Anyone here into fat humiliation?

Ok, so, I've been overweight my whole life. Not like super huge or anything but at least chubby always. I used to hate it but I never managed to lose weight for good. I was really ashamed of my weight and didn't want to date anyone or anything...

Then I met a guy who was really nice but he used to tease me a little about my "dieting success" and thick thighs. It wasn't anything mean, just cute. He used to pinch my cheeks and call me a little piggy, then he always said "just kidding baby" and hugged me. He made me feel incredibly sexy, the way I never imagined I could feel. And then i noticed i found it quite hot what he said.

We broke up a long time ago, and now I think I'm really fine with my weight and everything. I don't even try to lose weight anymore (although I don't wanna gain either). I've started to crave someone calling me fat, describing my fatness, shaming how I've let myself go, measuring me and being disgusted or shocked... that kind of things. I'm wondering if there is anyone else into this?
Anyone here into fat humiliation?
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