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Converting A Friend To Nudism


Some Background:

I've been a nudist my whole life, and my wife has been one since shortly after she met me. We have a few nudist friends, but when the only thing you have in common with someone is the desire to be nude, its not always the most fulfilling friendship.

The Friend:

My wife and I have been friends with this woman (we'll call her Ruth for anonymity, although she gave me permission to share this story) for about 8 years now. We didn't hide the fact that we were nudists from her, but we were never nude with her. We get along great with her, and probably spend more time with her more often than any of our other friends, even brining her on a recent vacation with us.

How It Started:

We had Ruth over to our house for wine and appetizers a few months ago. We started planning a weekend getaway for a weekend where my parents could watch my son. We settled on a ski resort a couple of hours away. When it came time to look at lodging, Ruth brought up a villa with a private outdoor hot tub, and since the price was right we booked it immediately.

The first night at the resort, we ate at a restaurant in the resort and came back to the villa. We decided to go in the hot tub almost immediately (we were paying extra for it after all). My wife asked if Ruth was ok with her going in nude, and Ruth said that would be fine. I didn't want to press that luck so I still wore my speedo, and Ruth wore her one-piece. Neither of us had been nude in front of her, so that was progress.

Over the course of the night she asked us all sorts of questions about nudism. If we had ever done swinging (we haven't), if our nudist friends undressed right inside the front door, or how that worked (they usually undress in the guest room), and if there's ever been any jealousy (not that I know of). No additional swimwear was removed that night in the hot tub that night, however, and we all were fully clothed as we watched a movie afterwards.

The next day we skied hard, and opted to hit the hot tub right away after the slopes closed and order in dinner later. Ruth told me I could skip my suit, and she informed us she wanted to try going topless, which of course we agreed with. Queue the boner questions, which are honestly easy to answer for me by this point (its the most common question I get from non-nudists). We asked her how it felt going topless in front of us, and she said she didn't expect it to feel so normal.

After we got out, both my wife and I stayed nude for a while as we looked through delivery menus on our phones, and while Ruth initially wrapped her torso in a towel, she eventually decided to wrap her hair in it instead. We settled on a seafood/pasta place and ordered some family-style dishes to share. After that my wife asked if she minded us being nude when not partially obscured by the turbulent water of the hot tub and she again said she felt surprisingly comfortable with it, so we stayed nude (thank god for contactless deliveries that have come about as result of Covid 19! We all ate our food around the table, wearing no more clothes than we had in the hot tub.

The next morning we all wondered out into the kitchen to start the coffee, bacon, and eggs we had planned for breakfast. Ruth came out in a robe, but we were still nude. Side note: cooking bacon in the oven is an essential trick if you're going to cook nude! After breakfast we hit the slopes again, and when we returned to the villa Ruth decided there was no better time to plunge into nudism than plunging into the hot tub.

Stock photo obviously as theres no snow on the ground and I am nowhere near as dreamy as that guy...
Stock photo obviously as there's no snow on the ground and I am nowhere near as dreamy as that guy...

She felt a bit nervous at first, but after a few minutes we were back to talking about what we would have been talking about if we all had been clothed. We again stayed nude most of the rest of the night.

Back Home:

Its one thing to go nude on vacation, another to do it at home. Ruth invited us over the next week, and none of us went without clothing. There were a couple mentions of her first social nudity experience, but otherwise it was pretty much how it had always been.

A few weeks later one of our nudist friends was hosting our monthly nude dinner party (it rotates between four different houses). We invited Ruth along, and the look on her face was one of pure terror! She was ok with being nude around us- she knew us, and was comfortable with us, it was another thing to be nude around strangers. After the look of terror faded a bit, my wife said "I'm guessing that's a no then" to which Ruth replied "I wish I was that brave." After a bit of back and fourth, describing the other couples, and going over the logistics of both the nudity (towels to sit on are provided, there's a private room to disrobe, you don't have to go fully nude) and the dinner (the host provides main dish, guests are to bring a bottle of wine and either a side dish or desert), she asked for the date and time of the dinner again, although she emphasized that she wasn't RSVPing yes just yet.

As the party grew closer, my wife and I would get questions texted to us occasionally about the party (does the house have good curtains was one of them). We could tell she was trying to talk herself into it, but we didn't want to force it of course. Finally, 3 days out, she said "tell them I'm coming." She decided she wanted to drive with us so we'd get there together.

The Dinner Party:

Upon arrival, we rang the bell, and the door was answered by the owner of the home and her husband, who were both in robes. There was one other couple there, and they were already nude at the kitchen island. I showed Ruth where the guest room was to disrobe, complete with a neat stack of towels on the bed for us to sit on. She went in first and disrobed, then pulled my wife into the room, as she didn't want to walk out to the kitchen without one of us, having only been briefly introduced. They came out with their towels, and I disrobed after them. By the time I got out to the room, she had a glass of wine and was deep into discussion with some of our friends about their trip to Crimea years ago before Russia annexed it (for those that don't know they were famous for their nude beaches before the annexation).

