Girls read this and thank me later?

Guys asks you I want your naked photos yes or no? NO do not send your naked photos... Because this shit happens.

Guys can black mail you saying give me money and I get rid of it. He won't by the way

Ends up on a p*rn site fill of pervs, yes true

You will regret it? O but he's turned on!!! Yes he is and he send it all over sites asking for cash to see his photos.

A creep wants to know who this girl is her phone, address, where she lives. Next day he see's you you get raped and killed maybe. yes true

You get sent to a sex trade if guys see your this type and looking for money this is most horrible shit ever worse than getting raped once you get raped as meny times as he wants and might just kill you. you be with that person as a toy lock you up and open when needed. You be druged to.

You get called whore, slutty milf, a dirty cunt a stupid bitch. Yes.

Your parents will say has anyone seen our baby we want her back we reword 10-100,000 plus on any leads your be at another country maybe.

This shit real don't even let your boyfriend have a peak of your tits on cam.

Guys are mean and there also devils if they want to be... Not all guys are like this some guys just want you have respect for yourself.

DO NOT EVER GET NAKED FOR A GUY FOR PICTURES!!! If the guy rages because you said no thank me because he's a dumb ass if he

I not joking girls shit you see in moves is real to. But it's a movie.

Don't risk this shit

Your welcome girls and live strong c:
Girls read this and thank me later?
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