I still wanna be friends with my friends with benefits but without the benefits, he's acting weird?

i really like this guy.
were good friends before, then we decided to be friends with benefits
we agreed that we gonna be honest with each other. i know he goes out with other people, buy i dont say or do anything about it. but everytime he finds out im talking someone, we would stop seeing each other, then if he finds out im not talking to that guy anymore. were back again as fwb. its always been like that.
time comes i catched feeling, not sure if he did. i told him, he just didn't say anything, after a while he said he can't do anything about it. im guessing he doesn't want to take the steps farther
so i decided, if ever i meet someone interesting, i would not tell him. since lately he's not updating me about the girls he is seeing. and i know he doesn't want a relationship with me. then i started to date my other friend and i can see him as a potential bf, and im starting to care for this guy too.
then he asked me, if im meeting someone else right now, i just told him he's not suppose to know. that kinda surprise him co usually i gave him my honest answers. he just said ok
few days after my friend im seeing asked me to be his gf
my friends with benefits started to act cold, im like okay. though deep inside im bit bothered. then one day he finally let me know he's seeing someone else right now. i told him oh i see, its ok i jut currently just got in a relationship right now
he was surprised. then he said im happy for you. and said he still want to remain friends
i said ok
then one day, he bombared me with text. asking about my bf. then he said make sure my bf intentions are real. told him i know he is real and he loves me. then he saw our picture on Facebook
he texted me nice picture
i asked him what picture, he didn't reply
then im trying to reach out as a friend but he makes me feel that he doesn't want to talk to me
I still wanna be friends with my friends with benefits but without the benefits, he's acting weird?
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