Boyfriend's Female Friend is Bullying Me?

My boyfriend has a female friend who won't leave me alone.
I haven't spent more than 20 minutes with her since she always declines my invites to hang out, but she always mentions me to him & makes up crap about me.
She'll say I didn't say hi to her, was being impolite or that I was laughing at her with a friend if we run into each other. She tries to make me into a running joke, saying I was jealous of her vagina among other things
She does have a "reason" to dislike me; I caught her lying about health issues and mentioned it to my boyfriend (which was a mistake, but I was really pissed at the time being I have struggled with various health issues for the past 2 years and don't take lying about that lightly). He told her and she twisted that into me being super jealous & trying to turn him against me.
I did try to set up a time we could talk and maybe work out some misconceptions, to which she agreed to, but she later changed her mind, said she only wanted to talk over Facebook and flipped out saying I was confronting her and making her "severely uncomfortable" with my hand gestures when all I did was ask when we could meet to talk on person. She then said she never wanted to talk to me or deal with this again.

I thought that would be the end of it but after summer break (we're in college), it started all over again. She says hi, is super fake-y nice then reports to my boyfriend &makes up crap about me being rude

I don't even know how to deal with this. My boyfriend doesn't think she's doing anything wrong, & it's putting a strain on our relationship.
I would like him to talk to her and tell her she's out of line and needs to stop being aggressive. I think he should be defending me, but he says he can't control his friends &there's nothing he can do. If he talks to her, he says she'll get mad at him and they'll get into an argument.
Am I asking to much of him? Any advice on a way to solve this or tips with dealing with mean girl? Thanks in advance!
Boyfriend's Female Friend is Bullying Me?
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