Alright, I'm almost 28 and I NEVER had a girlfriend!!

well i'm a down to earth, simple guy!! i'm not asking for much all i want is a girlfriend. i dont know what i've been doing wrong my whole life. been chasing girls ever since i was a little boy but failed every time. i know now that i'm probably not the most handsome guy out there (no i dont have a low self stem) but i am a smart guy with a lot of potential. i'm not afraid to go and talk to girl, actually i think i'm pretty good at it. i can start conversation with a girl anytime anywhere. i go to clubs, hangout with friends (i'm very social) and i have a great personality. also i can make a girl laugh and i've been told i'm funny many times. but i guess all that is not good enough to impress girls these days. it seems like they all like just as a friend.
i'll be with my friend or my brother and some random girl with come up and tell him he is cute or send her friend to get his phone number, it see it all the time to them but not ONCE a girl will show interest in me, seriously is there something in my face and my mind is playing some psychological games on me to hid it?
the only girl that would show interest in my are BBW or old women and to be honest not my type one bit, sorry but that's me.
i just moved to the middle east last month and it's just like a big giant cock fest in here. there are zero girls in this place. so i'm not expecting to get laid anytime soon lol.
also so far i only had sex once!! so i'm bit (by bit i mean a lot lol) sexually frustrated at the moment !!!
all i'm asking for is one average looking girl is that too much? i'm 28 years old and i feel i'm missing out on life. i tired everything from meeting girls at a club to tinder.

ohh please no "dude you need to relax" , "dont worry it will happen when you less expecting it" or " you need to go out more" advises. i assure you i'm relaxed, chill and i got out and socialize a lot. these advises are not helping anymore.

soo ladies any of you would honestly tell me what's wrong?
Alright, I'm almost 28 and I NEVER had a girlfriend!!
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