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Uhhhhhh... I'm a Guy


To restate my gender, I am





My pronouns are:




You can be trans and genderfluid?

Yes. Basically, it states you have a tendency to be the opposite gender of your biological assignment, but you also feel other genders as well, and you may fluidly change from them.

Are you getting the reassignment surgery?

Frankly, that's no one's business, and it doesn't make me less transgender if I don't.

Do you consider yourself to be gay since you like guys?

I'm bisexual, but, I do have a preference for men, so, sure. Whatever floats your boat.

Are you going to change profiles?

No. I'd have to delete this one to make another. Also, as I am also genderfluid, no matter which I use--male or female--it will never be absolutely accurate. So I advise everyone to just read my profile information before assuming anything.

So, to the men who hit me up like I'm a "pretty lady"
Please stop calling me "princess" and read my information before you hit on me with your happy self. It's disrespectful for you to assume that I'm all for you hitting on me right off the bat, anyway.

Uhhhhhh... Im a Guy

Dear Site Managers, (if anyone even reads this)

It'd be really great for other gender-queer users if there was a third profile option. I know it must be awkward for them and the other users to encounter something like this. I know that's asking a lot fo ra site that's about girls and guys, but as you know, not all the users here are girls or guys. Just sayin'...

Uhhhhhh... I'm a Guy
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  • Pogi-Paddy-2

    Great myTake and I applaud you for your genuine honesty and your strength to publishing your words. I have a newfound respect for you and hope that you have a wonderful day.

    Again thank you for your myTake.
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  • Daniela1982
    For thousands of years there were just 2 genders and now what will they add next. Alien? Uhhhhhh... I'm a Guy
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  • Celtero
    Uh huh, and I identify as your mom. Go to your room.
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  • Shamalien
    Poor kid. They got to you at such a young age that you actually believe all this BS...

    to be fair, none of these is anyone’s business, I’ll call ya whatever seems reasonable and if you don’t like it tough shit. I’d like everyone to call me Don Juan or master but ya can’t have it all
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  • Mac-One
    You have the greater advantage. It is much easier to pass as a guy (even without a disgusting looking penis) than it is to pass as a girl with one. You can easily pass and be accepted without question as any gender of your choice. The only two things that you can't do without a penis are sexually penetrate another person and standing to pee. I don't know how you feel about the sexual one but standing to pee can be disgusting and is not a requirement for a guy.
  • ElizaPam
    "So I advise everyone to just read my profile information before assuming anything."

    That's just not how the brain works
    • Well, I do warn people if they don't know, as well. But it's literally the first thing you see when you decide to follow me.

  • jasco
    I want to understand as to why your like this? I mean it just doesn't make any sense to me. Whats wrong with being one gender? Why do you like being gender fluid?
    • It's not that I like being genderfluid. It's that I am. I never fit into being totally one thing, even as a three-year-old. It's how I've always been and I'm done trying to shove myself into a box I can't fit in.

  • Gal67
    Ha! Nice troll. You actually put more effort into it than most trolls do.
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  • Duckfan
    Well this is all down to ones own opinion of them selfs, its true no one can tell you how you feel. But i belive that just cuz you dont feel like other boys or girls dosnt make you something else.
    I belive that a lot of transgender people have been told this in echo chambers hearing it over and over again. And there seems to be a lot of people with autsim/asberger who comes out as trans which i belive is another fact in to this.
    And i dont think transgendered people can force other people to use the words they have invented for them selfs. thats not free speech.
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  • fireforeffect
    Very sad...
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  • Anonymous
    Thanks for the warning
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  • Anonymous
    Yes, you’re a guy. And there are no such pronouns called ‘xe’ or ‘xem’ in the English language or any language I know of.

    And the meaning of the pronoun they/them is used to describe multiple individuals.

    You can’t force people to refer to you by any pronoun you want. You’re a biological man so it is only right that you are called a ‘he’
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    • And who are you to tell me what I feel I should be called? Answer that and I might consider your reasoning.

    • Anonymous

      You talk as if I’m begging and kneeling before you to accept my point

    • Anonymous

      Okay look, I’m sorry, I would use your preferred gender but why would you choke it down my throat. Shouldn’t I be free to address you with the pronoun I want?

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