"Don't be doing things that require you to lock your room. You're too young."?

I am 16 turning 17 next January and I have been masturbating for about a year and a half. At first I would always just do it in the bathroom locked and they did wonder why I am spending so much time in the bathroom. Then a few months ago I started doing it at night under the covers naked (have my own room) and then would put my clothes back on. Then I stopped putting my clothes back on and would just stay naked for the rest of the night. I have been watching/reading erotic material for over a year and started watching actual p*rn a few months ago.

Now a week ago my dad asked me why I was taking my clothes off (he can deduce that I am sleeping naked not because he can see me since I am covered up with the bed sheet, but because of my clothes on the floor). I didn't give him any real response and then he sternly started asking me where my mind is these days and how what I am doing is for losers. I still continue to do it though. He hasn't said anything since.

Then today my parents were gone for an indefinite period of time (but knew they would be back any time) so I decided to have some fun today and look my room and use Milovana and just have some fun with myself and explore my sexuality a bit. When they came back, after a little while my dad knocked on my door and repeatedly asking me what I am doing. I didn't give him a satisfactory response so he gave up and said, "Why are you behaving so suspiciously these days?" Then a couple hours later, my mom was like, "You shouldn't be doing anything that requires you to lock your room. You're too young."

Now, it's not like they can force me to abstain from masturbation, so I am not concerned about that. What I am pissed about is that my mom actually thinks 16 is too young to masturbate. What? It just annoys me because it's another red flag (along with the one where they said they will cut off financial support for college if I buy a car before 21) that they won't let me grow up.
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It also worries me what they will do if I finally actually get a "yes" when I ask a girl out. Will they actually let me date or are they going to ruin my chance. I have been so desperate for a girlfriend, so it that happens that will really suck.
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If I finally get a "yes", and deny me... that will really suck. Because honestly, I have a hard time with girls and they don't give me the time of day, so imagine how frustrating it will be if they don't let me when I finally get the "yes".
"Don't be doing things that require you to lock your room. You're too young."?
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