The rest of the party she would occasionally whisper to my wife or I how surprised she was that she felt so at ease with everyone. I told her nudity will do that! By the end of the night, she had already asked when the next dinner party would be.

The Girlfriend:

Up to this point in the story, Ruth has been single. Shortly after the first nude dinner party, she met someone on a dating app and hit it off right away. About a week into their relationship I got a text asking "how did you bring up being a nudist to [your wife]?" For me that was a bit more urgent of a topic of discussion, as my parents are also nudist, and meeting the family would eventually happen. I told her that I approached it by telling her "you know how I'm really comfortable just being nude around the house, well I'm actually a nudist."

It took her a bit, and I'm not sure how exactly she brought it up with her girlfriend, but I eventually got a text from Ruth saying she told her girlfriend, and mentioned that we were nudists too (we had hung out clothed a few times before that). Her girlfriend was very positive about it and said she'd try it out with her. They opted to invite us over for a trial run before doing anything more public. It went well, and her girlfriend asked many of the same questions Ruth had, but this time my wife and I weren't the only ones answering.

We ended up inviting them on a day trip to a clothing optional hot springs a few days later. It was both of their first experience being nude out in public. It was a weekday so there weren't too many people there when we hiked up to the springs, maybe a dozen or so. Ruth's girlfriend wore a bikini under her hiking outfit just in case, and kept it on for the first 10 minutes or so before she told Ruth she felt more self conscious about not being naked than she would being naked.

We've since invited them to a few more nude dinner parties, a sauna night, and just over to our house, and this summer we're planning a trip to California that will include at least one day at a nude beach.


While having a group of people to experience social nudity with was positive, we didn't really connect with any of them as much as we did with our non-nudist friends with similar interests. We've decided its easier to convert a non-nudist friend to be nudist than it is to find a someone who is already nudist we click with.

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Converting A Friend To Nudism
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  • josephinelcajon
    I grew up nudist and we went to nude beaches and a few times to a resort but mostly at home and the beach like 2-3 times a month in the summer. We knew only a couple of people who would go to the beach. At home mom was not into large parties or such. It was us and a friend or two and the connection was single moms with a child. Both our best friends were also our next-door neighbors that frequently came over and I was best friends with her son. More like brothers. Growing up I go much less to the beach too far too many strange guys and too many women giving you the evil eye if you barely look their direction. I am mostly just enjoying home alone with peace and quiet of retirement. What advice can I offer is very hard go with your guts and do what feels best to you and enjoy life! Do not give up something you like!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Mrsposh
    This was a good read and honestly being nude to me is normal. Lol I remember as a kid growing up in the Caribbean (Dominica 🇩🇲 to be exact) most of the women would be walking around naked in the house lol. It's not exactly the same as being a nudist, but it made seeing a naked woman the norm. I have never seen men do this, honestly... so that one might surprise me a little bit lol. But for the most part now as an adult and being nude most of the time infront of my kids n husband ( in my home only lol), being a nudist would be a very easy and exciting thing for me. Lol not my husband tho lol he thinks I'm all kinds of crazy 🤣
    And ps. Going to a nude beach is on my bucket list! I really want to experience it
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    • It sounds like going to a nude beach wouldn't be a huge leap for you. I'd highly recommend it!

    • Mrsposh

      It definitely would not lol I'm from the Caribbean and most times we barely got on any clothes lol and thank you 😊

    • Eh eh. Gyal, you cyan step outta ya yard wid ya backside out ah door! Wha wrong wid you?

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  • Massageman
    Some observations and opinions - - -

    I am not a nudist. However, as a Massage Therapist for almost 30 years, I have seen a lot of skin, and at this point, I probably could go to a club with a willing female: I know my wife would not, but, that's life.
    Anyway, one of my (massage) outcalls was to give a demo of massage at
    a monthly meeting of a local nudist club. About a dozen couples fit in the entry/rec area of the house (!!!). Each had a banquet table, topped with an inflatable pool raft, and a blanket and sheet. This arrangement (as opposed to a $500 massage table) worked surprisingly well! but I digress-
    I partnered with a female therapist/friend who was good at Reflexology. I did a demo on the hostess's back, and coached the hubby on working her front. (I wasn't going to go there, even though I have given many breast massages). Then we just went table to table giving hints and my partner gave some info and tips on reflexology.
    We went down to our swimsuits, but we felt very comfortable.
    Some people just can't fathom why certain people just like to have some time without clothes, and yet, NOT have it involve sex. In their mind, nude = sex. Except for one couple who seemed to be a bit shy (newbies?), everyone was very forthcoming and cordial. One lady in particular- a nurse- was very interesting to chat with, and we probably did so at least 20 minutes!

