's outfits. He took a couple glances at my red satin underwear hanging (don't mind the detail, it was expensive and I was a bit obsessed about it :p. Jokes over). Probably a hint he wanted or something I didn't quite get that then. He wanted to for sometime but couldn't muster up the courage to tell me. I make my house a safe environment for him to share his thoughts and not be ashamed about anything at all. I did know about cross-dressing, but hardly understood that. I had so many questions. He said he had a strong desire to wear women's clothes, it makes him feel good.

I sat him down and talked to him wondering if he was serious. I even asked him if he liked boys. It was very cliched of me to ask that but I wanted to know more about my boy. He kind of seemed curious to bisexual but he liked girls. He just felt good about himself wearing women's clothes.

Next week, I bought him his own pair of pretty dresses, and panties of course. I don't have a daughter but I did feel like I did at that moment.

Fast forward to now, and he's like a little girl friend I have. He enjoys nail paints with me and wearing up makeup sometimes. I like dressing him up when he's at home. He feels himself to be very pretty and I do think the same.

It doesn't hurt to be a little supportive and open as a parent. This was just my short story of me supporting my son.

PS: This was my first time writing a take, so please don't be harsh on me. Also if you want me to write on anything, do suggest.

Being a supportive parent...
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  • supercutebutt
    He may be telling the truth that he is mostly into girls but I suspect he is also craving turgid penis. Many guys have confessed to me that they are curious to experience engorged manhood. Maybe set up a little gloryhole for your boy near the backdoor of the house. I would also invest in a buttplug that he can wear while he orally pleasures his visitor (s). At some point he will inevitably yearn for a peen in his butt and the plug will help get him accustomed to the feeling and to open him up to accept his first swollen tool. And the great thing is that you will be there with him to provide instruction and support as he explores and experiments with neighborhood phallus. :)
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  • BlacklightShade
    Beautiful take. You are an awesome mother.
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  • Kvynhanma
    So this stuff does happen because parents encourage it
    My theory was correct
    Because when I was little and wore girls clothes I was turned on by the thought of a woman’s naked body in these clothes but you parents now just think oh he is a cross dresser oh he’s gay not oh my little boy is showing an interest in the female form
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  • DonkeyDan
    Sounds like you are a great parent to support your son like that, so many would do everything in their power to stop him in his tracks.
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    • TheKweenie

      Yeah right I know. Thank you very much.

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  • Mac-One
    I have always had a strong desire to wear various women's clothes but have not had a real opportunity. My wife is not very open to the possibility but is acceptable to unisex, and even male, styled matching items for both of us. Would be nice if she could expand that to matching female styled items for us.
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  • Roah_Boat
    I remember ever since I was 12 would secretly wear girls clothes. I am 23 and still am the same. It was never just a phase and I wish I had supportive people in my life for this. It is a good thing you are being supportive. My parents were not and now I don't talk to them.

    Consider this question: Are they really girls' clothes if I am a boy and I am the only one that wears them?
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  • summiter
    You are lucky to have a son that is comfortable confiding in you. Good job being supportive. I would be supportive but not encourage it. Let him discover his own path in sexuality. does he have any boyfriends or girlfriends? Have you talked to him about masturbation... I'm sure he is doing that frequently.
  • exitseven
    I am of two minds about this. One says that you are being supportive and making him have the best life possible. The other says that you are looking for the daughter that you never had.
    When I was 3 or 4 I used to like to wear an apron like my mother did. I outgrew it but remember doing it.
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  • Toast792
    Nice to know there are some kids out there with good parents! Thank you so much for supporting him! So many parents are truly terrible about that kind of thing!
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  • crazysassypaws21
    i hope he find peace love and understanding with in him self to know some day he good enough to love and be love as who ever he want to be and find kind friends in this mean world and u sound like ur do a great handle all this, a great mom
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  • NightOwl8801
    You are a good parent being loving and supportive of his choices...
    So be it if he is gay, bisexual or a straight boy that likes to cross dress. All that matters is that you love him and support him
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  • allison368
    ok if that is what he desires. Most parents would not be understanding and supportive.
  • genericname85
    in my opinion, "support" doesn't mean condoing everything they come up with. i understand the job as a parent to prepare your child for live in society. and while i would never shame my child for making such confessions, i would strongly advise them to choose different fantasies to live, as that won't give them any benefits whatsoever.

    if i was a parent, i'D tell them that it is totally ok to feel that way but that they shouldn't act on it. i wouldn't actively punish such things if they did it anyway but i wouldn't encourage it.
  • 2021biguy
    It's good you are being supportive instead of being negative and going against him.
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  • MissStrawberry912
    Beautiful ❤️
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  • EternallyCorrect
    What did his Dad say?
  • K-I-S-S
    Are you a single mother?
  • dazzinu69
    That's a tough one , but it's his decision
  • CuriousAZ
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  • Jouth
    hehe gay
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