Why does my boyfriend rarely ever eat me out?

I give him like hour long blowjobs. he takes a long time to cum so my mouth hurts but i enjoy the feeling and taste and i like to make him feel good and happy. But he doesn't really eat me out alot.. well barely. It's occasional. I dont smell bad down there, i always wash right before and if i know it smells odd i dont let him do it, so he won't feel obligated.

But sometimes i just get really sad and feel so gross because he doesn't do it as much as i would like. it actually makes me very very sad, i feel like i do enough you know and lots of my other friends get it. I enjoy when he eats me out so much that id want it everyday but thats never gonna happen.

I've asked him why he rarely does it and he says because he's had bad experiences where other girls tasted weird and had to adjust. but that was years ago.. we've been together for 1 year and we have great sex. and its still an issue. I've told him about how i feel and he tells me that he just gets scared it'll taste weird,

Its really weird because the first night we started going out he ate me out so good.. like amazing. and made me think he was really into it, he said he loved the taste and everything but now ugh,,

He does it like once a month , sometimes not even. I don't know why he doesn't like it i feel so bad. it hurts me and i dont want to make him feel forced i just wish he'd offer it. its not something i would leave him for but i just dont feel like im enough :(

what do i do? should i be this sad or get over it?
i eat my girl out very often/ i get eaten out very often
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i do it occasionally/i get it occasionally
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+1 y
SO he came upon this post and he told me he'll do it more. I was embarrassed but its good right? :)
Why does my boyfriend rarely ever eat me out?
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