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Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity


This is purely MY OPINION. This is in no way shape or form me trying to tell you a "fact". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

If you don't agree, that's ok. Just tell me what ethnicity you find sexiest, or maybe you don't find any more attractive than the other. If this triggers you, don't comment! Stop reading now!

I have found many different ethnicities attractive. I still do, but my favorite is Eastern Asian. Korean, Japanese, Chinese etc

I don't know if I would consider it a "fetish", it's just my personal preference. Like how some people strongly prefer blondes over brunettes. I didn't limit my search to only an Asian man when I was dating online, but I did try to find one, and I did.

1. Most (not all) age extremely well

Ken Watanabe is 62:

Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity
Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity

Lucy Liu is 52:


2. Their eyes are absolutely gorgeous

Maybe this is the biggest reason I find them so sexy

Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity
Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity
Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity

3. They tend to be more respectful because of their culture.

This may be biased but I have never met a rude Asian person so there.

Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity

I find it very attractive that in this day and age, they still value their culture of respect as much as they do.

4. Their accent and language is sexy

Korean and Japanese language is my favorite of the Eastern Asian languages. People make fun of their accent a lot but I find it lovely to listen to.

Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity

Yup that's my take. I find my boyfriend extremely attractive. I don't know if most people would bc he's older but he's Korean and still looks good for his age. This is the closest celeb I can find that looks like him bc I'm not gonna put his image here lol

Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity
Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity

u can make fun of me all you want



Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity
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  • Iron_Man
    I’ve been talking to this beautiful brunette Italian girl for the past six months and I really like her a lot she’s 21 years old in December
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    • Awesome! You like Italians more now? Or is Swedish still your favorite

    • Iron_Man

      This girl is very special and very beautiful there’s no way I would ever get rid of her for anybody else

    • Iron_Man

      And thank you

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  • shanesc30
    Oh yea the girl above the 3rd bullet point are turn ons.
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  • jshm2
    You should have added "in my opinion" in your question title.

    But you've just got an Orientialist fetish, which the alt-right and right wing nuts tend to have
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    • Fucking dumbass I stated that quite clearly in the paragraph. It's not my fault you can't fucking read. You sound like you have a fetish for your dad's anus.

  • roamingluc
    I totally agree, they are the sexiest in the world. I remember the first time I discovered porn when I was 11 I was watching a movie of Eva Lovia. I think Asian people with certain western features stand out because we see it as exotic. Miscegenation was not very common in these regions in the past.
  • cutiepatootie26
    I find that I'm not into one ethnicity but I'm into certain traits in all ethnicity. Here are some examples:
    Asian: Kim Jae Wook
    Black: Kingsley Ben-Adir
    White: Aidan Turner
    Latino: Antonio Banderes

    I think my type is guy with high cheekbones, dark hair.
  • Dargil
    Not to say I do not love East Asians (one at home)
    She will do nicely.Eastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicityEastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity
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  • readyplayer001
    i am italian and Asian so thumbs up to you for thisEastern Asians are the sexiest ethnicity
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  • ADFSDF1996
    I’m half Asian myself but I’m specifically attracted to women that have the following traits
    • Short
    • stocky
    • Pale
    • Brunette
    These women can mostly be found in Bavaria, Switzerland and the Bible Belt.
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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Would you consider Asians outside east Asia that has the east Asian look? Its also common in Southeast Asia. But there's even a region in India, the northeastern part and people there are really Chinese looking with light skin but all natives there from the start. What do you think if northeast Indians? ↗ just want to know your opinion.
    • They're definitely more attractive than what you'd expect Indians to look like

    • Im not northeast Indian but...


  • Mr_White_Stepbro
    I feel like I think the same way that you do.
    I'm strongly attracted to Asian women, it just feels very natural.
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  • _乃尺OЩ刀_TITI
    I'm probably just biased but I think South East Asian people are more attractive, East Asians are just taller in average (Especially Koreans and Northern Chinese). Taller structure justs automatically boosts attrctiveness to most people.
  • Jhonrembo
    I think the Japanese woman are the most sexiest. Sweet and strong 😂
  • KostasKouvalis
    Okay. To each their own. Why's Alladin on there though? Aladdin's an Arab.
    • I'm aware... his reaction is showing my reaction to the photo above...

  • fireforeffect
    I had a relationship with a Vietnamese Lady, and I always found her most beautiful
  • bananathunder
    Lucy Liu is hotttt af
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  • alance99
    Yes they are
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  • Andres77
    Those are my picks.
  • Neosporin
    So cool thank you