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The Squirting Deception: a Confession and Blueprint for Further Deviance.


Long story short: my boyfriend has a fetish for squirting, I’ve been indulging him in a disgusting way, and I want to take it to the next level.

What he’s too delusional to admit is that squirt is basically just pee, and in my case its pretty much 100%, pee because as far as I can tell squirting is not a natural reflex I have. Maybe for some woman its real, but for me I’m deliberately holding until I get desperate for a piss and then initiating sex-play. That said, my performances are convincing enough that he believes its real, and he loves to eat me out until I ‘uncontrollably’ spray. It’s a huge ego boost to him, thinking that he’s a good enough lover to induce that reaction, and I don’t have the guts to tell him that I’ve been faking it the whole time. You see, he’s not actually that great at eating me out. I mean, its pleasant enough to sit on his mouth and get a sensual tongue massage. But what actually makes me climax is getting stimulated with a bursting bladder, and then releasing it all into his eager, piss-guzzling mouth in spurts. The guy actually drinks every drop and it turns me on like crazy. Here’s the kicker-- I can hold a lot of pee, like '750ml' a lot (I measured out of curiosity once). I’ll hold all day until I’m full to bursting, then coax him into some sexy play until he’s on his back slobbering on my slit. Then I’ll release multiple explosive bursts of hot piss down his throat and watch him chug it like a frat boy shotgunning a beer. The rapid release gives me such a strong orgasm that I’m usually spent before he gets any real action. Lol he likes to think that my stamina just doesn’t match his, being that I’m a weak girl and all, so I just leave him throbbing and sit lazily in my afterglow (on his face).

Anyway outside of this fetish our relationship isn’t doing so great. He lost his job at the beginning of the pandemic and hasn’t been able to secure another. I won’t go into details but its due to a combination of irrelevant work experience and increased weed dependency. The guy can’t just put down his pipes and pass a fucking drug test. Recently he took a part-time retail job, which has crumbled his pride even more, and his real job search has lost all momentum because of it too. As you can tell I’ve started to really resent him and his general incompetence. I try to avoid him around the house outside of sex play (needing to take a huge piss) and am fed up trying to nurse his addiction. The act of sitting on his face, power gushing piss in spurts, and watching him swallow every drop is so appealing in large part because it’s cathartic to degrade him in such a disgusting way. Long story short I’ve lost interest in trying to help this loser and just want to exploit him for his only useful talent: drinking my hot piss.

Let me cut to the chase– I’ve done a little research and devised a plan to break what little spirit he has left and make him a full-time piss slave. The initial hurtle to get over is to tell him I’ve literally deliberately peeing in his mouth and letting him drink it. I’m not so sure how he’ll take it, but once he realizes that its true maybe he’ll just go along with it. I don’t see how he honestly believes I consistently squirt like that anyways. It may even be possible, perhaps likely, that he already realizes and chooses not to mention it. The second item on the list would be to get more assertive with my demands and coax him into position more regularly. He’s pretty submissive as is (partly due to how this past year has diminished his confidence) so with some easing and encouragement it may not be too difficult. I’ve considered using his weed as a reward strategy even. He’s already asked me to ration the stuff for him, so there’s at least some kind of barrier to it-- someone to answer to. I don’t care enough to baby-sit his stash though so I usually let him take what he wants. Bad girlfriend, I know, but I’ve been battling with his addiction since the beginning and I’m sick of trying to cure him. Anyways I could easily tighten up my control of it and dish it out only after he’s ‘adequately hydrated’ himself. That way he would start to associate the taste of my pee with his imminent high. I’ll probably still have to jerk him off while he’s beneath me to make it sexual for him, but after the ol’ brain receptors get linked up that may not even be necessary.

As you can see these strategies have been carefully considered, and I’m pretty resolved to make this happen. I’m a shameless bitch, I know, so please spare me the critical comments. I never thought that I’d be the kind of girl who would do this to someone, but I really have no interest in our relationship anymore and either want to blow it up or make a slave out of him. I think I’ve got a pretty good shot at the latter, but it would be a win for me either way. So here’s my question: what other strategies should I consider to transform this slug into my personal urinal? What obstacles do you think I’ve overlooked? To anybody out there who enjoys drinking their partners pee or fantasizes about it: what is the appeal and how can I explain this to my boyfriend? I know this is a myTake but I’ve written this lengthy confession in part to solicit ideas, so tell me what you think lol

The Squirting Deception: a Confession and Blueprint for Further Deviance.
The Squirting Deception: a Confession and Blueprint for Further Deviance.
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  • Anonymous
    Sadly you are wrong, but like most people who don’t know the difference, you use urine to pretend.

    Real squirt comes from the skene’s gland and has a completely different chemical make up than urine.
    It is more chemically similar to prostate fluid in men.

    But since most porn, and women use peeing as a quick method to pretend... it has become a sad standard and excepted belief.
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    • Twalli

      Actually squirt has a very similar compound to urine. It isn't urine though. It has a similar chemical composition to urine because it passes through her bladder. So it mixes with any urine and there and when it comes out it is 98% exactly the same chemical compound of urine. The 2% is what makes it not urine. If you mean female ejaculate, then yes, that's 100% different, but is rarely visible. It only appears in the vagina a (as opposed to urinary tract), and is usually far less than a man produces when he ejaculates. It also doesn't actually leave her body.

  • LikeALog
    I read your whole "Question" and I'm still laughing. You should dump this loser and find a guy that really knows oral. Maybe he's incredible with his dick, too. The new guy might have a good job and no 420 or other habits.

    Did you take a creative writing course?
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  • spartan55
    God forbid you just break up with the guy... goddamn you are about as cold and heartless as they come.
  • nawtee_me
    Maybe instead of telling him it is your pee you just show him? Just let it all out at once and waterboard him with it...
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  • Anonymous
    This is why I hate weed. Most who do it are addicted losers.
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  • Anonymous
    If you hate this guy why don't you just find someone else instead of all this? You're right about being shameless. I hope I never meet someone like you, sadly, maybe there's a good girl hidden in you somewhere.
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  • Anonymous
    I only read half of this.
    If you're so much better, why don't you get another boyfriend?
    Sounds like you're a bigger loser than him.
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