I don't see the point in shaving pubic hair?

I really don't see the point in shaving pubic hair and also, the fact that girls are expected to shave everything off and that it's okay that guys don't shave is revolting.
An example is leg hair. Girls are expected to shave because guys like it smooth and clean and whatnot. But what if that wasn't the "feminine" view in society? When my boyfriend's hairy leg brushes against mine it's scratchy and annoying sometimes, but I don't tell him to shave it all off... but girls are expected to...
This includes underarm and even down there... I realised GaGers are like that too... In many "Should I shave down there?" questions the answers from guys would be something like "of course, it's disgusting" "i would never go down on you if you don't" "shave it all off!" and even comments from girls "it's disgusting" "you should shave it off, it has no use there".
I'm not being feminist... But it annoys me that because of what modern society deems as "normal" and "beautiful" we are expected to follow... But obvious we all know that it's what the p*rn industry determined as normal.
What if they decided to make guys shave all their hair off too? Get surgery to make their penises bigger... Would all guys start doing it?
I keep my pubic hair down there natural, I shave my legs and underarms when I want here and there and my fiance doesn't care. He even likes it better that way.
Just a rant, and curious what others think. :)
I don't see the point in shaving pubic hair?
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