Would you ever sleep with your cousin?

I have a beautiful 2nd cousin. We've always liked each other and found each other attractive. She says I'm handsome and good looking and gives me signs that shows she's attracted to me. I've always fantasized about having a secret romance with her, ever since I was a young teen when we hung out often.

Were both adults now. She's finished college and I graduate soon. Every now and then she contacts me and we text/call and just talk about how everything is. I asked if she wanted to come visit me in my dorm some time soon and she said she definitely did. Of course, a million thoughts are racing through my head now. I figured she might stay a few nights. She'll be comfortable because I have a futon I can sleep on, and she'll take my bed. Still, I'm thinking about making some advances toward her. We usually give each other soft touches like any normal flirting. I'm thinking maybe after we have some deep conversations and after a movie or something, I'm going to try to kiss her and make out. If it goes any further, I'll just go with it and let it happen.

Has anyone ever had these kind of feelings toward a cousin? Feel free to answer this anonymously.

P. S. Don't lecture me on how weird/fucked up this is. I've came to terms with my attraction toward her and I want to see if she feels the same, which I'm pretty certain she does.
I have/had feelings toward a cousin, but wouldn't act on it.
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I've done things/want to do things with a cousin.
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Also, she looks nothing like me or my immediate family. That might be a factor in why I'm attracted to her without feeling the slightest bit of guilt.
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If you vote, your comments would be appreciated as well. I want to hear your stories and your reasons that you would/would not do this.
Would you ever sleep with your cousin?
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