Women Only! Have you ever fingered yourself in public?

I was my friend's house party last night a girl I never seen around before was checking me out intensely she was winking at me licking her lips biting her lips everytime her boyfriend or her date wasn't looking. A little while later I was waiting to use the bathroom until finally the door opens I see its her lol she winked an walked away an a tiny vibrator was left on the floor. There was a lot of people so I thought naahhh its probably not even her's there's too many girl's it could be anyone's but later on during the night she walks up to me and asks if I picked up her vibrator and admitted wasn't actually using the bathroom she was busy fantasizing about me in the bathroom. Im an idiot because I didn't end up hooking up with her I froze went completely blank speechless lol I don't know if I'll ever see her again I wish and hope I do because I can't stop thinking about what she did in the bathroom thinking about me it's such a turn on.

Is this normal behavior girls do when they are sexually attracted to a guy? Have any of u women done anything similar or is this rare?
Women Only! Have you ever fingered yourself in public?
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