    So, people who are not nudists: nudists are not weirdos- they just have times when they want to socialize- or just relax- without clothing getting in the way, physically or mentally. I think that the post above explains some of the why's and "how this can be's". Thanks for the take.
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    • I tend to avoid those types of activities when at a nude resort, although I'm not a huge fan of massages to begin with, when I do get one I'd rather it not be in public.

    • Massageman

      This was in the private home of the (rather rich) club president, with about a dozen or so couples, not at their usual nudist club average. I agree with you - I want mine in private. When I have to do couples massage in a double-table room, I don't even really like to do that, but I gotta still earn a living. :- )

  • SamIam96
    TBH, I had only the thinnest of understanding what nudism was before reading your take. Thanks for writing it.

    I had a perception that there's a constant sexual undertone to the whole experience. I'm a little embarrassed to confess to what I had envisioned. It's nice to understand that it's "just" a common bond like many of life's experiences, a shared hobby or pastime.

    Again, thanks for educating me.
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  • vanessadaniellet
    So can you answer the Boner question lol and wait so are you and your wife swingers? Are you and your wife monogamous or what?
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    • I've never had an issue with getting unwanted erections. If someone does, the best thing to do is cover up until it goes away- you have a towel with you to sit on, so you can use that. On a beach, you can just roll over or swim into deeper water.

      My wife and I are not swingers and are monogamous.

    • Wow I wish I had the trust in my partner like you two do. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I am so insecure and jealous I can’t stand for my partner to even look in a woman’s direction more or less nude.. any advice for a woman that’s insecure and clingy?

    • Mikeybear

      @vanessadaniellet @matchrestore @mrsposh @anon1903 I had/ have an issue with unwanted erections. Yes, covering it up until it goes away, is the best course of action. Sometimes, though, I like having the girls catch a glimpse.

  • ShakTreblat
    Hm, nudism just sounds natural. I mean, it’s mostly (what I’m assuming) adults partaking in the practice from how you described it, and EVERY adult has seen a naked body or two that wasn’t their own at one point, so it makes sense that it sounds pretty natural and comfortable.
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  • CoolGuy7532
    Thanks for sharing this story about your friend. I became a nudist last year. I have been waiting for the weather to get warm enough to go nude outside. I have a place in Vermont I'll be going to to be nude in public. It's legal there. It's out of the way and lots of nudists go there.
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  • Paige90
    What clothing-optional beaches and/or resorts have both of you been to? Were your parents nudists?
    Helpful 1 Person
    • I've been to a bunch- the most recent was Blind Creek Beach. My parents were nudists as well. Since we lived in the middle of the continent, we didn't get to as many nude beaches, but they were members at Avatan in Minnesota when I was growing up. We also went to hot springs and unofficial nude swimming holes around us quite a bit.

  • OlderAndWiser
    Interesting read. I am very comfortable being nude with my girlfriend at home as we sleep naude together every night. But doubt I would ever go to a nudist beach or resort.
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  • Pudsmucker
    The way you described nudism almost makes anybody comfortable
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    • It really is not an uncomfortable experience for anyone I know who's tried it.

  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Lol I wish I could do that but can't 😅.

    Restrictions all over
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  • zagor
    The only time I'm really into nudity is when preparing to bump uglies. Otherwise it leaves too much area vulnerable to mosquitoes and other nasty critters, as well as sunburn.
    • Mosquitos aren't typically too bad while the sun's out, and by the time the sun goes down we're usually indoors so no issue there. Your genitals don't get sunburnt any easier than the rest of your body, so just wear sunscreen and monitor to make sure you don't get burnt- same as you would when wearing just a swimsuit.

  • MrJMM
    I mean... The way you described it sounds nice. But as a person who hates their own body, I would have refused.
  • bamesjond0069
    Id want to fuck being like that but yeah its not sexual but i think id be more turned on generally. Not for me. I did go to a nude beach once and didn't like it. I like/dont mind being nude myself but all the people of walmart being nude... like please wear a burka ideally but not even a flossed bikini is worn... my eyes!!! Now maybe in like the 60s and 70s when hardly anyone was obese... i might be fine with that. But for real if you're round enough to roll down a hill nobody want to see that.

    Its similar to like swingers. Not that its the same thing however in my experience its the same kind of crowd. Most swinger events or swinger couples I've met are just like nasty. The people you meet at a normal club ie hot young singles... are not generally who seem to be nudists or swingers... its mainly older couples.
  • baserunner611
    I will be nude in front of my wife in the house or swim pool
  • DermalPunch
    So are you not into fashion then?
  • anon1903
    What about sweaty underboobs and sagging
    • All sorts of body types are welcome in nudism- no one is going to judge you for how your chest looks. In fact, nudism has been shown to increase body self-image in its practitioners.

    • anon1903

      But i dont like saggy boobs

    • on yourself or on other women?

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  • Creampiekarl420
    That’s nasty
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