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Body count doesn't really matter?


In my personal opinion, body count does matter whether it's a man or woman. For a woman's perspective, a male with many partners may be better in bed initially, but it is never good.
A man who has slept with many women, may have initial experience. But beside the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, it also shows an emotional disconnect between sex and love.
It is not desirable for a woman to marry a man who has a disconnection between his sexual activities and his love or emotions. If the man has had many sex partners in the past, he is more likely to have this disconnect. His brain had been encoded over and over and over again, to disconnect the sexual activity from his emotions.
In a marriage, or indeed in any kind of relationship, this is not a positive. When a man and a woman get married, even if they're have not had many partners, they still had the option, or indeed should be able to adapt to one another, sexually. So, it's not desirable, for another. It is not desirable for men nor for woman to have many partners prior to marriage. Both partners should be able to accommodate one another and adapt to one another in the marriage bed. So, having many partners gives you no benefit, it causes the brain to disconnect emotions and sex, it increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, it increases the risk of unwanted pregnancies and therefore also abortions, it shows a lack of moral and integrity. It also shows a degree of selfishness and focus on the desire of the flesh.
This can't be a positive, regardless of gender. Therefore, the higher body count, the more extreme this disconnect is proven to be to a certain extent. However, one can argue that anything more than one partner will have the same effect as X partners. To a certain extent, this is true. However, it is clear that the more you do something, regardless of what it is, if it is exercise, eating, drinking, whatever, the more extreme the consequences will get accordingly. Therefore, the number of partners will equally result in the more extreme consequences of having multiple partners.
Therefore, body count does matter, regardless of what is politically correct and is popular to say.
Personally, I do not buy into the difference between the sexes. I do not see a man with many partners being a positive at all. Just as I do not see a woman with many partners as being a positive at all. The argument that is a positive for men, because it is more difficult for men to get many partners, compared to women, who can easily get many partners, is in my opinion true, but does not really matter. The negative consequences of a man having many partners is the same regardless of how easy or hard it is to achieve this. So, although I do sympathiser with the thought that is harder for a man to have many women, it does not change the fact, that the disconnect is there and all the Issues are still there.

Body count does it undermine our worth?
Body count does it undermine our worth?
Body count doesn't really matter?
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  • Hell_boy

    Nice take👍

    Is this still revelant?

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  • Crafteroon

    Body count matters, but it's similar to the way penis size matters. By which I mean it only really matters in extreme situations, and you can never be sure if it's a good sign or a bad sign. And for most people in the between, it will not make a difference.

    • Dawty

      I beg to differ. You say it only matters in the extremities, I respectfully disagree. Even when it's a fairly low amount, let's say 10 or so, it still has the negative impact I was talking about. Sure, being with 200 makes it worse. But if you have a disconnect between emotions and sex just by having X numbers of partners, then what doesn't really matter if the numbers er even higher or not?

      What matters is the disconnect, not the numbers themselves.

    • Crafteroon

      It depends, you say there is a causality between the size of the number and the disconnect, I like to think it's just a correlation. I have always had an emotional connection with each of my partners, just because my number is higher than one doesn't mean that the disconnect must exist.

    • Dawty

      I don't believe there's a one-to-one link between the number of partners and the disconnect. However. the higher the number of partners, the greater the risk of a disconnect there is. In fact, you can say having a high body count, is a result of the disconnect. You cannot be in love and emotionally engaged with a high number of women or men, for that matters. So if you have a high body count, you will almost certainly have a disconnect.

      The opposite, however, can also be the case. You can have a disconnect even without any partners at all. But the risk increases with the body count, just like sexually transmitted diseases.

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  • exitseven

    Even though a lot of people disagree, body count does matter for many of the reasons you list. Sex is more that just shaking hands. It is intimate for a reason and if you have a big body count it lessens it somehow.

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  • OlderAndWiser

    Of course body count matters but only in conjunction with other information.

    a. If a woman has had six partners in her lifetime but five of them were in the past year, then she is not a prime candidate for a serious, long term relationship. If she had six partners in her lifetime but five of them were before age 21 and then she married and remained married and faithful for the next forty years, she is a good candidate for a long term relationship.

    b. If a woman is 64 years, never been married, and only had one sexual partner for a few years, then that means it is likely she has a low libido or low sexual motivation/interest.

    c. If a woman has had 20 sexual partners, it probably means she is less inhibited than most other women and has a higher libido.

    I really don't see how anyone who seriously contemplates this issue could decide that a person's body count is irrelevant. And women should be equally concerned about a guy's body count.

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  • anon1903

    This Take is perfect.

    The differences in sexes is all misogynistic bullshit. More experienced partners ARE better in bed, but they're also more likely to cheat or give out STDs.


  • KrakenAttackin

    Bottom line. Ladies, you know how you look at a man who is short, unemployed, and living in his mom's basement? This is how we view women with high body counts.

  • TitsMcGee16

    In the good old days only virgins got married. Nowadays anything goes so you get the crap you see today. It truly is pathetic. All these broken families, etc.

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  • TroyDT

    Here is a little article on the subject that might be worth a look:

    • TroyDT


    • TroyDT

      replace the dashes after www and after huffpost with periods.

  • Nikhil_B

    I really don't know since I lost count already 🤭😂😈

    • ElementoP

      Sure you did, and she didn't ask

    • TroyDT

      I did the same before 21 and got bored with it. It took till about two years ago before I could pair bond.

  • LexiXide

    Yes I think it matters

  • duttyjamagyal

    Perfection, thank you daisy

  • TonightYouu

    I respectfully disagree